Wednesday, December 31

The End O' The Year Dump 2008

Welcome to the Second Annual End O' The Year Dump where I post a bunch of good stuff I meant to post but didn't get around to. Enjoy!

"Party On The Death Star" ( mp3) by Beta Satan

Beta Satan

"I'll Never Let You Go" ( mp3) by Teenage Prayers

Teenage Prayers

"Whirlwind" (strange attractors mp3) by Landing


"Machine" (home tapes mp3) by Slaraffenland


"Chapels" (lp mp3) by Genghis Tron

i assure you... that is Genghis Tron

If you liked this Swan Fungus post, then you'll love The Crust Brothers, Listen: "You Ain't Going Nowhere" (comedy minus one mp3)

The Crust Brothers

Elizabeth Sharp (of New Radiant Storm King and Skinner Pilot) = Ill Ease. Listen: "Too Much Sucky (I Hate Drum Machines)" ( mp3)

ill ease

"Basement Life" (ernest jennings mp3) by Disband


Old Fucked Up? "Baiting The Public" (jade tree mp3)

fucked up

Three Mystery Of Two zips for further examination:
"01sheheldtheshovel" (zip)
"03pitfallsandbrokenboards" (zip)
"04_demons" (zip)

"Downstairs" (ecstatic peace mp3) by religi0us knives

religious knives

"Fly On The Window" (mp3) by Numbers


"Victory" (skin graft mp3) by Zeek Sheck

Zeek Sheck

"You're Shit" by The Squad

The Squad

"Run Through" by Oneida


"Bury A Flower" (troubleman unlimited mp3) by Meneguar


"Telephone Attack (Secret History)" (jeff conlin mp3) by Baby Asprin

baby asprin

"Kill Yourself (Demo)" (mp3) by SOD


Ex-Dead Milkman Joe Jack Talcum performs in The Low Budgets. Listen: "50 Cents" (mp3), also a video... FNI!

low budgets

BONUS myspace pages to check out (clicky clicky):
Awesome New Republic
Blue Ribbon Glee Club
Full Of Fancy
Holy Hail

Last Year's Dump is here.



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