Wednesday, April 23

The McLaughlin Group By Andrew WK

Did you listen to "Andrew WK on Fair Game" ( mp3) when I posted about it... here? If not, you missed some best the 50 some odd seconds of "over-the-top rockulism" this year.

Listen: "The McLaughlin Group" ( mp3)

This is the lyrical core of the song:

If it happens Pat
May he rest in piece peace
Death comes in the night
On little cat's feet
The next man on the moon will be Chinese

Listen to the whole Fair Game clip (above) to find out what it means. As to getting it out of your head, that's your problem.

Andrew WK's official site is here.
Myspace page is here.
Load Records page is here.
Read about Andrew's possible hairpiece and some other weird shit at his wiki.

Load BONUS: "Big Party" (mp3)

Consider Clicking
- So, Low Scores (formerly Bulk Buttons) failed to be chosen for the Jamie Lidell remix contest. Wanna hear what was prolly a little too weird for Jaime? "a little bit of feel good (ls remix)" (mp3)

- New New New * No Age + Religious Knives = XXJFG... here. Speaking of No Age, the Cloak/Dagger album is entitled No Age. Does this album sound like No Age? Find out @ CYSTSFTSS... here.

- More No Age. Watch them play Juan's Basement @ p'fork tv... here. Speaking of p'fork, did you see them profiled in Businessweek... here. Sellouts! (I kid, I kid). Also new at p'fork, they posted by Sinkane led Sudanese immigrant Ahmed Gallab... here. Listen: "Autobahn" (p'fork mp3).

- Vice Records has two free mp3 you might want to check out. Both are from their new "gigantic band" division:
"Three Eyes Open" (vice mp3) by Dark Meat
"Torture" (vice mp3) by King Khan & The Shrines

- Captain's Dead has a kickass boot of Ugly Casanova (one Isac/Isaac Brock). Make sure you listen to bluegrassed-up version of "Styrofoam Boots"... here. Listen: "Things I Don't Remember" (sub pop mp3)

- Instrumental Analysis has a review of Double Dagger's live show... here. Listen: "Rearranging the Digital Deck Chairs (Live on WFMU)" (mp3)

- NEVVER posts "Shake Shake" by The Coathangers... here. Want more Coathangers?? Watch "Tonya Harding" (vimeo)

- New New New Grizzly Bear @ EAR FARM... here.

- White Demin "mess you hair up" @ spinner... here.

- Hey UK, The Black Lips (through BoobySands) have posted a sing along version of "Bad Kids" (youtube).

- Whoa! ATP + MBV in NY

- More free NIN... here. Remix it... here.

- Bushwick Is Beautiful makes the case for the electrofolk stylings of Goldfrapp on vinyl... here.

Andrew WK

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Blogger bob reich said...

I hope I don't get a C&D for this one.

4/23/2008 9:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

May he rest in wha?


4/23/2008 7:42 PM  
Blogger bob reich said...

noted. picky picky.

4/23/2008 8:09 PM  

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