Saturday, April 12

Cat Swallow By Royal Bangs

According to the Royal Bangs, they sound like: "BEEEP BEEP BEEP bumpbumpbump WHOOOOO beeep beep whiizz." That doesn't sound quite right to me, but I don't care. Know why? Because, this is cram-packed with awesomeness.

Downloadable: "Cat Swallow" (mp3)

Maybe you heard them here? No?

Myspace page is here.
Audio Eagle is here.

Consider Clicking
- Holy Shit! 51 songs 30 minutes! Parts & Labor have a tribute to their "favorite loud and fast bands, a cram session of ideas snatched from the Melvins, Man is the Bastard, Melt Banana, and Napalm Death, as well as 80s indie/punk songsmiths like Mission of Burma, Hüsker Dü, Minutemen and The Wipers." Listen to this: "This Is What You Wanted" (mp3). Excellent! Buy it... here.

- MISSING TOOF has posted the LAZRtag extra-electro re-remix of Health Vs. Crystal Castles "Crimewave (CC RMX)" ( mp3 of the original Crystal Castles remix). Get with the re-remix... here.

- Speaking of Health, there's some great HEALTH photos @ sctas... here. Soooo much better than mine.

- NEVVER asks "How Do You Know?" (posting The Lyres)... here.

- Flying is playing tonight. Will I make it to the show this time? "All I know I my gut says 'Maybe'". Listen: "Minors" (mp3). For more shows this weekend check out PTST... here.

- Have you seen the waterballoon/sillystring/confetti/unidentified fluid filled vid of the new Spinto Band song "Summer Grof"? Here it is. Also, Pasta Primavera has the mp3... here.

- The Teeth drop some more tracks for Daytrotter... here.

Royal Bangs

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