Thursday, December 27

The End O' The Year Dump

And now... some items that I wanted to post about this year, BUT I never got around to it. This is not a best of list (that's coming). This is the end of the year dump (of good stuff).

1. "4x4" (ysi mp3) by Wives


2. This video by Low: "Pissing (Live)" (mp3)


3. "The Woods/The Rain" (youtube) by The Stabs

The Stabs

4. "It Killed Mom" (myspace vid) by Thee Ohsees

Thee Ohsees

5. "Teenage Riot" (mov) by Sonic Youth = Young Thurston + awesome footage / crappy resolution

sonic youth

6. Some mp3s by Q And Not U:
"Wonderful People" (mp3)
"Washington Monument" (mp3)
"So Many Animal Calls" (mp3)

Q and not U

7. Youtube vid of Mika Miko @ the Fuck Yeah Fest 2006... here

mina miko

8. "I'm OK, You're OK (Live)" (youtube) by Let's Wrestle a/k/a Let's Fucking Wrestle

Let's Wrestle

9. Three mp3s by Lunch recording artist... Taxpayer!
"Exhaust Pipes" (mp3)
"Sterile Agendas" (mp3)
"When They Were Young" (mp3


10. "Party Punch" (mp3) by Oh No, Oh My!

Oh No Oh My

11. "Wet And Rusting" by Menomena


12. "Real Mess" (myspace vid) by Hot Gossip

Consider Clicking
- Live low scores: "Hemlock Combo" (mp3)
- The Deadly Syndrome do Daytrotter... here.
- WTF?
- Best of the best of of the best of the "oh seven" links (not really)... (1) Tiny Mix Tapes best of is... here, (2) best tracks of the year are... here, AND (3) hearsay goes over the WORST lists of the year... here.
- Myspace? Stenographer!!

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