Sunday, November 2

11/2/08 Minimix

Today I have a wee mix of things you probably should be listening to...

"Boxes" ( mp3) by The Lake Situation
"Parasites" ( mp3) by The Muslims
"Maniverse (Live On WOXY)" ( mp3) by Royal Bangs
"Beach Demon" ( mp3) by Wavves
"Change The Beat" ( mp3) by Low Scores
"Run To The Facts (Brad Shi Shitty Emo Ending Mix)" ( mp3) by Yea Big + Kid Static

At first I hated that shitty emo ending, now I love it.

What is happening to me??? AHHHHH!

Consider CLICKing
- Listen to some experimental indiefolkpop: "Black Fur" (the kora mp3) by Fredrik

- This Week In Forkcast
(Solo Bradford Cox London Solo Session)... here.
(DJ Jason Forrest mashs Polvo's Dark New Ages together)... here.
(HeartsRevolution "ultraviolence" mp3)... here.

Emo For Obama

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Anonymous ysb said...

Amazing yet vaguely disturbing picture! Where's it from?

11/03/2008 2:21 PM  
Blogger bob reich said...

11/08/2008 11:34 AM  

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