Sunday, September 30

(I'm A) Donkey For Your Love By BOAT AND The Next 26 Best Downloadables Of 2007

Q: 'member this?

Here's more:
1. "(I'm A) Donkey For Your Love" (mp3) by BOAT

2. "Fractured Skies" (mp3) by Parts & Labor

3. "Dumb Luck (Low Scores Remix)" (mp3) by DNTEL

4. "Evergreen" (mp3) by Celebration

5+6. "Capricornations" (mp3) and "Attitude (Misfits Cover)" ( mp3) by Mika Miko

7. "The Underdog" (mp3) by Spoon

8. "They Might Follow You (Demo)" ( mp3) by Tiny Vipers

9. "No One Does It Like You" (mp3) by Department Of Eagles

10. "Mr. Prison Shanks" (mp3) by Made Out Of Babies

11. "I Saw The Bright Shinies" (mp3) by The Octopus Project

12. "Witches Vs. Wolves" (mp3) by S-S-S-Spectres

13. "Flying To You" (mp3) by Unlove

14. "Crimewave" (mp3) by Health

15. "Run To The Facts" (mp3) by Yea Big + Kid Static

16. "Sharpshooter" (mp3) by The Mary Timony Band

17. "Luxury Condos For The Poor" (mp3) by Double Dagger

18. "Cold Hands" (mp3) by Black Lips

19. "Green Seat" (mp3) by Shepherdess

20. "Electric Pilgrim" (mp3) by Screaming Females

21. "Don't Touch My Shit" (mp3) by The Coathangers

22. "Knowledge In Hand" (mp3) by The Forms

23. "We Are Gods! We Are Wolves!" (mp3) by Le Loup

24. "Get Hurt" (mp3) by NO AGE

25. "For You" (mp3) by C.O.C.O.

26. "To Fix The Gash In Your Head" (mp3) by A Place To Bury Strangers

The Next 26 Best Downloadables of 2007

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Anonymous abhay said...

a very nice assortment. like a kid in a candy shop. rock on.

10/04/2007 1:11 PM  

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