Friday, August 8

The Boxes And Cubes Mini-Mix

I have been seeing boxes everywhere.

First I saw these two.

@ Union Square L Track
double light blue boxes

Then I saw this one.

@ 14th St and 3rd Ave
Red Box

AND the I saw what has been called "Yellow Tape Box" (in The L Magazine's Best Of NY)

@ 12th St and 3rd Ave (I think)
Yellow Box

Then I decided to put together a mix of Boxes And Cubes. It turns out that I have very few "Cube" songs and many many "Box" songs. Have a listen:

"Box Elder" ( mp3) by Pavement
"Sugarcube" ( mp3) by Yo La Tengo
"Boxes" ( mp3) by Abe Vigoda
"Goes Cube Song 30" ( mp3) by Goes Cube
"Hundebox" ( mp3) by Motico
"Brown Boxes" ( mp3) by The Spinto Band
"Pandora's Box" ( mp3) by Throwing Muses

I also just wanted to say thank you to whoever is putting this tape down. You rock.

Even More Boxes Video BONUS (brought to you by Jon Ronson): "Stanley Kubrick's Boxes" (google)

Consider CLICKing
- Doomy Droners Sunn O))) have a new track for download @ RCRDLBL... here. Play this loud enough and no one will be asking you for TPS Reports.

- Have you tried Mozilla's new all encompassing messaging Firefox plugin Snowl yet?? If so, do you like it? If not, get it... here.

- Hey, GT favs Motico (who just happen to be featured in the mix above) are playing tonight @ Rocky's Rock Star Bar (Corner of S. 5th St & Kent Ave, pretty much directly underneath the Williamsburg Bridge). The show starts at 10 PM. Also playing is Frederick/Kim Project (sorry no link). This show is free.

- If you like the idea of a Seaweed/Dinosaur Jr. supergroup... you gots to check out LI's own Sleepwall @ BOAWS... here. Listen: "Sleepwalkers" (toxic pop mp3)

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