Thursday, April 17

The Shittiest Song On This Record By Parts & Labor

Last weekend, I posted a really short song... "This Is What You Wanted" ( mp3) by Part & Labor. It comes from the Escapers Two EP (it's got 51 songs in 30 minutes). It's a Post-Mersh-esque explosion of an album (except it ain't a compilation of EPs). I picked it up at the Parts & Labor/YACHT show last night. I thought I would share "The Shittiest Song On This Record" ( mp3).

The funny thing is every time I type "Escapers Two" I have to stop myself from typing "Neck Escaper(s Two)" (mp3). Methinks I have been listening to too much No Age.

Some shots from the show last night:

Parts & Labor

Everyone but Sarah
Parts & Labor

Parts & Labor

Parts & Labor

Fingers go into ears
Parts & Labor

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Escapers Two BONUS:"Fire Away" ( mp3)
What they sound like when they write longer songs BONUS: "A Great Divide" (mp3)

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Consider Clicking
- P'fork's P'cast posted up some fresh El Guincho remixing AiH, whom as you probably know are quite remixable... here. Listen: "Like It or Not (El Guincho Remix)" (p'fork mp3)

- Seen the Health vid for "Heaven"/ad for the retro-Winter Olympics?? Watch it here.

- Spoon? fm Broadcast? Captain's Dead!... here.

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