Thursday, October 9

Idiotheque (Radiohead Cover) By We Versus The Shark

Today, I have for you the latest We Versus The Shark cover. The song covered was originally played by a band from Oxfordshire. The cover is a slowed down thrashy recreation. And yes, there is a superfluous "h" in the title of the cover.

Downloadable: "Idiotheque (Radiohead Cover)" (quoteunquote mp3)

Streamable Original: "Idioteque (Live At APW)" (youtube)

FYI: We Versus The Shark is a posthardcore band from Athens. Radiohead is, well, Radiohead. There is quite a lot written about them -- 38,900,000 hits worth.

Myspace page is here.
Hello Sir Records is here.
Quote Unquote is here.
Free Covers Project, Murmurmur is here.
eMusic page is here.

We Versus The Shark tourdate info is here (as of 10/8/08).

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- Speaking of Radiohead covers, check out Muzak For Cybernetics. They have El Ten Eleven's instrumental cover of "Paranoid Android" (youtubed original)... here.

- Have you picked up those two free Volcano Suns mp3s from the upcoming Merge reissues? "Jak" (merge mp3) from Bright Orange Years (Remastered) and "White Elephant" (merge mp3) from All Night Lotus Party (Remastered). Merge will be releasing both albums available on CD for the first time on January 27, 2009. More info... here.

- Tunde Adebimpe + Mike Patton + Doseone = this

- CBS says "No Obama tshirt on the Late Late Show" to No Age due to some bullshit notion that the Equal Time Rule applied. Dumbasses. Oh wait, is Randy from No Age actually running for President? No? Nevermind. Deets are here.

- RCRDLBL has a new new new song by indiepoppers Frances ('member them?)... here.

- Are you gonna buy the new Brian Eno iTunes app, Bloom... here.

- Prolific ATL indie droner Atlas Sound has yet another virtual 7"... here.

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