Sunday, June 8

June 2007 Mix

Time to look back again to the year 2007. Let's listen to the music of June 2007.

Download the zipped mp3: "June 2007" ( zip) (mirror: sendspace)

The Artists Featured
Beat Happening
The Cave Singers
Experimental Dental School
Kevin Drew
Mika Miko
No Age
Oxford Collapse
Parts & Labor
Richard Hell & The Voidoids
Silver Daggers
Tiny Vipers

I want some mp3s right now. I don't have any time for compression programs.
"Boy" (states rights mp3) by Paper
"Capricornations" (deletedart mp3) by Mika Miko
"Don't Tell I'm The King Of The Sea" (mp3) by S-S-S-Spectres
"Get Hurt" (upset mp3) by No Age
"Joy" (load mp3) by Silver Daggers
"Poison Reverb" (deletedart mp3) by Experimental Dental School
"Seeds Of Night" (matador mp3) by The Cave Singers
"tbtf" (arts and crafts mp3) by Kevin Drew

The Playlist
June 2007 Mix

And if you have not already, check out the May 2007 Mix, because it will be taken down soon.

Consider CLICKing
- I just noticed that Spoon posted a new bonus to their website... "Was It You (Demo)" (spoontheband mp3)

- Amuse yourself or annoy your significant other/co-workers/people near your computer with Experimental Dental School's Virtual Theremin... here.

- Watch "Super Collider (Live)" (youtube), the latest from the Radiohead. Gorilla Vs. Bear has the mp3... here.

- Why am I reposting "Nude With Boots" (dailyrind mp3)? 'Cuz I am.

- Maron + (politics * floppy cats) = this. Watch Seder Vs. Maron... here.

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