Friday, May 30

Tidal Wave By Soiled Mattress And The Springs

Punk Rock Muzak? Jazz with hardcore attitude? Soiled Mattress And The Springs!

"Tidal Wave" (upset mp3)
"Jackpot" (upset mp3)

"Tidal Wave" (youtube)
"Jackpot" (youtube)

Mmmmmm, smooooth.

Upset The Rhythm page is here.
Teenage Teardrops is here.
Youtube page is here.
Old GT post is here.
Pukekos post of early demo (but no track names) is here.

Consider CLICKing
- More new new new Ponytail leakage @ Raven Sings The Blues... here.

- WTF?

- Two daytrotter sessions for your consideration... 31knots (here) via musicisart via sctas, and Atlantic Records signees The Virgins (here).

- Listen to "the old and a small amount of new" of the Built On A Weak Spot monthly mix... here.

- Indian Jewelry pick the 'single files' @ ptw today. Jana Hunter (here), Wicked Poseur (here),
Psychic Ills (here).

Soiled Mattress And The Springs

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