Saturday, June 30

Breathe (Demo) By Lightning Dust

Lightning Dust is Amber Webber and Joshua Wells of Black Mountain fame. Together they make music that is less about spacerock and more about space. Not sure what that means, but it sounds good at 7:00 AM on a Saturday.

"Breathe (Demo)" (mp3) (source: myspace)
"Listened On" (mp3)

Myspace page is here.
Jagjaguwar page is here.
Emusic page is here.

BONUS: Black Mountain's "Dragnaut"... (No No)... "Drugnaut" (mp3)

The new Stars song, "The Night Starts Here" (mp3) is like, youknow, everywhere... here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here.
- Listen to some new Beirut in live bootleg form over at Rewriteable Content... here.
- aworks linked to this Philip Glass lego-rific video... here.
- Fanatic put up another Black Moth Super Rainbow song: "The Afternoon Turns Pink" (mp3). You can also stream a new demo, "summer 07 draft"... here.

Lightning Dust

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Thursday, June 28

Record Shop By The Snow Fairies

Sometimes (like after a prolonged Parts & Labor binge) I have to take a measured dose of Twee. And I'd say The Snow Fairies have just the right amount.

"Record Shop" ( mp3)
"Voila!" (whole album in a zip)

WARNING: Twee has been known to cause headbobbing, vomitting, lightheadedness, a sweet taste in the mouth, and gential itching.

Myspace page is here.

BONUS Parts & Labor mp3 to provide a auditory counterbalance: "A Great Divide" (mp3)

- Crazy ass beats minus computers and vinyl? Nice. BIGSTEREO reports on Ghosts On Tape... here.
- We likes Ben Weaver, so does Muzzle Of Bees... here. If you ain't heard his unmastered Paper Sky tracks click here.

Snow Fairies

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Wednesday, June 27

Capricornations By Mika Miko

Well, I'm not the first to post this mp3 by Mika Miko, but it's awesome, so what the fuck? Right? It's a wee bit shrill but in a good way.

Download: "Capricornations" (mp3)

Mika Miko just started touring around Europe with the blogtastic NO AGE, and they have a couple of Todd P shows coming up in August. Excellent.

.tk page is here.
Deleted Art page is here.
Kill Rock Stars page is here.
ppm page is here.

- KEXP goes over this week's new releases... here.
- EARFARM has posted the latest Three For Free (with mp3s from Mastadon, Pig Destroyer, and Don Caballero)... here.
- 17 Dots has the deets on the five possible flavors of the next Arcade Fire album... here.
- Dave Allen's pampelmoose is posting Gang Of Four boots. The latest one is "Natural's Not In It (Live At Mother's NYC 1979)" (mp3). More here and here and here. There are going to be nine more boots posted so point your web browsers... here.
- BOAWS is back. Check out Enemymine... here.
- Brooklynvegan points us to Qui, now with David Yow... here.
- An Aquarium Drunkard loves "New York Groove"... here.

Mika Miko

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Tuesday, June 26

You Faux Pas By S-S-S-Spectres

Oh well. I missed S-S-S-Spectres and EX MODELS on Saturday. At the ERMP show on Saturday, Little Mike Bones' set seemed wrong. It was simply not music for a sunny/beautiful day. I'm sorry, but I simply could not sit through Hundred Eyes' set. They just seemed totally out of place. This was not music for the middle of the day, but rather late late at night. (And what was up with the schmata on the head? hmmm?). I went off in search of beer and did not return to The East River Amphitheater.

hundred eyes tune up at ERMP show

What Did I Miss, Again?:

"You Faux Pas" (mp3)
"Ghost Family" (mp3)
"Don't Tell, I'm The King Of The_Sea" (mp3)
"You're A Little, Um" (mp3)

S-S-S-Spectres myspace page is here.
S-S-S-Spectres emusic page is here.

ex models live
"Girlfriend Is Worse" (mp3)
"Headlines" (mp3)
"Buy American" (mp3)
"Pink Noise" (mp3)
"U Got What I Need (Shake)" (mp3)

EX MODELS myspace page is here.
EX MODELS emusic page is here.

- Idolator has a classic Bluetip mp3 (and not, I repeat, not a Nickleback mp3)... here.
- Pop Tarts Suck Toasted recommends the indie chamber pop of The Sharp Things... here.
- So Much Silence posted the RUN-D.M.C. demo to "Slow And Low"... here.
- Who The Bloody Hell Are They? is streaming a poppy poppy track by Cut Off Your Own Hands... here.
- More "selling out" news. This time due to negligent contract reading by Tullycraft. Why use this song to sell hot dogs? huh? Should Tullycraft change their name to "The Hotdog Band"? You Ain't No Picasso and Idolator have more... here and here (respectively). Couldn't find a video of the ad online (after a brief googling) but I did find this:
How To Stuff A Wild Bikini

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Monday, June 25

On This Side By Tiny Vipers

Sub Pop posted a new Tiny Vipers song. Not as good as her myspace demos, but worth checking out.

"On This Side" (mp3)

Sub Pop page is here.

- New Spinto Band mp3s are available at Daytrotter. Awesome... here.
- Sara of A Different Stripe pointed out to me that the new Tim Fite is free (ARRRGH... Tim Fite, Tim Fite, NOT Time Fite!)... here.
- Salon's Audiofile has some classic dub from King Tubby... here.

Tiny Vipers

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Saturday, June 23

Boy By Paper

Paper is Adrienne and Aaron Snow (of Landing fame). Listen to them kraut up some krautrocky goodness on the following mp3.

Download: "Boy" (mp3)

Myspace page is here.
States Rights is here.

- Brooklyn Vegan posted some TheDeathSet mp3s in advance of last night's Matt & Kim/Parts & Labor/TheDeathSet/The Golden Error show from your friends at Todd P which I could not go to, fuck. Anyway, click... here.
- Audio Deficit Disorder posted a new Simian Mobile Disco song for a limited time... here.
- The Cramps and Goldfrapp in one place? The Merry Swankster is... here.
- Another Bumps track is available over at Audiversity... here.
- So much for that new Pixies album. More about
- Mp3 roundup of the a/v cleanup over at Vice Records is... here.


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Friday, June 22

Witches Vs Wolves By S-S-S-Spectres

Free EX MODELS and S-S-S-Spectres Tomoooorow! Next to the East River.

The Deets... here.

"Witches Vs Wolves" (mp3) by S-S-S-Spectres
"That's Funny I Don't Feel Like A Shithead" (mp3) by EX MODELS

Also Hundred Eyes and Little Mike Bones.

ex-models fo' free

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Tryplmeade Gorsmatch By Bumps

I like Bumps. Do you like Bumps?

FYI: Bumps is "Beats, Breaks, Drums by Bitney, Herndon & McEntire of Tortoise".

If you responded "Tortoise? Those Wankers?" Perhaps you should skip down to the Madlib mp3.

Downloadable: "Tryplmeade Gorsmatch" (mp3)


Also from Stones Throw (a wee mp3)... "Masala" (mp3) by Madlib the Beat Konducta

Madlib's myspace page is here.
Madlib's emusic page is here.


- New Jracula on G vs. B... here.
- An Aquarium Drunkard has a little piece about the reissue of Daydream Nation... here.
- SiLT has posted a podcast of covers. I loves me some covers... here.
- The Sound Of Indie posted a boot version of Trouble by Love Of Diagrams... here. More LoD mp3s... here and here.
- Off The Record has posted four tracks from the new Interpol... here.
- One more new BOAT song is over at Said The Gramaphone... here.
- And now the best thing to happen to Bloc Party covers since DFA 1979 reconfigured "Luno" (a savefile mp3 found by typing "dfa luno" into google)... Smoosh covers "This Modern Love" (mp3)... here.
- Finally here's some Tomato Therapy:

tomato therapy

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Thursday, June 21

Autumn Is The Feeling That Everything Is A Waste Of Time By Shooting At Unarmed Men

Shooting At Unarmed Men are going down under to promote their soon-to-be-new album, Triptych. Hey Aussies (you lucky bastards) go see them damnit! Triptych won't be out in the good ol' US of A until sometime next year.

In the meantime, you can take a listen to the Too Pure podcast # 5 (xml feed) in order to get an idea of what you are missing: "Autumn Is The Feeling That Everything Is A Waste Of Time" (starts at 17:45) (mp3)

Plus you can (uggh) stream "Boredom Is The Feeling..." (probably not the complete title... DAMN YOU Myspace player!!) at the SAUM myspace page... here.

Emusic page is here.

- Timedoor sees Superchunk for the first time in a long time... here.
- Popsheep has some songs of interest for you... here.
- Audiversity has new Dizzee, "Paranoid" (not a Black Sabbath cover)... here.

Shooting At Unarmed Men new album art

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Wednesday, June 20

Seeds Of Night By The Cave Singers

What do these pictures make you think of?

If you answered "Cave Singers", then you probably already know they've signed to Matador.

If you answered "What?", you should listen to this...

Download: "Seeds Of Night" (MP3) (source: matador)

Enjoy the folky goodness.

The Cave Singers

- Fanatic has new They Shoot Horses Don't They?... "A Place Called LA" (mp3)
- Three, count 'em, Three Muzak For Cybernetics posts you should check out... new/old Yeah Yeah Yeahs (here), AiH remixing BdR (here) and Hot Chip remixing CSS (here).
- G vs. B reports on the Dirty Projectors "reimagining of Black's Flag seminal 1981 record Damaged." More here and at pfork... here.
Listen: "No More" (mp3)
- Someone remind me to read this article on classic album haters when I have more time. (Props to Stereogum).
- The Smudge has "Icky Thump" live on Conan... here.
- It's a Kevin Drew orgy out there... here and here and here and here and here.
Download: "tbtf" (mp3)

kevin drew eating cereal while watching porn

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Sunday, June 17

Joy By Silver Daggers

You know, not enough rockers use horns these days. Do you know what I mean?

Silver Daggers do, and that is a good thing.

Silver Daggers

Downloadable: "Joy" (mp3)

Myspace page is here.
Load Records page is here.
Not Not Fun is here.

Unrelated Kinda Crappy Photos... Apostle Of Hustle at Southpaw last night:

Apostle Of Hustle at Southpaw

Apostle Of Hustle at Southpaw

Apostle Of Hustle at Southpaw

Apostle Of Hustle at Southpaw

Apostle Of Hustle at Southpaw

Apostle Of Hustle at Southpaw

BONUS: "My Sword Hand's Anger" ( mp3)

- Live Shellac at Captain's Dead... here. Dig It!

Silver Daggers

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Saturday, June 16

Poison Reverb By Experimental Dental School

I don't know a whole lot about Experimental Dental School.

(1) are weird,
(2) are from the Bay Area, and
(3) they look like this...

Experimental Dental School

That is all.

Listen: "Poison Reverb" (mp3)

Myspace page is here.
Deleted Art page is here.
Emusic page is here.

- Copy And Paste likes the shoegazey-ness of Mixtapes And Cellmates... here.
- The Yellow Stereo thinks Get Him Eat Him is really catchy... here.
- Milk Milk Lemonade rilly rilly likes Luff... here.
- I really really (really) think you should listen to the most recent episode of Radiolab.
BONUS: "Mortality" (mp3)

Experimental Dental School

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VIDEO: cuttingroom By Radiohead

Tease Tease Tease! Does this work for you?

Stream: "cuttingroom" (streaming mov)

Don't seem to want to connect. I guess you can watch it here.

Radiohead is here.
Dead Air Space is here.


Friday, June 15

I've Still Got You (Ice Cream) By Pissed Jeans

I'm still not sure what I think about the new Pissed Jeans.

Download: "I've Still Got You (Ice Cream)" (mp3)

More Pissed Jeans (live on KEXP)... here.
Subpop page is here.
Pretty sure this is NOT their official myspace page here.

- Mars Needs Guitars has posted an Untitled (hint hint) mix... here.
- Leakage of the new old Yeah Yeah Yeahs... here (thanks Dreams Of Horses).
- Some ¬°Forward, Russia! news plus a couple mp3s over at the blog Shelves Of Vinyl... here.
forwardrussian BONUS: "Four" (mp3)

Pissed Jeans

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Thursday, June 14

They Might Follow You By Tiny Vipers

One of Sup Pop's newish signings is Jesy Fortino a/k/a Tiny Vipers. Here she is workin' hard in the studio on Hands Across The Void...

Tiny Vipers

Get ready for some acoustic/goth/sadcorey goodness.

"They Might Follow You" (mp3) (source: myspace)
"Shipwreck" (mp3) (source: myspace)

Sub Pop page is here.

- All Things Go updates itself in a massive way... here.
- Get some Dino Jr. Peel sessions from the late 1980's... here.
- Want to hear Apostle Of Hustle on CBC Radio? Head over to B(oot)log... here.
- Fluxblog has an acoustic demo version of "Eric's Trip" by Sonic Youth... here.
- More new Liars at Muzak For Cybernetics... here.
- Kickass Radiohead b-side "Paperbag Writer" has been posted along with some Radiohead news at The Music Slut... here.
- Juiceboxxx, Juiceboxxx, JUICEBOXXX!!!... here (on the iheartcomix blog).

Tiny Vipers

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Wednesday, June 13

200 Days, 59 Ways By BOAT

Holy Shit... New BOAT!!

I hereby predict the total dominance of my ipod by BOAT's bran-spankin' new album, Let's Drag Our Feet. I was tempted to post both "(I'm A) Donkey for Your Love" and "Period, Backslash, Colon", but I have decided to go with the following two tracks instead.

"200 Days, 59 Ways" (mp3)
"The Ferocious Sounds of Lobsters and Snakes -mom, dad, me, and you-" (mp3)

Let's Drag Our Feet By BOAT

oldie BONUS: "Last Cans Of Paint" (mp3)

Myspace page is here.
Magic Marker page is here.
Emusic page is here.

- The blog And God Rock Us Every One has that new Liars track, "Plaster Casts Of Everything"... here.
BONUS: "Sunset Rodeo" (mp3) (source: adult swim)
- Who The Hell is Kit Pop? Find out... here.-
- The Yellow Stereo has many mp3s for you in its Daily Graboid... here.
- Pogo A Go-Go has posted a Class of 1986 reunion mix... here.
- Two new Iron & Wine tracks are over at Tunes Consumed... here. Plus, there's another one at MOKB... here.
oldie BONUS: "Southern Anthem" (mp3)
- Indoor Fireworks has more new newness from The Queens Of The Stone Age... here.
- Finally... check out Surefire Broadcast over at s k a t t e r b r a i n... here.

beardy BOAT

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Tuesday, June 12

Love Comes In Spurts By Richard Hell

And now a moment to relish the classics...

You 'member Dick Hell??

"Love Comes In Spurts" (mp3) (source: richard hell)
"Fuck Rock N Roll (Live With Television)" (mp3) (source: richard hell)

Matador page is here.
Emusic page is here.

- The blog music is art is putting songs into context looking at how memory is affected by music in part v of the series song/context/result (featuring yours truly)... here.
- *sixeyes cleans his inbox for you... here.
- Two from Captain's Dead... live Slayer (here) and a few track by Arks (here).
- Culture Bully has posted the mixtape of mash-up experts The Hood Internet... here.
BONUS: "Dr. J - Stay Fly Bloody Fly (Death From Above 1979 vs. Three 6 Mafia) " (mp3) (source: the hood internet)
- More Long Blondes over at Fluxblog... here.
- Something I Learned Today gets Gaunt... here.

Richard Hell

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Sunday, June 10

The Pushers By Wooden Wand

James Jackson Toth a/k/a Wooden Wand has made an "un-weird" record.

"The Pushers" (un-weird new mp3)
"Spitting At The Cameras" (un-weird new mp3)
"Eagle Claw" (not-that-weird older mp3)

Disclaimer: you may have already seen the newer mp3s... here (on thepunkguy).

Myspace page is here.
Ecstatic Peace page is here.
Kill Rock Stars page is here.
Emusic page is here.

Elsewhere (The Electro Version):
- The UberTrigger blog has posted the dub version of "My Piano" by Hot Chip... here.
- Copy and Paste has a new track by Fujiya & Miyagi entitled "Uh"... here.

Wooden Wand

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Saturday, June 9

The Big Sleep On WOXY

Missed this last year. Durr...

Download: "The Big Sleep on WOXY" (mp3)

"You Can't Touch The Untouchable"
"Son Of The Tiger"
"Slow Race"
"New Strings"

Don't feel like listening to the whole lounge act? At least listen to this...

Download: "Murder" (mp3)

Official site is here.
Myspace page is here.
French Kiss Records are here.
Emusic page is here.

- Shameless Complacency has two items for your consideration... Shitt Hott (here) and new M.I.A. (here).
- I normally don't go it for this kind of shit, but THIS makes me happy. More about THAT at Missing Toof... here.
- Free Indie... Free Fruit Bats... here.
- New Shellac... Need I say more?... here.
- Sample some Cargo Cult Funk from Numero at The Sumdge... here.
- Arm yourself for talking to fuckheads (a name I reserve for Michael Crichton and his ilk)... here.

The Big Sleep On WOXY

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Friday, June 8

Take Hold By Mika Miko

Mika Miko Rock! They are NOT, I repeat, NOT to be confused with this sucker.

They almost makes me wish I lived in LA (not really).

Mika Miko

"Take Hold" ( mp3) (source: myspace)
"KRS Podcast 5" (mp4)

.tk page is here.
Kill Rock Stars page is here.
ppm page is here.

- NO NO NO NO NNNOOOOOOOO... Built On A Weak Spot is no more. Find out (a little bit) more... here.
- An Aquarium Drunkard has posted some tracks by Track a Tiger... here.
- Kickass NYC Concert info... here and here.
- Find out how "mainstream" your profile is... here. (It was down last time I checked due to having been excessively dugg).
- QBiM has issued a warning about Shakes... here.
- New Shout Out Louds is up at So Much Silence... here.

Mika Miko

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Thursday, June 7

In Between By Beat Happening

I just wanted to point out that not all punk is DIY (e.g. this) and not all DIY is punk (e.g. this). It just so happens (guh?) that Beat Happening is both.

Quick question: Is not having a bio on your own fucking website punk? or is it just lazy? hmmm?

beat happening live

"In Between" (mp3)
"Left Behind" (mp3)
"Teenage Caveman" (mp3)
"Indian Summer" (mov)

Myspace page is here.
Sub Pop page is here.
Wiki Wiki Wiki here.
Old 3hive post is here.
Emusic page is here.

- Tunes Consumed has two tracks (one by Mr. Zach "Beirut" Condon and another by Grizzly Bear) from the Believer's 2007 Music Issue Compliation, "Cue the Bugle Turbulent"... here.
- Slutty Fringe has a couple tracks from the second I Can Count Compliation... here.
- More Justice at Vice's mp3blog... here.
BONUS: "D.A.N.C.E. (Tittsworth Remix)" (mp3)
- More Polvo over at The Runout Groove... here.

Beat Happening

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Sunday, June 3

Before I Lose My Style By Space Needle

One Year Ago Today, Part 10

Q: One Year Ago Today?
A: Space Needle!

Space Needle

Here is your recommended dosage:
"Before I Lose My Style" (mp3)
"Beers In Heaven" (mp3)

Myspace page is here.
Eenie Meenie page is here.

- You mean you haven't downloaded Build On A Weak Spot's Monthy Mix yet? Shame on YOU!... here. More mixes... here.
- Mike Watt is gonna be on UCLAradio dot com. Methinks there's something wrong with this poster... hmmmmm??
watt on uclaraio dot com poster
Anyway, The Rawking Refuses To Stop has a reminder of why Mike Watt rules... here. Plus, you can always listen to the Watt from Pedro show... here. Here is the most recent one: "the Watt from Pedro show for May 30, 2007" (mp3)
- Indie pop lovers take notice... Throw Me The Statue mp3s are in this week's *sixeyes Sunday mix... here.
- "I'm Your Man" By Richard Hell And The Voidoids is featured today on NEVVER... here. Awesome!

Space Needle

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Friday, June 1

Get Hurt By NO AGE

Q: Did you check out NO AGE yet? huh?
A: No matter. Here's some...

"Get Hurt" (mp3)
"Neck Escaper" (mp3)

Myspace page is here.
PPM page is here.
Upset The Rhythm page is here.

- Clockcleaner is featured on NEVVER... here.
- Culture Bully has choice snippets of Peeping Tom on The Henry Rollins Show... here.
- Berkeley Place has posted Beck's "The Banjo Story" bootleg... here.

no age

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YOUTUBE: The Power Of Sound Salad By Lightning Bolt

L-L-L-L-lightning B-B-B-B-bolt!!

Watch: Power Of Sound Salad a/k/a The Power Of Salad And Milkshakes

(youtube link)

Comment: This is A LOT of Lightning Bolt. The sound quality is quite suckass. The youtube pixelization, kinda appropriate.

June 2007 Believer Mag cover

Myspace page is here.
Load Records page is here.
Emusic page is here.

- Oxford Collapse does Daytrotter. You dig?... here. Question: Did they abandon their domain or was it hacked?
- Fluxblog posts Parts & Labor. Awesome!... here.
- Bloc Party mash-ups? Hey why not?... here.
- Heartless Bastards are all over MOKB... here.

This BONUS brought to you by Gorilla Vs. Bear, Austinist, and White Denim:

Buddy Rich Vs. Animal

(youtube link)

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