Friday, January 9

Crystal Mines By CFCF

I first heard CFCF (a/k/a Michael Silver of Montreal, CA) when I dl'ed those HEALTH//DISCO remixes which blew my mind into pieces last year. When I heard he was working on original material, I do believe I squealed with a Ren-ish "EEEEEEEEE." Were my expectations a little high? Probably. Anyway, his EP will drop on January 20th. It is called Panesian Nights. Here is a taste.

Downloadable: "Crystal Mines" ( mp3)

Here is the Health remix mentioned above.

Downloadable: "Triceratops (CFCF Remix)" ( mp3)

Here is the original for comparison purposes.

Downloadable: "Triceratops" ( mp3)

I also just remembered that CFCF did a Genghis Tron remix

Downloadable: "Recursion (CFCF Remix)" ( mp3)

Once again, the original for comparison purposes.

Downloadable: "Recursion" ( mp3)

Paper Bag Records is here.
Ace Phale is here.
Viva Radio is here.
Amazon MP3 page is here (nothing is available yet).

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