Saturday, April 5

Only The Young By Traindodge

So, this week's Contrast Podcast is part one of the second CP mix swap.

Listen: "CD Swap 2 (Part 1)" (mp3)

More about the podcast... here.

I received my CD from SiD from Too Much Rock. The theme? URININE Records 1997-2004. I found out about a bunch of band I had never done heard, including: The Believe It Or Nots, The Hillary Step, and Park Ave. However, I did pick a band familiar to me. So, what band did I pick? Traindodge! I had first heard about Traindodge at the blog Built At A Weak Spot (which is where I take care of all my midwestern rock/noise needs). Later on, kept recommending Traindodge my way. So. Get. Ready... For Norman, Oklahoma's own... Traindodge.

"Only The Young" ( mp3)
"The Raining Room" (mp3)
"Five Forks" (mp3)

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