Thursday, December 18

Off My Radar 2008, Part 2

And now the next installment of Off My Radar, where I post killer tracks I had not heard until reading other people's best of 2008 lists.

Off My Radar 2008

"Harper Lewis" ( mp3) by Russian Circles

"Un Día" ( mp3) by Juana Molina

"Daily I Will Calculate The Distance" ( mp3) by ((Sounder))

"Hole In My Head" ( mp3) by Box Elders

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Consider CLICKing
- Holy Crap... I just noticed the fourth release from Staggering Statistics, I'm Thinking About Changing is available on their website for freees... here. Listen: "Learned Quarry" (mp3)

- Best Of 2008: Pretty Much Amazing's pretty amazing 212 best songs... here.

- Best Of 2008: Pop Tart Suck Toasted is getting closer to #1... here (19-22).

- Best Of 2008: The Consequence Of Sound Year End Report: The Top 100 Albums... here.

- Best Of 2008: Tullycraft's Tullyblog is doing a piecemeal Top Ten Songs listing. Check out #10... here.

- Best Of 2008: Two more staff member's lists are up at The Tape (is not sticky)... here and here.

- Best Of 2008: Pitchfork posts The 50 Best Albums... here.

- Best of B00M!!: Did you ever wonder what would happen if you put a butane lighter in a blender? Find out (in slo-mo)... here.

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Blogger theneedledrop said...

Damn! Those last two bands you posted are great! I can't believe I missed 'em.

12/18/2008 9:45 AM  
Blogger bob reich said...

Thx! I gotta check out The Needle Drop.

12/18/2008 10:10 AM  

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