Thursday, August 7

We Are Young By The Shaky Hands

Following up on yesterday's theme of Daytrotter session songs that I really like (which happen to have jangly guitars in them), today I post a track from the upcoming (Sept. 9) release from The Shaky Hands. The album is called Lunglight. It will look like this:

The Shaky Hands

Downloadable: "Loosen Up" (removed at the request of Kill Rock Stars)

KRS Approved Downloadable: "We Are Young" ( mp3) (source: krs)

You remember The Shaky Hands, right?

- They had that name fight with indiewavers Cut Off Your Hands.

- They had that awesome Daytrotter session a while back.

- They were featured on GT's Top 11 Downloadables That Were Not Freakin' Everywhere in 2007... here. If you don't feel like downloading the zip in that post, get the featured Shaky Hands track... here.

Myspace page is here.
Holocene Music page is here.
Kill Rock Stars is here.
Daytrotter Session is here.
Emusic page is here.

Consider CLICKing
- Watch The Mae Shi perform "Run To Your Grave" ( mp3) at Whartscape 2008... here. Thanks Beatbots A/V Club.

- Listen-O-matic:
"Wet Gold" (fanatic mp3) by Octopus Project
"Connjur" (ghostly mp3) by School Of Seven Bells
"The Runaround" (better looking mp3) by Thomas White

- Chromewaves check out Bodies Of Water... here.

- The Believer Magazine's music issue CD listing is... here. Expect some posting about these tracks peppered through out the blog-o-web soon.

The Shaky Hands

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