Friday, November 7

\\\\\\\\\TONIGHT: Health / Videohippos / Angel Deradoorian (of Dirty Projectors)

Tonight @ The Knitting Factory in The Main Space... I gets to see me some:

\\\\\\\\\LA Noiseartists Health will hopefully top their previous performance when I saw them in the very same space. The band has really set a high bar. My expectations are pretty high.

Listen: "Tabloid Sores" ( mp3)

Download more Health here and here and here.

They are taking a break from working on the new album to tour with NIN. This is a sidedate. I don't really have any desire to see them open for anyone. These guys should be on the top of the bill.

Myspace page is here.
LOVEPUMP Records is here.
eMusic page is here.
Enhanced HEALTH//DISCO version is here.

\\\\\\\\\Psych8bitrockers Videohippos will also play.

"Narwarls" ( mp3)
"koolshades (july05web)" (mp3)

Streamable: "Man's Man" (youtube)

Monitor Records myspace is here.
Old BOAWS post is here.
eMusic page is here.

\\\\\\\\\Angel Deradoorian (of Dirty Projectors) recently signed to LOVEPUMP Records, home of Health. Stream her stuff @ ye olde myspace

Consider CLICKing
- Ohboyohboyohboy... Ponytail did an acoustic Daytrotter Session. Get the crazy mellowness... here.

- Drippers by Black Moth Super Rainbow came out on Tuesday. Did you buy it, and trip out to its awesomeness?? If not, clicky-clicky. Listen: "Zodiac Girls (Pony Version)" ( mp3)

- "The Shade You Hide" (flameshovel mp3) is a new promomp3 from Norgepoppers Lukestar.

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