Thursday, January 24

The March By Telepathe

Ack... can't stop listening to: "Chromes On It" (p'fork mp3) by Telepathe (pronounced "telepathy")

Because of this fact, I went clicking around and found something else to post by Telepathe. While they are presently on Drowned In Sound Recordings, Telepathe put a little something out on The Social Registry the other year.

This is what I found: "The March" (mp3)

Their new album... Dance Mother (produced by David Sitek) is coming out sometime this year.

RCRDLBL page is here.
DiScover page is here.
Drownloads are here.

Consider Clicking
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- And Now It Time For A MASSIVE Sub Pop Update. Did you think "Innocent Bones" (sub pop mp3) by Iron And Wine was gonna be that last mp3 posted by Sub Pop ever? I know I did. I was wrong.

Listen Up:
"No One's Gonna Love You" (sub pop mp3) by Band Of Horses
"Tane Mahuta" (sub pop mp3) by The Ruby Suns
"Idle Hands" (sub pop mp3) by The Gutter Twins
"Torn Blue Foam Couch" (sub pop mp3) by Grand Archives
"Your Reverie" (sub pop mp3) by Kelley Stoltz
"Keep Your Eyes Ahead" (sub pop mp3) by The Helio Sequence
"Plan, Steal, Drive" (sub pop mp3) by Kinski

And don't forget you can get 192khz Mp3s from Sub Pop's Digital Store at $9.90 an album... here. If you don't own Superfuzz Bigmuff + Early Singles or (gasp) Bleach, make with the downloading.


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