Tuesday, August 28

Don’t Touch My Shit By The Coathangers

Perhaps you saw this post about The Coathangers over at Buscate Un Novio last week? Perhaps, not... but the songs I wanted to post last month is now available. Alright!

"Don’t Touch My Shit" (mp3)
"Shut The Fuck Up" (mp3)

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Consider Clicking: What I Clicked On My Summer Vacation Edition
- Three from Stereogum... New non-grandma related Fiery Furnaces... here. New Goes Cube mathrock... here, and Thunderant... here.
- Do you love books and music? Well, NYRB Classics has a last.fm group. More about that over at A Different Stripe... here.
- Two p'fork downloads to consider:
"Montagem Do Cabra" (mp3) by Bonde Do Role
"Vomiting Mirrors" (mp3) by Clockcleaner
- Two kick-ass Contrast Podcasts: "Shapes" (mp3)... here, and "Stuck In My Head" (mp3)... here.
- GvsB posts Portland supergroup Pseudosix... here, and in a Black Lips inspired flashback, The Seeds... here.
- The internet blog I Rock Cleveland posts the youtube vid to "The Gold We're Digging" by Parts & Labor... here.
- 20 Jazz Funk Greats has a lovely post featuring These Are Powers, High Places, and Soft Circle... here.
- NEVVER goes Blonde Redhead... here.
- The Smudge posts about Mr. Kim Gordon... here.
- 17 Dots' Fall Preview is... here.
- Dan Deacon freebies over at Free Indie... here.
- YANP does a freakfolk post about Magic Weapon... here.
- New pop from The Sharp Things... "Cruel Thing" (mp3)
- s k a t t e r b r a i n's second shoegaze mix is over... here.
- Pop Tarts Suck Toasted's band of the week was BOAT (oh yea)... here.
- MOKB discusses the full length effort by Prinzhorn Dance School... here.
- Nothing But Green Lights enjoys the instruprogelectronica of Blues States... here.
- KEXP posts Spoon's "Black Like Me"... here.
- EAR FARM discusses PJ Harvey's new turn... here.
- Get the Menomena Daytrotter session... here.
- More Health? Get some remixes over at BIGSTEREO... here.
- The Black Kites get some attention at Milk Milk Lemonade... here.
- BOAWS! Electro Group! Fuzz Fuzz! Hiss Hiss!... here.
- BklynVegan has a large mass of Melvins for you... here.
- The Go! Team make Red Blondehead want to double dutch... here.
- Quick Before It Melts has got Girl Nobody... here.
- Captain's Dead posts some Chin Up Chin Up... here.
- And finally these are not, I repeat, NOT music related (though they would make good song titles)... Pork Popsicles and How To Make A Mini Dry Erase Board.

The Coathangers

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Blogger Mr Rossy said...

I am blind in the world of music blogs without your Tips Bob !!!
Rockin !!!! Good Theme in contrast this week !!!

8/29/2007 4:23 AM  
Blogger mike said...

I like the sentence "Don't touch my shit by the coathangers".

Great round-up.

9/02/2007 5:15 PM  

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