Sunday, April 30

Animal Collective

Get weird with Brooklyn's own... Animal Collective.

Now available at archive dot org is their March 19th show at The Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, GA.

Get it here.

Death From Above 1979

So I finally saw the video for Death From Above 1979's "Sexy Results (MSTRKRFT Edition)".

The video has added a new word to my lexicon... Nipplemouth.

What is a nipplemouth?

Find out here. (Requires Quicktime).

Sidebar Revision

Now available on the sidebar:

the music slut
better propaganda
water cooler gossip
the bubble death


The blog Captain's Dead has posted some more Spoon rarities.

Part 2 of 5 is here, and
Part 3 of 5 is here.


I was checking out the BlogAmp on the Jimmy Legs weblog and noticed... freshkills... a local NYC post-hardcore band.

Good Stuff.

Their myspace page has two free downloads.

Dig it.

Blood On The Wall

Some Blood On The Wall tracks from their second album, Awesomer, have been posted on the blog Cobain In A Coma.

Get 'em here.

Saturday, April 29

Half Japanese

Noisy, noisy, noisy... talk... scream... talk...
Half Japanese

Love 'em or hate 'em, they definately got the whole DIY thing down.

The Toe Stubber weblog
loves 'em.

See why here (via the Calling All Girls 7").

Myspace page is here.

NOTE: There are a bunch of free mp3s at the Half Japanese Alternative Tentacles webpage.

Cat Power

Cover Songs. I love them. I particularly like them when they do something that the original is unable to do.

Case-And-Point: Cat Power's cover of the Thurston Moore song "Psychic Hearts".

The blog musicisart
has the original and the cover here.

Arcade Fire

The blog San Diego Serenade has posted an Arcade Fire concert from January 2005... the point in time when they were just slightly bigger than Jesus.

Get the whole bootleg here.

Gnarls Barkley

Gnarls Barkley has been all over the blog-o-sphere of late. The teaming up of Danger Mouse and Cee Lo sounds almost to good to be true.

To see what all the hub-bub is about head on over to the blog 45th False and listen to "Crazy".

Myspace page is here.

A torrent of Danger Mouse's mashup masterpiece the Grey Album is here.

NOTE: Gnarls' promo shots are movie parodies... I have chosen to display the Waynes World version.

Friday, April 28

TV On The Radio

The weblog Take Your Medicine has posted a couple of TV On The Radio sessions from BBC Radio 1.

Click here to get yer medicine.

Sufjan Stevens

The swoon blog has collected the various leaked Illinoise outakes (to be featured on The Avalanche: Outakes and Extras From The Illinois Album) from Sufjan Stevens.

Get 'em here.

Q: Every find it annoying when someone is really talented??

Sufjan Stevens

Os Mutantes

Q: Name a Brazilian psychedelic rock band that arose out of the Tropicalia movement?
A: Os Mutantes.

Apparently, they're reuniting or something.

The Gorilla Vs. Bear weblog
has posted a taste of Os Mutantes... namely "A Minha Menina (My Girl)" here.


More and more Mclusky is showing up online. Case and point... Big Static.

Check it here.

The Damned

The blog Lil Mike's Last Known Thoughts & Random Revelations has posted a bunch of mp3s related to Stiff Records. Check out the following tracks by The Damned.

"New Rose"
"Neat Neat Neat (BBC)"
"Help (Live)"
"You Know"

Get 'em here.

Also posted are mp3s from:
Lene Lovich,
Elvis Costello,
Madness, and
Devo among others.

Thursday, April 27


Yesterday's Heatmiser post got me thinkin' about Quasi, and then what-do-ya-know The Rock Insider posts some Quasi.

Check it out here.

Jonathan Richman And The Modern Lovers

More all time classics...

Q: What is probably the best driving song ever?
A: "Roadrunner" by Jonathan Richman And The Modern Lovers.

The weblog pogo a go-go
has got "Roadrunner" in all its proto-punk glory here.

Dead Milkmen

Talk about all time classics... "Punk Rock Girl" by the Dead Milkmen is right up there for me.

clicky-clicky. (Thanks disco-not-disco).

Punk Rock Girl By The Dead Milkmen

Looking To Find Google Ads

So I was reading the Google Ads on my site (exciting, non?) and I found this gem:

Neil Young Cinnamon Girl
Looking to find cinnamon? Browse
our cinnamon directory.

Jeez Google... Get it together. My readers are not looking for cinnamon.

Get your algorithms straight yo.

Wednesday, April 26


The blog Captain's Dead is starting a Spoon rarities series.

Part 1 of 5 is here.


A whole bunch of Heatmiser is up at the weblog When Apes Rule The Earth!

You may know Heatmiser as the band Elliott Smith was in before he got all folksy.

Dig it.

Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen has got a new one... "We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions". Imagine my surprise when I found out the album was inspired by Pete Seeger, AND NOT Bob Seeger. What a shame!

The blog San Diego Serenade
has a little teaser track... "Jesse James".

Get it here.

Tuesday, April 25

TV On The Radio

The blog Good Hodgkins has posted a new track from Return To Cookie Mountain by TV On The Radio... "Hours".

Get it here.

Also posted are:

"White Collar Boy" by Belle And Sebastian,
"Rubies" by Destroyer, and
"The Funeral" by Band of Horses, plus more.

50 Foot Wave

I have really been digging 50 Foot Wave recently.

And I just wanted to plug their free album... Free Music. (Yet Again).


Sunday, April 23


The weblog Kwaya Na Kisser has put up a selection of live Radiohead tracks from a 1997 MTV 10 Spot concert in NYC, plus a bunch of... oooooh... rare tracks.

Click yer cusor pointing devices here.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs

The blog Binky The Doormat has posted a live cover of Bjork's "Hyper-Ballad" as performed by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Get it here.

(When I played it for my girlfriend, she thought Karen was really sounding like the cover-o-philic Cat Power).

Saturday, April 22


So long Scotty... You Liar ...Liar, ... Pants On Fire!

Good Riddance!

(The songs "Liar" performed by Built To Spill and Ryan Adams, respectively).

Thanks Kwaya Na Kisser and rbally.

The Go! Team

The blog to die by your side... has posted "The Wrath Of Mikey" from Ladyflash single by the very so spunky Go! Team.

Get it here.

Also posted is a track by Le Tigre.

The Meters

The blog When Apes Rule The Earth!
has posted some funky funky music by the funky funky Meters, including their amazing cover of "Come Together".

Dig it!

Neil Young

Neil Young, and not Neil Young covers... Real Neil.

The weblog Kwaya Na Kisser
has posted the blues trilogy from On The Beach.

Get 'em here.

Friday, April 21

The Velvet Underground

The blog Like Flies On Sherbert has posted seven... count 'em... seven Velvet Underground tracks, including two live tracks I ain't never heard before. Awesome.



There's been a lot of bloggin' about McLusky recently, thanks (I think) to their best-of McLuskyism. Finally someone has posted what I would argue is the greatest McLusky song ever... "Alan Is A Cowboy Killer".

Get it here. (Thanks undomondo).


Thursday, April 20

Exponentially Increasing Sidebar

Two Things...

1. The Sound of Indie has been added to the Music section, and

2. I've added a new Podcasting section. Check it out.



The blog Dichotomy of Epiphany has posted my favorite track performed by Praxis... "The Hook". Praxis is a everchanging project from Bill Laswell that combines jazz with avant-metal with japanese hardcore with funk with breakbeat (among other genres).

Get "The Hook" here (via yousendit).

NOTE: There are a bunch more tracks posted, including one by fIREHOSE.

Balkan Beat Box

Props to Sarah for this one...

Balkan Beat Box
is a mix of world beats, jazz, hip-hop, and punk energy.

Stream their songs here.

Watch some Balkan Beat Box videos here.

Listen to a NPR story about them here.

Myspace page is here.

Their record label is here.

The Buzzcocks

The blog Underneathica has posted a classic track by The Buzzcocks... "Running Free".

Get it here.

WARNING: This post is via yousendit, so get it before it expires.

Wednesday, April 19


Do you like early U2? I mean really early U2.

The blog Cable And Tweed has posted some of U2's contract demos here.

The Futureheads

The Futureheads' new single "Skip To The End" is now available for free on insound dot com.

Download: "Skip To The End" (insound mp3)

The Futureheads

I Am The World Trade Center

Yes, the band with the unfortunate name, I Am The World Trade Center, have recreated The Jam's classic "Going Underground" as an 80's pop tune.

clicky-clicky. (Thanks, The Sound Of Indie).

BONUS: I Am The World Trade Center have two tracks for download on their website... "Future Sightings" From The Cover Up, and "Metro" From Out Of The Loop (as far as I can tell this is not a Berlin cover).

NOTE: You may or may not recognize the original of "Going Underground" as the theme to The Majority Report.

The Magnetic Fields

Stephin Merritt of The Magnetic Fields is one cheeky bastard. As evidence of this, I present "Let's Pretend We're Bunny Rabbits", posted on the blog Clever Titles Are So Last Summer.

Get it here.

Tuesday, April 18


Ben Cohen of the blog WORK FOR IT: You May Or May Not Have Heard This has posted two tracks from the new NOFX album, "Wolves In Wolves' Clothing".

Get 'em here.

Sly And The Family Stone

The weblog When Apes Rule The Earth! has posted some kick-ass Sly And The Family Stone tracks...

"Everyday People" (hopefully, you will think of Sly and not Toyota when you hear this song), and

"Don't Call Me Nigger, Whitey" (I must admit, I first heard this track via the Jane's Addiction cover, but the original is, well, vastly superior).

Dig it.

The Boredoms

Weird, Wonderful, and Ear-Shredding... It's The Boredoms.

The Rawking Refuses To Stop has posted two tracks here (via yousendit, ick!).

The Boredoms

Gang Of Four

The blog Something I Learned Today (great Husker ref. yo) has posted three tracks from Gang of Four's 1978 debut 7"...

"Damaged Goods"
"Love Like Anthrax"
"Armalite Rifle"

Kick Ass.

Get 'em here.

Monday, April 17

The Clash

If for some unknown reason you do not have any mp3s of the Clash's "London Calling" head over to the take your medicine weblog for two amazing songs...

"London Calling" and "Spanish Bombs".

Go now. Click here.

Neil Young

Oh shit, more Neil Young covers??

This time it's stereogum. Posted are covers of "Cinnamon Girl" performed by Hole, Radiohead, The Constantines, and The Replicants among others. The original is also posted (but if you don't have that I don't know what you're doing here).

Click here for a mucho Cinnamon Girl.


Calexico live on KEXP?

Yep. Click here to be magically transported to the so much silence weblog.

Sunday, April 16


Remember when R.E.M. was indie?

I almost sort-of do. I became aware of them toward the end of the IRS years. The blog rbally has posted some bitchin' live R.E.M. radio sessions from 1984.

Get 'em here.

Saturday, April 15


One of the few metal bands I still listen to with any sort of regularity is Tool. Apparently, they have a new album coming out in the near future. The blog On Cyprus Avenue has reported that it supposed to be their heaviest offering yet. As evidence of this, the song "Vicarious" has been posted on said blog.

Get it here.

NOTE: I totally associate the artist Alex Grey with Tool. Be sure to check out his website. It's pretty freaky.

Friday, April 14

Mission Of Burma

ooh, ooh, ooh... new Mission Of Burma, "2wice" from insound dot com.

Let me tell you that "2wice" ROCKS. (Providing evidence that clearly contradicts the Aerosmith Hypothesis, that rockin-ness is the inverse of age past 30).

Download: "2wice" (insound mp3)

Mission Of Burma

Google Ads Is Acting Up Again

Bob Dylan, sure fine, not a problem. I have posted about him in the past and will continue to in the future.

But Coldplay? Eminem? Oasis?

What the hell kind of blog do they think I'm runnin' here?

Spank Rock

Spank Rock... Definitely worth a listen, especially if you like Aesop Rock, Slug, MF Doom, and other underground rappers.

Listen here (posted on Clever Titles Are So Last Summer).

Myspace page is here.