Friday, January 30

12 Awesome MP3s That Were Not Freakin' Everywhere In 2008

A 2008 post? Why not? You know there is still stuff you missed last year. Like why didn't anyone tell me that Krallice album rules (a post about that coming soon)? Here are, umm, 12 awesome mp3s that were not freakin' everywhere in 2008. Enjoy.

"Dog Years" ( mp3) by Ghetto Cross (2 posts)

"Draped Up, Oxed Out" ( mp3) by Smart Growth (2 posts)

"Hands Up (The Race)" ( mp3) by Susu (4 posts)

"Rum For You (Edit)" ( mp3) by BUKE AND GāSS (2 posts)

"Stains" ( mp3) by Flying (2 posts)

"The Greatest Gift (Scratch Acid Cover)" ( mp3) (mp3) by We Versus The Shark (1 post)

"GO to WHERE its Clear" ( mp3) by Paul Fuster (1 post)

"Rather Dull" ( mp3) by Psychedelic Horseshit (4 posts)

"Van v Art" (sxsw 2008 mp3) by Necropolis (2 posts)

"Crystal Ladies" ( mp3) by Blank Dogs (5 posts)

"The French Revolution" ( mp3) By Motico (1 post)

"Bastard In Love (Black Flag Cover)" ( mp3) by Mika Miko (1 post)

Consider CLICKing
- New New New Black Lips... "Short Fuse" (vice mp3)

- Happy belated B-Day largeheartedboy!... here.

- The Diamond Center has a new new new countryfried promomp3... "WTT" ( mp3)

- Part Two of the free and legal mp3 manifesto! Read it @ Fingertips... here.

- #1 blog TSURURADIO posts about bkylnbedroomrockers Here We Go Magic. Believe the hype... here.

- EARFARM reviews a recent show by Suckers... here.

- Watch the Wavves hits Austin over at Covert Curiosity... here.

- Listen to a Spoon FM boot? Where else? Captain's Dead... here.

12 Awesome MP3s That Were Not Freakin' Everywhere In 2008

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Anonymous ysb said...

New Black Lips track = yes.

1/30/2009 2:20 PM  
Blogger bob reich said...

What about The Diamond Center??

1/30/2009 2:29 PM  
Anonymous ysb said...

Yeah, uhm, that Diamond Ctr track? I like, but you do hear what I'm hearing, dontcha?

Also picked up Dead Milkmen and Mika Miko. (The genre for the Mika Miko was listed as 'sex jazz.' Ewwwwwww.)

2/03/2009 4:13 PM  
Blogger bob reich said...

huh? what are you hearing? you know a lot more about the twang compared to me, the ever humble blogger

2/03/2009 7:43 PM  
Anonymous ysb said...

I'm hearing 'Don't Let Our Youth Go to Waste' like I did with the Crayons, except slowed down here. Also, while I do like WTT after several listens, I'm not getting any twang.

2/04/2009 11:59 AM  

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