Friday, August 1

The Jagjaguwar/Secretly Canadian/Dead Oceans Sampler Plate

Today I have prepared a nice sampler from the The Jagjaguwar/Secretly Canadian/Dead Oceans family of labels. Some are new, some are old, all are worth a listen.

"Walk Through A Cloud" (scjag mp3) by The Donkeys
"Dreaming Of The Plum Trees" (scjag mp3) by White Hinterland
"First Fantasy" (scjag mp3) by Citay
"A Picture Of Our Torn Up Praise" (scjag mp3) by Phosphorescent

More Dead Oceans mp3s are here.

"Hey!" (scjag mp3) by The Impossible Shapes
"Taking The Farm" (scjag mp3) by The War On Drugs
"I Guess I'll Forget The Sound, I Guess, I Guess" (scjag mp3) by Bodies Of Water

More Secretly Canadian mp3s are here.

"Nowhere's Nigh (edit)" (scjag mp3) by Parts & Labor
"Black Rice" (scjag mp3) by Women

Lots more Jagjaguwar mp3s are here.

Oh Shit! Don't Forget Yr Brah! Ack I totally forgot side label Brah. Remember what they say... "If it doesn't suck, it's probably not on Brah."

"Preteen Weaponry (edit)" (scjag mp3) by Oneida
"Wicked Stepson" (scjag mp3) by The Dirty Faces

Consider CLICKing
- New Old New Jay Reatard... "See/Saw" (matador mp3) + his new singles comp deets are here.

- Raven Sings The Blues about Nothing People... here.

- SUCKAPANTS posts The Morning Benders and some great Critical Mass shots... here.

dead oceans + secretly canadian + jagjaguwar

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