Friday, September 30


Landing is from Connecticut. They put some mp3s up here. Pretty dreamy stuff. They joined the K Records family in 2002.

My Teenage Stride

Saw My Teenage Stride on NY Noise?

Check out: Reversal Red Bird (mp3).

Petite Mort has an interview and some mp3s.

My Teenage Stride

The Current

The Current from Minnesota Public Radio has a bunch of live in-studio performances available for streaming. Past guests have included: National, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Citizen Cope, Aimee Mann, Hockey Night, Troubled Hubble, Feist, Bob Mould, Walt Mink, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Futureheads, Rilo Kiley,Of Montreal, The Shins, Bloc Party, The Hold Steady, Radio 4, and others.

Arcade Fire

The Arcade Fire relanched their website, Yippie.

Hockey Night

New from Lookout Records... It's Hockey Night.

Check out: "For Guy's Eyes Only" (mp3)

Thursday, September 29

The Go! Team

The Go! Team were on The Sound of Young America (mp3) last Summer.

It's a pretty entertaining radio show with a kick ass theme song (mp3).

You can get the podcast here.

Sound of Young America

They Might Be Giants

They Might Be Giants have a free song page here. Today's selection is "Pictures of Pandas Painting".

Editor's Note: OK, OK... I'm not a big They Might Be Giants fan, but I frickin' love that nixon gif.

Sons And Daughters

FYI: "Dance Me In" (insound mp3) by Sons And Daughters is quite kick ass.

Sons And Daughters

Nirvana (well sort of)

Props to the BBC for this link to weird Smells Like Teen Spirit covers.

Editors Note: Some of the links are dead (No Paul Anka version, DAMN!), but there's a lot more than Nirvana covers, Ms. Winchell also has German Abba covers, Beatles covers, and a bunch more weird shitte (most at pretty loooow bit rates).

Tuesday, September 27

Goldie Lookin' Chain

OK, This is shitte is funny and as british as... well... as binge drinking.

50 Foot Wave

Kristin Hersh Rocks Out! (Throwing Muses Fans this is what you have been waiting for).

The Go! Team

No, not the Calvin Johnson side project (That's The Go Team). This is The Go! Team. It seems the band is not so hot on releasing mp3s as a marketing strategy (with the exception of the SxSW 2005 website). The Go! Team's site has some streaming windows media (yuck), and it does not work with Mac OS (Grrrr).

SxSW 2005

Yeah, I know it already happened, but the still got lots o' free mp3s from some cool bands for free.

Monday, September 26

Sub Pop

While I'm at it, I should plug Sub Pop who give out many a free mp3 (plus an occasional video).


Yeah, I know it's been out for awhile, but it's soooo good... it's "California" (mp3).

Low the great destroyer

Bloc Party

Listen to Bloc Party live on NPR.
Get some free mp3s straight from their official website, or
sign up for emusic and get their stuff, hella cheap.

Sunday, September 25

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah have some free mp3s available on their website. FYI: There is a slight David Byrne thing going on with them. My girlfriend calls them "Clap Your Hands Say Talking Heads."

Tuesday, September 20


Live recording of Watt and Hurley at All Tomorrow's Parties in 2003 is available here, in FLAC or mp3 format. Awesome!
watt and hurley

Monday, September 19

TV On The Radio

Have a new song available for FREE in lovely mp3

And of course check out the band's

Sunday, September 11


Motico of Brooklyn Rock!

Saturday, September 10


Putumayo bringing world music to the masses. Be sure to check out their radio show.

Sunday, September 4

The Evens

The Evens is the latest in post post post hardcore from Ian MacKaye.

Download: "All These Governors" (mp3).

the evens


Supersystem is indie-pop at its finest.

Saturday, September 3


Let's start this off right...

With Spoon.

Download: "I Summon You (Demo)" (mp3)

britt daniel of spoon