Monday, February 16

First Daze By Pterodactyl

Bklynoiserockers Pterodactyl have a new album coming out on April 21. It looks like this:

by Pterodactyl

Listen to the awesome promomp3: "First Daze" (scjag)

The band also has two upcoming dates in the area.

Feb 27 @ Cake Shop
with Sonoi (ex-Manishevitz ), Beach Fuzz and DM Stith

April 2 @ Glasslands
with USAisamonster, The Library Is On Fire, and Starring

Myspace page is here.
Jagjaguwar page is here.
Brah Records are here.
Cardboard Records are here.

"Esses" (scjag mp3)
"Reverbdactyl" (mp3)
"Polio (KALX with Disco Shawn, 7/21/06)" (mp3)

Consider CLICKing
- The Spinto Band's session recorded for Daytrotter is live on the internets... here.

- These Are Powers get recorded while playing live by our favorite taper, nyctaper... here. Also, These Are Powers are putting on a free show tonight at Other Music @ 8PM. More info... here.


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