Friday, February 20

HEALTH Megggamix (Mixed By Acid Girls)

You may know the Acid Girls from their two Health remixes a la HEALTH//DISCO. Well now they have taken the music of GT favs, Health and crafted an almost 28 minute crazyass megamix. I tend to like my music in 1:30 to 3:00 minute punk-sized chunks, but in this case I am willing to make an exception. (You may have noticed) I have a tendency to describe things as awesome. Well, this IS awesome.

Listen: "HEALTH Megggamix (Mixed By Acid Girls)" ( mp3) (props to Urb)

In other Health related news, they are recording a long player presently entitled GET COLOR. Also, HEALTH//DISCO comes to wax in with a new sequence and a new remix from MATH HEAD. Maybe we will get to hear that soon (hint hint).

Myspace page is here.
LOVEPUMP Records is here.
HEALTH//DISCO project page is here.
Enhanced HEALTH//DISCO cd is here.
Wiki Wiki Wiki is here.
eMusic page is here

Consider CLICKing
- Stop what you are doing right now and download some reposted Dickless over @ Lamestain.... here (also Cat Butt + much much more). FYI: Dickless sound kinda like TAD meets Babes In Toyland.

- Tonight... Issue Project Room is filled with amazing sounds @ 8pm - Qbico U-Nite XIII w/ Arthur Doyle (of Sonic Youth's "Mariah Carey and the Arthur Doyle Hand Cream" (ysi mp3) fame) + Acid Birds + Muruga & Perry Robinson Duo w/ Special Guest Badal Roy + Direct Current. Tix and lots more info... here.

- Also Tonight... Less Artists More Condos @ 8pm w/ The Muggabears + Skeleton$ (with a dude from Zs) + Skinny Claire

- Stream interstellarpunks Mi Ami's February 16, 2009 performance on the Liz Berg Show on WFMU:
"New" (wfmu m3u)
"New Guitar" (wfmu m3u)
"New New" (wfmu m3u)

- Some New New New promomp3s to check out:
"Skeleton" (pirate mp3) by The Decks
"Killed By The Boom" (beggars mp3) by The Veils

- One new old promomp3 to check out:
"Gauze" (subpop mp3) by Red Red Meat

- NOT Math Rock... Rock Math! Dum Dum Girls + Blank Dogs = The Mayfair Set. More info and downloads @ the FADER... here.

- Listen to dark swirly (yet somehow slightly abraisive) goodness of The Spanish Armada @ Built On A Weak Spot... here.

- Finally, new newness from the overhyped-but-we-love-them-anyway Vivian Girls is available at p'fork (and on lots of other interwebsites)... here. What the hell, I'm posting it too. Why not? "Lake House" ( mp3)

acid Girls vs. HEALTH

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