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The L Magazine's 8 NYC Bands You Need To Hear (In 2008)

I finally got around to skimming the The L Magazine's 8 NYC Bands You Need To Hear issue. Here is a quick review of the bands featured (with links and when available, mp3s).

High Places have been buzzed and blogged about for awhile now (47 posts here). I am really liking them, although as I was listen to them the other day I was told by a fellow listener "I don't think I could listen to too much of this. It is too cute." AND this from someone who likes Psapp. I digress. Drrrr.
Listen to some experimental tweedub: "Golden" ( mp3)

Representing the grittier Todd P/SUCKAPANTS-y contingent of NYC bands is Team Robespierre.
Listen to their electropunk: "88th Precinct" (mp3)

The one band that was selected that I had not heard but am now pretty excited about is The Lisps. Dig their indie folkrock chops.
Listen: "Pepper Spray" (mp3)

I was also interested to read about Violens, who sprang from the corpse of Lansing-Dreiden. They are definitely are coming at it from the poppier-less-proggy side of things this time.
Listen to something "Sunnier": "Violent Sensation Descends" (mp3)

If you are going to use a cookie name for a band, I personally would go with Hydrox, and not Famous Amos. Anywhoo... you can stream some of their songs @ their Myspace. Listen to "Everywhere", then if you like, pick up their album @ Sound Fix.

Just the band name, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, sounded so very very twee I could taste the cute in my mouth. But hey, they pull it off.
Listen: "Doing All The Things That Wouldn't Make Your Parents Proud" ( mp3)

Then there is the catchy indie pop of This Is Ivy League. Not for me... maybe for you??
Listen: "London Bridges" (mp3)

And lastly, La Strada who are often compared to a certain band named after a certain Middle Eastern city and I ain't talking about Yazd. Listen to them at the Myspace.

AND HEY The L Magazine, what about these bands??

Indie rockers, Susu.
Listen: "Hands Up (The Race)" ( mp3)

Pyschpop'ers, Flying.
Listen: "Minors" (mp3)

Postpunkers, Motico (who need to start playing some shows damnit).
Listen: "The Wandering Jew" (mp3)
(If you're worried about the title, don't. They're like 80% Jewish).

Consider Clicking
- ROCK MATH! Postpunk + New Wave = Cut Off Your Hands/Split Endz. Listen: "Shark Attack (Split Endz Cover)" (mp3)

- Let the 90's Nostalgia Begin!! I'm gonna bust out my decaying Pavement tshirt and listen to some (not all, ughhh don't think I could) of captain's dead 90's mixes. Part 1... here. Part 2... here. Two more parts to come.

- Where do I go from my Lips And Ribs? Why XXJFG, of course... here. Also with Deathsquad and Hour Of Worship

- Former Test Icicle, Lightspeed Champion does Daytrotter... here.

- Here's a "Free Sampler of new Asthmatic Kitty Artists" (zip). More about that... here. I can't stop listening to Ermasse track: "Courez Courez" (mp3)

- There is a vid of my favorite White Williams song "New Violence" @ Stereogum... here.

- FSRN has a "May Day Special" (mp3) about workers around the world.

The L Magazine's 8 NYC Bands You Need To Hear
The L Magazine's 8 NYC Bands You Need To Hear
The L Magazine's 8 NYC Bands You Need To Hear

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Blogger bob reich said...

The Shins. That's who Violens reminds me of, I just could not put my finger on it before. Thanks SJK.

5/01/2008 10:02 PM  
Blogger bob reich said...

High Places signed to Thrill Jockey!

5/01/2008 10:21 PM  

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