Friday, May 2

See No Evil (Television Cover) By We Versus The Shark

Athens, Ga.'s We Versus The Shark have a new album of crunchy posthardcore out this summer, Dirty Versions. They also have another album. It is a album of covers entitled Murmurmur. The tracks on Murmurmur are being released piecemeal on donation-based Quote - Unquote Records. It is scheduled to be finished in late 2008. One can't help but wonder based solely on the album title and location of the band... will they cover R.E.M.??

Here are two tracks:
"See No Evil (Television Cover)" (mp3)
"The Greatest Gift (Scratch Acid Cover)" (mp3)

More tracks on Murmurmur are available here.

Myspace page is here.
Hello Sir Records is here.
Quote Unquote is here.
Emusic page is here.

BONUS: Even though I just posted them last week, here are two new We Versus The Shark tracks:
"Hello Blood" (mp3)
"Mr. Ego Death" (mp3)

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We Versus The Shark

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