Tuesday, March 25

Boes By The Mae Shi

Statement: I am excited.

Explanation: I've got two songs from The Mae Shi to share with you. The first is a bonus track that I think makes a great album closer. Better than "Divine Harvest" which has all that pots and pans clanging at the end? Depends how much you like pots and pans, I guess. It does have a similar quality to "Divine Harvest." The uke(?) in both songs has a whole "Not with a bang but a whimper" quality. The second song I have for you is, how should I put this, CATCHY... some may call it "annoying-yet-catchy," but I call it simply catchy as I am not annoyed by slightly more than brief breaks into feedback.

Downloadables Deleted Because Of Complaint:
"Boes" (box.net mp3)
"The Melody" (box.net mp3)

Streamable: "Run To Your Grave" (youtube)

Myspace page is here (with a link to buy HLLLYH directly from The Mae Shi).
KRS page is here.
Moshi Moshi is here.
S.A.F. Records is here.
Amazon Mp3 page is here.
Emusic page is here.

Mae Shi-ish BONUS: If you have not heard The Mae Shi-sample crammed "Run To The Facts" (mp3) by Yea Big + Kid Static, you probably don't read this blog very often, but it's ok, I forgive you. It was previously posted here and here and here.

Consider Clicking
- "Why The Hell Aren't I Notified About These Things!"... The Monkeywrench put out a new album, Gabriel's Horn. The Monkeywrench is the grunge/blues supergroup that features Mark Arm and Steve Turner (Mudhoney), together with Tim Kerr (Poison 13, among others), Tom Price (Gas Huffer), and Martin Bland (Lubricated Goat). Props to BVegan for the scoop. Listen: "Low On Air" (mp3). And if you have not heard Clean As A Broke Dick Dog, buy it NOW (and save $0.10 when you get the mp3s).

- BOAWS has a whole out-of-print album by KC noise rock supergroup (another supergroup?) Quitter's Club for your downloading pleasure... here.

- MOKB posts the newest and best Awesome Color song yet (but doesn't like the rest of the album so much)... here. Don't worry they still got the "what if Iggy Pop wasn't spending his time covering Madonna songs"-thing going on.

- A Place To Bury Strangers "employ liberal doses of the loud stuff, caking it onto the air as if it needed more seasoning or icing." Get their Daytrotter session... here.

- "Naked And Red" (mp3) is the latest from Colour Revolt. They are going to with The Breeders in the South, Midwest, and West (but not the East, dang!). For the record, in NYC The Montana Boys have support duty.

- Listen to "Kingdom Come" by The Mae Shi in all it's over-the-top techno glory @ french blog Basement Beatz... here.

- Finally, SIGN THA PET-TIT-TION!!! and support congestion pricing.


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Blogger bob reich said...

Grrrrrr... my confusion of "Kingdom Come" and actual last song on HLLLYH, "Divine Harvest" came from they way the album was imported into my iTunes library. Error Corrected.

3/25/2008 6:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMGnoway, I just found the link to A Place to Bury Strangers on Daytrotter.


YSB happy happy.

4/28/2008 2:50 PM  
Blogger bob reich said...

Oh yeah, you gotta check those Consider Clicking links.

4/28/2008 3:47 PM  

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