Wednesday, November 30


4ad arist, Magnétophone have done something interesting. They released a sampler (a mp3 pu pu??) of their new album.

Get it here.

They also have a track on Epitonic.

The Oranges Band

The Oranges Band have a myspace page. Yippie!

Tuesday, November 29

The Go! Team

The Go! Team finally get with the program.

Mp3s from "Thunder Lightning Strike" are available on 3hive.

Go HERE Now!

Do IT!

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah have been NPRized in the story at this link.

Also given a sloppy wet kiss in the story are pitchfork and insound.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!


Three years ago today... Spoon played The Spitz in London, England.

Archive dot org has got the show here.

(Note: It's in the lossless shorten format...
windows version/mac and linux versions).

Monday, November 28


So I just found the lamest entry on Download dot com. Yes, it's for Nirvana. Not only is the descriptive text seriously lacking, but they put up one measly streaming clip of "Drain You" (not even a full stream, or god forbid an mp3). And while I really like "Drain You", I can think of... maybe one or two different songs that might give the Nirvana newbie a better sense of the band.

I mean... C'mon!

I can only think of one person to blame... Courtney Love.

Seriously though, you should check out the one and only user review left on Download dot com by someone named Napster89.

Clem Snide

Download dot com has got three tracks from Clem Snide, an alt-country band from Brooklyn.

Check 'em out here.

Or watch some Clem Snide videos here.

Sunday, November 27


Blues Sunday continues here at Musicjuice Gimme Tinnitus...

Huddie Ledbetter a.k.a. Leadbelly had a tendency to resolve conflicts with violence. He was discovered by John and Alan Lomax in the Louisiana State Penitentiary in July 1933 while they were touring the south for the Library of Congress. He was doing 30 years hard labor for attemped homicide. It is said that Leadbelly considered himself the the world's greatest cotton picker, railroad track liner, lover, drinker and guitar player.

Find out for yourself:

has got "Boll Weevil" here.

Public Domain 4 U has got "Where Did You Sleep Last Night?" here (made famous by Nirvana on their MTV Unplugged In New York album).

R.L. Burnside

It's Blues Sunday here at Musicjuice Gimme Tinnitus...

Now, you may know R.L. Burnside from his work with the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion in the mid to late 90s. If not, let me tell you he is one bad mofo.

has got "Bad Luck City" for your listening pleasure here.

Friday, November 25


Indie cutiepies... Enon, are purveyors of a form of damaged pop that just may get stuck in your head.

They posted their song "Kanon" in the mp3 format at Touch & Go Records. Get it here.

The band website is here (Warning: music will play).

They also have a bunch of mp3s available for your perusal at Epitonic dot com.

Wednesday, November 23

Hull, et al. v. Sony BMG Music Entertainment Corp., et al.

EFF has filed a class action against Sony BMG.

Read the news story here.

The website devoted to the lawsuit is here.

If you're really interested, you can read the complaint.

Ryan Adams

[Insert Joke here about Ryan Adams releasing albums more often than he moves his bowels.]

You can stream his newest (for now) album, 29, at scenestars dot net. Thanks to Steve at VideoStatic for the link.

You can stream Jacksonville City Nights here.

More Ryan Adams here.

There's also a whopping 41 live shows available at archive dot org.

Tuesday, November 22

The Hype Machine

The Hype Machine is being added to the free music section. Props to Steve at VideoStatic.

The Mountain Goats

Mountain Goats, Mountain Goats, Mountain Goats...

Listen to Mountain Goats a.k.a. John Darnielle in all his lo-fi goodness here or listen live here.

Monday, November 21

Consumers Up, Sony Down!

I know this is a little late, but Sony is gonna recall the CDs it released with XCP copy protection.

EFF will announce later today their plans to take Sony and the makers of XCP to court.

Sunday, November 20

The Walkmen

You know The Walkmen... They sound like early U2 playing with a constipated Rod Stewart, but in a good way. They've got five songs available for free... here.

There's a website relating to their most recent album here (Warning: music will play). Watch some videos here.

Plus, get some early Walkmen here.

Party Of Helicopters

Party Of Helicopters takes metal riffs and shoves them into an emo-ish format without becoming annoying.

Good For You, Party Of Helicopters! has got four tracks from "Mt. Forever" and "Space And How Sweet It Was" (released in 2000 and 2002, respectively). Get them here.

Friday, November 18

The Go! Team

Video Friday Continues...

The Go! Team has got a video for "Ladyflash".

Check it out here.

Warning: The site uses flash and is a wee bit unstable.

Blood On The Wall

It's Video Friday here at Musicjuice Gimme Tinnitus...

Blood On The Wall have got the video for "Reunite On Ice" available in mp4 format... here.

Warning: May cause you to freak out man!

Thursday, November 17

Dischord Records

Dischord Records hits Emusic!! Yae!!

Mommy And Daddy

Mommy And Daddy have gots an mp3 available on their label's website.

Check out: "Pretty Loser" (mp3)

Also, you can find some Mommy And Daddy video goodness here.

In case you are wondering, Mommy And Daddy ARE married.


Finally, Celebration wakes up and smells the mp3s.

Insound has a free mp3 from Celebration. It's the groovy... War. Check it out!



The H1BEES are the brainchild of Srikanth Devarajan... They take their name from the US guest worker classification.

They got some streamin' mp3s up on their website.

And NPR did a story on them.

Get down with Curry Rock! Alright!

Wednesday, November 16


Calla, NYC's latest indie pop sweethearts, have got two videos on their new website (but no mp3s).

They do have a free track on

Download: "Don't Hold Your Breath"

Or get a whole buttload O' Calla from insound.

John Zorn

John Zorn, the saxophonist, composer and record executive (check out his label Tzadik), is celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Masada songbook.

He talked with Liane Hansen (the most annoying NPR host of them all) here.

Take a listen to Masada Rock here.

Tuesday, November 15


Sure, they're tweenish, but they rock.

Download: "Massive Cure" (mp3)

Jeez, you want more Smoosh? You can also listen to them on KEXP.


Wilco Vs. Son Volt

Play the Wilco Vs. Son Volt NPR Live Concert Smackdown!

Sure Uncle Tupelo rocked. But what about its' progeny?

NPR has got concerts from both Wilco and Son Volt. The Wilco concert can be streamed. The Son Volt concert can be downloaded or streamed (points to Son Volt). Dig it!


Monday, November 14

Sony, Sony, Sony... When Will You Learn?

Hackers have started writing bots to piggyback on the Sony rootkit. Read about it here.

Willie Nelson

OK, here's the last bit o' non-traditional reggae for today:

It was long rumored that Willie Nelson did a reggae album. Well, Countryman finally came out earlier this year. Stream some tracks here.

Man... that dude loooooves pot.


It's more non-traditional reggae:

Now, maybe you have heard that there is a Hassidic Jew who is doing reggae. Have you heard that it is really GOOD? Really.

I am talking about Matisyahu. The man has got some pipes on him. 3hive has got "King Without A Crown". Get it here.

It looks like he signed with Sony (yuck). Stream some of his stuff here.


Sinead O'Connor

It's non-traditional reggae day here at Musicjuice Gimme Tinnitus:

Sinead O'Connor latest is, yes, a reggae album. has got a free track from it here.

Sunday, November 13

...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead

One year ago today:

...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead
played the Gypsy Tea Room Ballroom in Dallas, Texas. The lads got a bit out of hand.

Archive dot org has got the concert in FLAC format.

Get it here.

Saturday, November 12

This Big Stereo

Sidebar Expansion Fun: This Big Stereo is being added to the free music section.

Friday, November 11

Sony You Suck!

More on the whole Sony copy protection software debacle:

David Pogue opines here.

Here is an article on Sony's response.

And The EFF has a list of CDs that have Sony's copy protection software. Grrrrrrr.


Hey... I just noticed that Motico have added a few more songs to their downloads area. Check out Home Of The Buzzard, Gabbage Monster, Zooming Past Accuracy, and of course Thirsty McShifty. Also, take a glance at Motico's myspace page. While you're at it, you should check out Jimmylegs.

I dig the Death Disco photo (too bad the gremlins messed up Chris' equipment that night).


Brooklyn's Ex-Models walk the line between dissonant and rockin'. Saw these cats a while back with Motico. has got two mp3 here.

WARNING: May make your ears bleed.

Thursday, November 10

The Velvet Underground

Medication has got a goofy demo version of "I'm Waiting For The Man" from this band called The Velvet Underground. Apparently, they're some kind of big deal or something. snicker.

The Velvet Underground

This Bird Has Flown: A 40th Anniversary Tribute to the Beatles' Rubber Soul

So Razor & Tie is putting out This Bird Has Flown: A 40th Anniversary Tribute to the Beatles' Rubber Soul. I guess that means it's been about 40 years since the Beatles actually started to rock.

Insound has an mp3 of Low's version of "Nowhere Man" (insound mp3). Razor & Tie has some audio and video in Real and Windows formats, including Ben Harper's Michelle, Dar Williams' You Won't See Me, Sufjan Stevens' What Goes On, and Ted Leo's I'm Looking Through You. Not Bad, huh.

This Bird Has Flown

Wednesday, November 9

Fat Planet

Sidebar Expansion Fun: Music from around the world hits the free music section... Thanks Fat Planet.

Broken Social Scene

Yet Another Exciting Episode In The Continuing Adventures Of The Canadian Domination Of Indie Rock...

Broken Social Scene
were on Morning Becomes Eclectic.

Listen to it here, or watch the video of the performance, or just watch one of four handsomely crafted commercials used to boost album sales instead.


More Radiohead tidbits...

Ateaseweb, a premier Radiohead fan site, has a full band version of Follow Me Around put together by uber-fan Pawel Osmolski.

NOTE: The song will play when the page loads. For a direct download click here (mp3).

And Hey... everybody loves Rodeohead from Hard N Phirm. But NOW there's Corporate Love Breakdown, a bluegrass tribute to Radiohead put out by the good folks over at CMH Records.

"No Surprises" (mp3)
"Fake Plastic Trees" (mp3)
"The National Anthem" (mp3)

radiohead bluegrass tribute

John Peel

Take a look inside...

of John Peel's private 7-inch collection

Tuesday, November 8

Beastie Boys

The Beastie Boys have revamped their website. Ever get sick of those damn beats they put in their songs? Now you can get some A Cappella versions (mainly from To the 5 Boroughs). This is part of their remixers project. Now if I only had Garageband...

Also, they have: a link to, a disappointing downloads section which they have labeled "CRAP" for obvious reasons, and an ad for their new album Solid Gold Hits


Thanks to for this video of Gorillaz performing as holograms.

Dead Air Space

Side Bar Expansion Fun: adding dead air space.


Click through Current Attempts and find some gems.

Monday, November 7


VCR have labeled themselves funcore. They recently signed to Side One Dummy Records (home of The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The Suicide Machines, and Christian punks MXPX).

Their single Bratcore is available from Amazon. Dig it!

Saturday, November 5

Sons & Daughters

Morning Becomes Eclectic had Sons & Daughters on. Kick Ass!!

Listen to it here.

Chris Douridas

Chris Douridas of KCRW dicusses looking for music in Japan here.