Tuesday, February 19

The Evens Ahimsa House Bootleg

Mining Archive Dot Org, Part 1

I know I said I would start mining 2008.sxsw.com, but this comes first damnit! The Evens have made it on to archive.org... here. The concert is a about a year old (February 25, 2007) and was a benefit for Ahimsa House in Brisbane, Australia. Occasionally the guitar drops out a bit, but that's just "the joy of the bootleg". Thanks to the taper (audiowhore). Enjoy.

Track Listing:
"Shelter Two"
"If It's Water"
"Dinner With The President"
"Cache Is Empty"
"You Won't Feel a Thing"
"Crude Bomb"
"Cut From The Cloth"
"Mt Pleasant Isn't" (mp3)
"No Money"
"All These Governors" (mp3)
"All You Find You Keep"
"Everybody Knows" (mp3)

Download the whole show... "The Evens Ahimsa House Bootleg" (zip)

Unofficial myspace page is here.
Dischord page is here.
Emusic page is here.
Purchase Evens records... here and here.

Consider Clicking
- Hypeful has a weird cover you should check out... Lightspeed Champion americana-tinged version of "Thriller" (youtube)... here. Props to YANP for pointing it out.

- NEVVER has a The Bats mp3 for you... here. Also check out Die Big, it's NEVVER set on random.

- WTF!!!

- WTF (Part 2)!!

- Yeasayer Video Action... here and here and here.

- PTW is having a "listening party" (full album stream, track by track analysis) for HLLLYH by The Mae Shi... here.

- Gorilla Vs. Bear BFFs Salem... here.

- Sub Poppers' Blitzen Trapper trot by Daytrotter... here. Check out "Woof & Warp of the Quiet Giant's Hem". Quoteth: "It’s a blend of prog and noize that serves as the point of no return[.]"

- If for some reason you don't have "Dead Sound" (adult swim mp3) by The Raveonettes, you can download it from Amazon for free... here. If you likely, you may also want "Aly Walk With Me" (mp3) and maybe even "Dead Sound (Peter Homstrom And Jeremy Sherrer Remix)" (mp3). There is also a remote chance that will like this cover by Digital Leather... "Dead Sound (Raveonettes Cover)" (mp3). You can buy Lust Lust Lust... here.

The Evens

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