Thursday, September 11

Die Allman Bruder By Ponytail

I thought I would do a little public service today. So I am going to post some "energy-based music" to help you get going and do that thing you are supposed to be doing right now instead of reading this. So listen to this...

Downloadable (CORRECTED!): "Die Allman Bruder" ( mp3) by Ponytail

If you also require visual stimulation, watch this...

Downloadable: "Die Allman Bruder" (now we are free mov)

"Official" site is here.
Now We Are Free is here.
Creative Capitalism page is here.
eMusic page is here.
ptw guest edit is here.

Consider CLICKing
- Some light reading concerning myths about this date seven years ago... here.

- Ohboyohboyohboy... The Black Kids, Titus Andronicus, The Ruby Suns, The Royal Bangs, and Aesop Rock all have Daytrotter sessions coming up.

- A Different Stripe posts about Right To Write... here. It's a new project "whose mission is to provide a repository of information and support for individuals needing to learn more about their intellectual property rights in the face of legal intimidation."

- Two (more) vids for your optical enjoyment today. The first is the new El Guincho vid for "Palmitos Park" @ Gorilla Vs. Bear (here) and the second is the creepy new Salem vid @ Big Stereo (here).

- I Rock Cleveland gets h-e-a-v-y with Fucked Up... here.

- Some Velvet Blog ponders what it would be like to be "dropped into the inside a game of Mario Super Brothers" (with Adventure)... here.

- Music Slut reports that The French Kicks are readying a remix covers EP... here.


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