Tuesday, July 8

One Less Blues By Karate

Geoff Farina, Jeff Goddard and Gavin McCarthy are no longer Karate. I think it was Mike Conklin who said the guitar tone they achieve is straight out the best you have ever heard (or something to that effect). Perhaps, "So Fresh, So Clean" is secretly about guitar tone. Prolly not.

So, chill out with the jazzy indieness of Karate.

"One Less Blues" (box.net mp3) from unsolved
"Ice Or Ground" (box.net mp3) from Some Boots
"The Roots And The Ruins" (box.net mp3) from 595

Southern page is here.

Consider CLICKing
- "In Ear Park" is the new track by Department Of Eagles. Get it at P'fork... here.

- WTF??

- At PTST, check out the Leaky Faucet (here) and today's recommended release (here).

- Listen to twee-dubbers High Places playing in Stuy Town as taped from the soundboard by nyctaper... here.

- Listen to "River Card" by Atlas Sound @ Audible Vitamins... here. Listen to a different Atlas Sound track: "Activation" (box.net mp3). Are you excited for Microcastle yet?

- Fair AND Balanced. Totally.

- Kaki King trots over to daytrotter... here.

- Finally, there is a new single from the re-broken-up-still-going-ahead Gang Of Four over at eMusic (here) AND get the free two disc Pitchfork Festival 2008 Sampler (here).


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