Friday, October 3

In My Drink By Yppah

This morning I am really in the mood for some jazz + beats. Which means I should probably listen to some Yppah (a/k/a Joe Corrales). You remember Yppah, right?

Downloadable: "In My Drink" ( mp3)

Streamable: "Gumball Machine Weekend" (myspace)

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Consider CLICKing
- Captain's Dead posts the IDM of I Am Robot And Proud... here.

- Wait, Itunes is NOT shutting down. More @ Gizmodo... here.

- Yes Yes, they are a bit late on this (but who cares), Music For Kids Who Can't Read Good has The "Stuff White People Like" Mix... here. Stuff White People Like is here.

- Party like it's 2006!! with Menomena... "Wet And Rusting" (barsuk mp3)


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