Tuesday, December 2

I Believe In Fate (Sebadoh Cover) By Superchunk

There is an excellent new SCORE freebie I noticed the other day. It is a cover. It is a cover that totally changes the feel of the original. I share it with you now.

Downloadable: "I Believe In Fate (Sebadoh Cover)" (box.net mp3) by Superchunk

You can get the FLAC (if you swing that way)... here.

Listen to the original: "I Believe In Fate" (box.net mp3) by Sebadoh

This is what Mac had to say about the cover:
"We recorded three Sebadoh songs for our "Freed Seed" 7" EP (with Seed Toss as the A-Side) back in 1991, but chose not to include all three on the Tossing Seeds singles comp, leaving off I Believe in Fate which was the least successful of the three...Superchunk always operates most effectively at mid- or high- but not top-speed and this came out sounding a bit like someone's high school hardcore band doing the two-step, and doesn't convey any of the darkness of the original Barlow version. But here it is digitally at last, good for a laugh at least.... Then go break out your Weed Forestin' tape!"

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