Tuesday, October 7

Black Albino Bones By Fucked Up

Fucked Up is playing a 12 hour show in NYC. The deets are here.

According to Matablog:
"On Tuesday, October 14, from 2PM until 2 AM, the band will be playing a twelve-hour show at the Rogan store at the corner of Bowery and Bond. Admission is free. All ages are welcome to attend, though the free alcohol will be limited to those 21 and over."

And guess what? They have a new album of Canadian progcore that is now available to the purchasing public. It is entitled, The Chemistry Of Common Life. It looks like this:

Fucked Up

It sounds like this: "Black Albino Bones" (box.net mp3)

Fucked Up, No?

Read I Rock Cleveland's 9 out of 10 on The Rock-o-meter review... here.

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Jade Tree page is here.
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Amazon MP3 page is here.
eMusic page is here.

Mata-BONUS (Previously Posted):
"No Epiphany" (matador mp3)
"Twice Born" (matador mp3)

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fucked up by david waldman

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