Tuesday, February 28


The blog Fun Time OK has reported that Clinic has posted their new single "Tusk" on clinic voot.

Talking Heads

The blog An Aquarium Drunk has posted some teaser tracks from the reissued Talking Heads albums, "Remain In Light" and "Speaking In Tonues".


Monday, February 27

South By Southwest 2006

Well, I finally made it over to the SXSW 2006 Music Showcase site.

Of the kah-jillion bands playing, here is a selection purely based on my like/dislike of the band's name...

Awesome Cool Dudes
Cat Scientist
Colossal Yes
The Deaths
Die, Die, Die!
Dr. Spock
F For Fake
Genghis Tron
Giant Squid
Holy Fuck
Elana James and Her Hot Hot Trio
Man Man
People in Planes
Plan B
The Post Office Gals
Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band
Swearing At Motorists
Tsk Tsk
We Are Scientists
What Made Milwaukee Famous
Your Enemies Friends
Yuppie Pricks

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

2005's indie darlings, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, played some tracks live on WOXY's Lounge Acts waaay back in September 2005.

The blog So Much Silence has finally posted the individual tracks here.

Sunday, February 26

Eagles Of Death Metal

There's some new Eagles Of Death Metal up at buddyhead's medication blog.

Get it here.

Also, fluxblog put up the light and poppy "The Ballad Of Queen Bee And Baby Duck".

Friday, February 24

Iron And Wine

The blog An Aquarium Drunkard has posted a track from Iron And Wine's The Sea & The Rhythm EP.

Yes, it's "Jesus The Mexican Boy".

Click here for some lo-fi folk goodness.

Bloc Party

The blog a robot cometh has posted a bunch of tracks worthy of your attention. I would like to draw your attention to the Bloc Party's "Two More Years". I just like that track more and more every time I hear it.

Get it here.

Also available are some tracks from Spoon, Heatmiser, and others.

Thursday, February 23

Guided By Voices

The blog Humans Are Dangerous has posted a stripped down extra lo-fi version of the GBV track "Kisses To The Crying Cooks" (you can really hear the recorder hiss).

Get it here.


As you may well know... Witch is a new project from the brain of J Mascis. Mascis' friend Dave Sweetapple along with Kyle Thomas and Asa Irons of the avant-folk group, Feathers round out the group.

They got a whole 70's metal/hard rock thing going on.

Entertainment Weekly
has got the epic (nearly eight minutes long) song "Seer".

Download: "Seer" (mp3)


Wednesday, February 22

Test Icicles

So Test Icicles is no more.

The blog the rock insider
has got some tracks to say goodbye.

Get 'em here.

Sufjan Stevens

SUE-F-YAN STEE-VENS may annoy you.

Q: Why?
A: Because he's that damn good.

The blog more than milk has got some primo Michigan album outakes.

Get 'em here.

Tuesday, February 21


The Blog Clever Titles Are So Last Summer has a treat for all you Radiohead-heads.

The b-sides "How I Made My Millions" and "You Never Wash Up After Yourself" are available here.

The Raconteurs

No doubt that by now you have heard Jack White and his pal Brendon Benson have a new side project/full-on rock 'n' roll band... The Raconteurs. (Dig their retro as hell website)

Scenestars dot net has got two tracks for your listening pleasure.

Their XL Recordings page is here.

Friday, February 17

Arctic Monkeys

Yes, Yes... They are hot shitte. The Arctic Monkeys have got a free track available at insound.

Get it here (insound mp3).

Myspace page is here.

BBC News story is here.

Tuesday, February 14

Belle And Sebastian

EKKO of Berkley Place doesn't generally like Belle And Sebastian.

That appears to have changed.

Go get "The Eighth Station of the Cross Kebab House" from the "Help: A Day In The Life" comp.

Monday, February 13

The Flaming Lips

The Flaming Lips leak continues...

here and here.

UPDATE: and here and here.


HIGH on FIRE will satisfy your craving for METAL!

Get some mp3s and streams here.

Label website is here.

WARNING: May cause spontaneous cranial spasms. Listen at your own risk.

Television Personalities

Remember the Television Personalities? Cousin Creep has some mp3s for you (for a limited time only). Alas, Cousin Creep did not put up "Part Time Punks". Oh, well.

Get the tracks here.

Their unofficial Myspace page is here.

Sunday, February 12

The Flaming Lips

Oh My Gawd! New Flaming Lips Yo!

Thanks I Guess I'm Floating.

Thursday, February 9

The Evens

This just in from Dischord...

"The Evens spent most of January writing and are hoping to have enough material to begin working on a new album in the near future."


Official website is here.

Listen to NPR story here.

Check out: "On The Face Of It" (mp3)

the evens

Wednesday, February 8


I remember reading an interview with Bono some time ago where he said "we were punks for about five minutes then we learned how to play our instruments".

The blog Music For Rants has posted U2 playing perhaps one of the greatest punk song ever...The Ramones' "Beat On The Brat".


Get it here.

Tuesday, February 7

The Eagles Of Death Metal

The blog fluxblog has a new Eagles Of Death Metal track.

Get it here.

Official "Live At Slims" bootleg here.

Sunday, February 5

Belle And Sebastian

More new Belle And Sebastian for ya... insound dot com has got it available for download.

Check out: "Funny Little Frog" (insound mp3)

Friday, February 3


Hey... Spoon has a buttload of songs on download dot com. The songs range from new to oldish:

"I Turn My Camera On"
"The Way We Get By" (Newish)
"Jonathon Fisk" (Newish)
"Lines In The Suit" (Oldish)
"Me And The Bean" (Oldish)


They just need to add some tracks from "A Series Of Sneaks" and "Telephono"

Thursday, February 2

The Willowz

Let's face it. The Willowz RAWK!

However, they do not believe in promoting themselves avec mp3.

Big mistake.

You can listen to them on myspace and if you likey then you can get some of their 100% legal mp3s on emusic.

Watch some vids here... Or download the "Ulcer Soul" video here (in quicktime).

I guess I'm just a sucker for kick-ass garage rock!

Wednesday, February 1

The Magic Numbers

ooh, ooh, ooh... The Magic Numbers have a free track in the iTunes Music Store this week.

Go get it.