Saturday, December 6

December 2007 Mix

Instead of clamoring about what should be considered the best of 2008 (that'll come later), I say take some time and look back on December 2007.

Downloadable: "December 2007" ( zip)

The Tracks:
1. "Business Cats" ( mp3) by Mika Miko
2. "No Being Disgusting (Live)" ( mp3) by Screaming Females
3. "Wonderful People" (southern mp3) by Q And Not U
4. "I'd Rather Be Clogging" (punk in my vitamins mp3) by Karp
5. "Prisonship Martyrs" (mp3) by Freshkills
6. "What Needs Must Be" (matador mp3) by Dead Meadow
7. "Loosen Up (Daytrotter Session)" ( mp3) by The Shaky Hands
8. "Beat (Health, Life, and Fire)" (kill rockstars mp3) by Thao Nguyen
9. "Indestructible Life!" (fanatic mp3) by Old Time Relijun
10. "End Result (Crass Reworking)" by Jeffrey Lewis
11. "Me, Me, Just Me" by Feral Children
12. "Slippershell" ( mp3) by Kristin Hersh
13. "Mindfuck" (mp3) by Dirt Merchants
14. "Change (Blind Melon Cover)" (mp3) by Cassettes Won't Listen
15. "The Wizard (Live on Fair Game)" (fair game mp3) by Bat For Lashes
16. "Gila" ( mp3) by Beach House
17. "Chrome's On It" (i am sound mp3) by Telepathe
18. "Black Tape" by Low Scores
19. "So Post All 'Em (Instrumental)" ( mp3) by YACHT
20. "The Basement/Efant Terrible" by Yea Big & Kid Static

Consider CLICKing
- Check out this artpunk/postpunk jam from Bruno Wizard's The Homosexuals: "Slow Guns" (serious business mp3). 2nd pressing of the vinyl is here. eMusic page is here. Another mp3?: "Snapshots Of Nairobi (Live In Washington,D.C. 11.13.08)" (serious business mp3)

- Listen to El Guincho on WNYC's Soundcheck: "The resulting sound can be disorienting, manic -- and blissful." (wnyc mp3). Deets are here.

- Built On A Weak Spot is back up just in time for a new monthly mix... here. Note... We here at GT world headquarters are delighted to have influenced the choice of one song this month.

- Best Of 2008: Gorilla Vs. Bear's songs of the year... here.

- Raven Sings The Blues posts a track off the new Finally Punk 7"... here.

- Best of 9375: Future Post Year in Review @ Transmissions From Wintermute... here. More futureposts... here.

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