Monday, October 31


It's Halloween. Time to bust out those dusty Misfits CDs (and I ain't talkin about the newly reformed Misfits).

Listen to some bootlegs from the early 1980s (in real audio).

Medication has an unreleased Misfits song "Archangel".

Or check out some Misfits covers: there's Violent World (with neo-punk, alt-metal, and alt-rock versions of yer Misfits favs), and there's Fiend Club Lounge (cocktail/lounge covers by the Nutley Brass... WARNING the link will play a sample and there's NO OFF Button).

Sunday, October 30

Sufjan Stevens

It's Sufjan Sunday!!

Oh that Sufjan Stevens... he's gonna put out one album for every state. The Alt-folker had a nice spotlight in the emusic magazine. You can read an interview with him at Pitchfork. Then listen to Sufjan on Morning Becomes Eceletic here.

The guy has got all sorts of mp3s spread around the internets:

Plus... he composed a song just for NPR. The story is here. The his song about that annoying lordgod woodpecker is here (mp3).


Saturday, October 29

Large Hearted Boy

Sidebar Expansion Fun: Large Hearted Boy is being added to the blogs section. Whoo-hoo!

Friday, October 28


Why Did They Have To Break Up? Episode 1

Part of the Elephant 6 family, Beulah are... well here's a quote from pitchfork...

"Beulah are a band that know how to rock out and write endearing pop songs at the same time. Their melodies scream, "Feel the love!" It's a good thing, people."

They have like a ba-zillion mp3s available for download at insound. They also have some videos and webcasts available at their website.

Listening to them makes ya think, "Why Did They Have To Break Up?"

FYI, former singer and guitarist Miles Kurosky is working on some solo material.


Thursday, October 27

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs have their website under construction. They have an interesting (and annoying) way of letting you know (WARNING: Requires pop-ups). This probably has to do with their planned reinvention.

But if you say "I don't care about the fact that they want to sing campfire songs in an effort to change their "image", I just want to hear them rock," then click here.

Wednesday, October 26

Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra

Take a break from the indie rock and listen to the Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra.

OK, what is Afrobeat?? "Afrobeat is a hybrid form of jazz and Nigerian traditional music popularized and developed in the late 1960s in Lagos, Nigeria by Fela Anikulapo Kuti. It also incorporates other elements of West African popular music such as highlife, palmwine, apala, Afrocuban, and Afro-American funk and soul music."

"Obanla'e" (mp3)
From epitonic
"Hypocrite" (mp3)

Or listen to a whole show at archive dot org.

Tuesday, October 25


Baltimore's Celebration debut on 4AD was produced by David Sitek from TV On The Radio, with members of TVOTR contributing. Listen to Celebration at myspace, or watch the video for War in real (hi or lo).


Archive dot org has a couple of Spoon bootlegs:

6/14/2005 - Gothic Theater, CO
(I must say I take some offense at the "Fuck New York City" comment made by Brit between Small Stakes and The Two Sides of Monsieur Valentine. I mean, come on! The people on in Englewood, Colorado know they suck. Sorry people of Englewood, Colorado but you know it's true.)

7/30/2005 - Street Scene Festival, CA
(with a kick ass version of Me And The Bean.)

Monday, October 24

Goldie Lookin' Chain

If you're looking for the best in white UK goof-rap then look no further... Goldie Lookin' Chain has got a website. It's got streaming audio and videos, plus the spliff game.

Sunday, October 23

Cat Power

Cat Power has put out The Greatest in advance of her new album (due in early 2006). I must say... much less rockin' than the You Are Free material.

Blood On The Wall

The Social Registry has got some Blood On The Wall tracks. Get 'em here.

You might ask "what does Blood On The Wall sound like?" I'd answer "What do THINK thay sound like? Huh. BLOOD ON THE WALL!!"

Any-hoo, you can click above and find out if you're interested.

Tom Verlaine has got an instrumental Tom Verlaine track from 1992. It's just like Television only the vocals have been replaced with guitar.

Saturday, October 22


A Pixies documentary on the BBC!! (I know it's old, but I don't care).

Check it out here.

Plus an interview with Josh Homme (of QOTSA) about why he loves The Pixies.


The Occasion

Saw The Occasion at the Canalroom last night. They have been on tour with Acid Mother Temple (ASIDE: who are friggin' out there man! Think Rob Zombie and Hawkwind having sex with Boredoms). The Occasion have some free mp3s on their label's website. They also have some mp3s at myspace. Definately worth checking out.

EDITIOR'S NOTE (10/26/05): Acid Mother Temple has some shows for download at archive dot org.

Friday, October 21


New video from Spoon... for "Sister Jack" (mp3).

It's the lo fi version of the video:
real and (icky) windows media.

sister jack video

System Of A Down

System of Down's website has been revamped. Might as well check out Axis Of Justice while you're at it.

My Morning Jacket

My Morning Jacket has put out Z.

Check out: "Off The Record" (insound mp3)

You can also listen to a My Morning Jacket concert on NPR.

My Morning Jacket

Thursday, October 20


Crazy shitte from XBXRX.

Check out: "Beat Rolls On" (mp3).


Gang Of Four

It's Gang of Four Thursday here at Musicjuice Gimme Tinnitus...

Gang Of Four has a free track entitled "What We All Want" remixed by The Dandy Warhols available on Amazon.

You can also stream a live Gang Of Four in studio performance on Morning Becomes Eclectic. Thanks to the good people at KCRW.

The Gang Of Four fun contines with...
two free tracks: Damaged Goods and Anthrax.

SIDEBAR EXPANSION FUN: Now find's free mp3 link in the free music section of the sidebar.

Wednesday, October 19

The White Stripes

More good stuff from NPR... Stream a White Stripes concert here.


Just a thought... I was talking with an Aerosmith fan who likes new (suck) and old (rock!) Aerosmith, and will be seeing them soon on their current tour. He said he was going to run out and buy their new record so that he would know the songs if they play them live. Now the idea of sitting through a set of new Aerosmith songs sounds like a human rights violation to me. I proposed that they do a tour where they only play their older material. My friend dismissed this saying that the tickets would not sell that well. I guess I won't be seeing Aerosmith anytime soon.

Tuesday, October 18

Bloc Party

Listen to a mp3 of a Bloc Party concert from the good folks at NPR.

bloc party

Monday, October 17

Queens Of The Stone Age

Medication: the Buddyhead mp3 blog has got some live Queens Of The Stone Age available here.

Sunday, October 16

The Constantines

As the Canadian domination of indie rock continues...

The Constantines have put out Tournament Of Hearts. Check out Love in Fear. Get tour info here.

Wesley Willis

Alternative Tentacles has a whole buttload of Wesley Willis mp3s available for free.

Jeez, the dude put out over 50 albums and he could whup Spiderman's ass (mp3).

Wesley Willis

Saturday, October 15

Sonic Youth

Sonic Youth are freakin' awesome, man. Not only do they have a free mp3 section on their site, they also have a free stuff section with DIY stickers, t-shirt iron-ons, etc. Kick Ass!


Watch Beck on Letterman perform Black Tambourine.

Friday, October 14

Death From Above 1979

"Sexy Results (MSTRKRFT Edition)" (insound mp3) is the latest from Death From Above 1979. They are releasing a remix album entitled Romance Bloody Romance next month.

Death From Above 1979

Boards Of Canada

Boards Of Canada are interviewed in the most recent Earplug. Read it here. Listen to Boards Of Canada here. More about Boards Of Canada here.


See what is playing now on KEXP, or better yet stream it live in mp3 (low or high), real, or (yuck!) windows media.

Thursday, October 13


Straight out of Iceland... it's Mugison!!!

"I Want You" (mp3) is from the album Mugimama, Is This Monkey Music?


Wednesday, October 12

Sick Bees

The Marina Album by the Sick Bees is out.

Check out: "Paint My Apartment" (mp3)

Sick Bees

Tuesday, October 11

Le Tigre

Le Tigre... the kickass feminist punk band has a smattering of free stuff on their website.

Check out:"New Kicks" (mp3)

NOTE: They also have some streaming stuff and lyrics, check here.

le tigre

Monday, October 10

Kill Rock Stars

Kill Rock Stars is being added to the sidebar. But what is up with them reissuing record producer Linda Perry's (formerly of 4 Non-Blondes) 1995 failure? (Bad Joke) Maybe I don't know... what's going on.

Sunday, October 9

The Sun

The Sun's website has lots of goodies: videos, and album player, a madlib style biography, and even a screensaver.

the sun

Saturday, October 8


Browsing around the Gorillaz website is a pretty good way to waste some time. Be sure to check out the intro film (requires Flash). There's also the fan site that has some videos and such.

Friday, October 7

Spinto Band

I was looking at The Spinto Band's website. It seemed like it needed a bit of work... but to their credit they didn't skimp on the mp3s.

Check out:
"Brown Boxes" (mp3)
"Oh Mandy" (mp3)
"Crack The Whip" (mp3)

spinto band


Buddyhead put up a few Nirvana bootlegs. Check 'em out here.

WARNING: Buddyhead's servers are slooooow.

Sub Pop

Looking around on the iTunes Music Store, I noticed that Sub Pop has a podcast showcasing their free downloads. Kick Ass.

Now if only more record companies would see the light... I'm dreaming. Nevermind.


Morcheeba has "Lightened Up" (mp3)... 90's trip hop has turned to 60's pop.


Thursday, October 6


DJ Danger Mouse and MF Doom have come together to form Dangerdoom.

Download: "Mince Meat" (insound mp3)

Myspace page is here.


Ok Go

You may know them from This American Life, or perhaps you really dug Get Over It (Windows Media - Yuck!). Now Ok Go are dancing their ironic little hearts out in A Million Ways.

The Double

Are The Double "The Best Band In NYC"? (At least according to The L, they are).

Make up your own mind, by listening to "Idiocy" (mp3).

The Double

Wednesday, October 5

Do They Know It's Halloween?


So, Vice Records put out a send up of Do They Know Its Christmas?. Check it out here. NY Times has an article on it here. Get it here.

Do They Know It's Halloween?

Tuesday, October 4

Queens Of The Stone Age

Buddyhead has a new interview with The Queens Of The Stone Age.

Sunday, October 2

The All Girl Summer Fun Band

Miss the Summer? Check out The All Girl Summer Fun Band.

Saturday, October 1


Calla, Calla, Everywhere!



3hive is being added to the free music section of Musicjuice Gimme Tinnitus. Alright!