Wednesday, June 25

Willie The Pimp By Qui

Hey, let's discover some music that did not get that much attention last year.

I'm talking about Qui. As you may know (from this post), Qui features the vocal chords of David Yow, formerly of Jesus Lizard. It has been said before, but I will repeat it here: "David Yow is a unique vocalist."

Qui mp3s were only featured in 6 posts on the internets last year. That is just not right. By the way, I totally missed this Jesus Lizard/Qui post at Captain Dead's. Drrrrrrr.

Brace yourself for a not so soothing blend of punk, noise, metal and weirdness off the album, Love's Miracle.

Downloadable Frank Zappa Cover: "Willie The Pimp" ( mp3)

Ipecac page is here.
eMusic page is here.
Love's Miracle 7.2 pitchfork review is here.

Consider CLICKing
- The Mae Shi cover the spawn of Mr. Achy Breaky Heart, and guess what... the song still sucks. But hey, maybe YOU'LL like it. Deets @ p'fork... here.

- I Rock Cleveland declares this The Year Of The Reatard... here.

Paul is in Qui. He says "Fuck You."

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