Wednesday, August 27

I Make Windows By Forest Fire

Brooklyn/Portland based indie folkrock band Forest Fire has a new album of "[h]omegrown hymns for those with no religion" and you can download it fo' frees! But wait you say, I like to listen to something before I buy it (even if it for $0).

Downloadable Song: "I Make Windows" ( mp3)

Downloadable Album: Survival (

Stream or Download Survival: here ( or here (catbird records).

Forest Fire is composed of Mark Thresher, Adam Spittler, Myisha Battle, Natalie Stormann, and Nathan Delffs. You may know Nathan Delffs from his other band The Shaky Hands (posts: here and here).

Use your purchasing power:
- Pay-what-you-want digital download is here.
- Buy the Survival CD (if you really like optical media)... here (unfortunately the GIANT CD package is sold out).
- You can pre-order the new new new Shaky Hands album, Lunglight... here.

Myspace page is here.
Catbird Records is here.
eMusic page is here.

Forest Fire BONUS: "Psychic Love Stars" (catbird mp3)

Consider CLICKing
- I gots to agree with heartonastick -- What If Someone Is Watching Their TV? by Screaming Females "was the best album from last year that no one was listening to." More about that... here. Watch The Screaming Females play: "Theme Song" ( punkcast mp4)

- The latest Contrast Podcast is "the ninth installment of Musicians introduce their own songs" (cp mp3). Track list and deets... here.

- Two new Vivian Girls songs. One is at MOKB (here) AND one is at Gorilla Vs. Bear (here).

- Mr. Beck Hanson was interviewed on NPR the other day. He states that he really doesn't rap, because "it doesn't come from hip-hop." He goes on "I used to hang out with a lot of poets and people who did spoken word. So I think I thought my rap — quote 'rap' — songs were coming from that." Listen/Read... here.

- Check out "Rosemary, Etc." by Zookeeper @ daytrotter... here. I like it when his voice breaks.

Forest Fire

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Blogger jonderneathica said...

So "two turntables and a microphone" comes from poetry and/or spoken word?

8/29/2008 11:05 AM  
Blogger bob reich said...

Yep, no connection to hip hop whatsoever!

[snicker, snicker]

8/29/2008 11:19 AM  

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