Monday, October 13

STREAM: One Cross Apiece By Obits

So, you all know about Rick Froberg's new band the Obits, right? Well, their first single is coming out on December 8th, 2008 via Comedy Minus One. More deets are here.

The A-Side: "One Cross Apiece"
The B-Side: "Put It In Writing"

I can't say I love love the A-Side, as the studio seems to have muted the Obits energy a bit. I was picturing something more, well, rockin'. It may just be that my expectations were raised to ridiculous levels by the live stuff floating around the internets. I should probably knock my expectations down a bit. I suppose that riff is pretty kickass. Sorry there's no mp3, just a stream. Give it a listen.

Stream the A-Side:

Compare with a live vid of the A-Side:

Stream "Two Headed Coin":

Their Sub Pop full-length is planned for early 2009.

Myspace page is here.
Sub Pop page is here.
Comedy Minus One is here.
Old GT post is here.

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The 7" (referenced above)

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