Wednesday, May 31

The Flaming Lips

Ahhhh... The Flaming Lips.

The blog musicisart has posted "Enthusiasm for Life Defeats Existential Fear" from the Freakless Freaks promo CD... 20 Years of Weird: Flaming Lips 1986-2006... here.

Myspace page is here.

Joy Division

The kick-ass punk rock blog Something I Learned Today has posted a bunch of Joy Division mp3s. Some you might have already... some not, included the Warsaw bootleg... here and here.

Myspace page is here.

Thom Yorke

Q: New Thom Yorke??

A: The Eraser.

Get some here and here and here and here.

(Courtesy of The Obscure Sound, Good Weather For Airstrikes aka m3 online, The Plague Of Angels, and of course... FUNTIME OK).

UPDATE: and here (thanks, Blogs Are For Dogs).

Tuesday, May 30


The Gorilla Vs. Bear weblog has posted the DangerDoom Occult Hymn EP... here.

NOTE: It's also available straight from the source, Adult Swim... here.

Myspace page is here.


Dethklok the latest from the mind of Brendon Small (warning: loud Van Halen-style shredding will play) and Adult Swim. Dethklok is pretty much the ultimate death metal band... in cartoon form.

You gots to listen to "Duncan Hills Coffee"... here.

You can download the Dethklok Theme... here.

Watch the Dethklok preview... here.

Peeping Tom

Peeping Tom posts are starting to pop up.
The Culture Bully blog has posted "Mojo" performed live on Conan... here.

The Berkley Place blog
has posted "Sucker" featuring Norah Jones... here.

Myspace page is here.


The Sixeyes blog has posted Spoon's six live radio sessions from The Way We Get By EP in honor of the upcoming re-release of Spoon's out of print albums by Merge.

Get 'em here.

The Swirly Swirly Guitars Of Shoegazers

The shit takes me back, yo.

The Mars Needs Guitars weblog has posted a shoegazing mix... here.

Tracks posted...
Slowdive "Alison"
Loop "Arc-Lite (Sonar)"
Catherine Wheel "Black Metallic"
The Verve "Blue"
Swervedriver "Duel"
My Bloody Valentine "Feed Me With Your Kiss"
Lush "For Love"
The Boo Radleys "Lazarus"
Ride "Leave Them All Behind"
Chapterhouse "Mesmerise"

What No Swirlies??

Monday, May 29

Queens Of The Stone Age

The blog Communications Major/English Minor has posted my favorite drug-related Queens of the Stone Age track "Feel Good Hit Of The Summer"... here.

The rest of the sunday mix...
Blue Cheer "Summertime Blues"
Magnetic Fields "I Don't Believe In the Sun"
Grandaddy "Summer Here Kids"
Hum "Why I Like Robbins"
Pavement "Gold Soundz"
Boards of Canada "Hey Saturday Sun"
Jesus and Mary Chain "Almost Gold"
Sonic Youth "Swimsuit Issue"
Bright Eyes "June on the West Coast"
Oneida "August Morning Haze"
Landing "Blue Sky Away"
Beulah "Burned By the Sun"
Spiritualized "I Think I'm In Love"

Dinosaur Jr.

The Pound For Pound weblog has posted some mp3s from Dinosaur Jr. a la Green Mind.

Get "The Wagon" and "Turnip Farm"... here.

Sidebar Revision Fun

I alphabetized the Music On The Internets sidebar section. It's very... very exciting.

TV On The Radio

As per usual, My Old Kentucky Blog has posted a buttload of covers. This morning, I am choosing to highlight the TV On The Radio cover of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs song, "Modern Romance".

Get it here.

Also available:
Sugarbabes - "I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor" (Arctic Monkeys Cover)
Johnette Napolitano & Danny Lohner - "The Scientist" (Coldplay Cover)
Tuung - "The Pioneers" (Bloc Party Cover)
Bjork - "So Broken" (Nine Inch Nails Cover) and
The Afghan Whigs - "Creep" (TLC Cover)

Sunday, May 28

Iron & Wine

Having a mellow Memorial Day weekend?

Enjoy some Iron & Wine live on KEXP... here (thanks the late greats weblog).

Saturday, May 27

William S. Burroughs And Kurt Cobain

If you haven't heard Burroughs reading "The 'Priest' They Called Him" with Kurt Cobain's guitar noodlings in the background listen to it... here (courtesy of the blog To Die By Your Side).

You can almost smell the heroin.

The Futureheads

Jeez... more Futureheads??

I'm So Sorry For This Blog has posted two new Futureheads tracks...

"News and Tributes" and

Get 'em here.

Friday, May 26


Sometimes I like my post-punk with a weee bit more punk than post... Thanks Moses for STNNNG! The cleverly-titled blog Clever Titles Are So Last Summer has posted a couple of tracks from STNNNG... here.

Myspace page is here. (With the very same tracks for download... Whaaa??)

AC Newman

Yes... the red-headed dude in The New Pornographers... AC Newman believes in mp3s!

There's a couple on the Matador website, From The Slow Wonder...
“Miracle Drug”
“Drink To Me Babe, Then”... Get 'em here.

And a couple more on Myspace...
"On The Table"
"Better Than Most"... Myspace page is here.

The Flaming Lips

Stereogum has posted the youtube links to Wayne Coyne's (of The Flaming Lips) advice to new graduates... here.

Myspace page is here.

Thursday, May 25

Animal Collective

Whaa? Animal Collective covering my least favorite Nirvana song??

It's true.
(c/o The Rawking Refuses To Stop).

Myspace page is here.


The My Old Kentucky Blog cover project continues with... The Pixies "Where Is My Mind"... here.

The post includes covers by:
Frank Black (not rilly a cover)
Nada Surf
James Blunt (yuck!)
Tom Brosseau
Chenard Walcker
Bob Dylan vs. The Pixies (mashup)
Mr. Hopkinson's Computer
LaSalle (???)
Dios (Malos) and
The Holidays (???).

The Pixies on myspace: here.

William Shatner And Henry Rollins

Oh yeah... William Shatner and Henry Rollings... together at last... here. (Thanks Music Slut).

Cat Power

The Kwaya Na Kisser weblog has posted some Cat Power Peel Sessions... here.

Myspace page is here.

More Peel Sessions here.

Scratch Acid

Jesus Lizard fans take notice... Scratch Acid is re-forming.

The blog Big Static has posted two tracks from Scrath Acid... "She Said"
and "Mary Had A Little Drug Problem"... here.

Scratch Acid on myspace: here. (NOTE: There's 3 more songs for download at myspace).

Also posted are two tracks from Mission Of Burma's latest, Obliterati... "Spider's Web" and "Careening With Conviction"

Mission Of Burma on myspace: here.

Wednesday, May 24

Thomas Bartlett

Thomas Bartlett of Salon Audiofile fame has his own podcast now... and unknown 'til now ... he's a limey! (I jest... No offence brits). He's does a great job finding free legal mp3s for the Salon subscribers.

Check it out here (rss) or here (itunes).

Thanks Sara!


Who'da thunk that the composers of "Clover Over Dover" would be responsible for the now-jock-anthem "Song 2"?

Anywho... the rbally blog has been exploiting their new storage space to revive some older posts including this post of Blur live at the Brixton Academy in 1997.

Set list:
"There's No Other Way"
"Colin Zeal"
"Globe Alone"
"On Your Own"
"Chinese Bombs"
"Bank Holiday"
"Girls & Boys"
"Death of a Party"
"Theme From Retro"
"I'm Just a Killer for Your Love"
"Song 2"
"She's So High"
"This is a Low"

Elf Power

The Mars Needs Guitars weblog has posted has a nice sampling of Elf Power, including some new Back To The Web stuff... here.

Arcade Fire

The blog Said The Gramophone has posted a live Arcade Fire track, "William Pierce Butler"... here.

Myspace page is here.

Also posted is some Psi Vojaci.

Pretty Girls Make Graves

The blog All Things Go has posted three tracks from Pretty Girls Makes Graves...

"The Nocturnal House"
"Parade" and
"The Magic Hour".

Get 'em here.

Myspace page is here.

Dead Kennedys

The Strange Reaction blog has posted a bunch of Dead Kennedys demos of varying quality... here.

PJ Harvey

The Kwaya Na Kisser weblog has posted a bootleg of PJ Harvey from the good ol' days of 1993... here.

The setlist:
"Man Size Sextet"
"Rid Of Me"
"Naked Cousin"
"Primed & Ticking"
"Highway 61 Revisited"
"O Stella"
"Rub Til It Bleeds"
"Sheela Na Gig"
"Me Jane"
"50 ft Queenie"
"Man Size"

Myspace page is here.

Preview Peej's new dvd Please Leave Quietly... here.

Tuesday, May 23


What the fuck is wrong with this country?

This news is over a week old, but I just heard about it.

M.I.A. was denied a visa by our brilliant government.

Her myspace blog entry about it states:


Roger roger do you here me over!!!!
the U.S immigration wont let me in!!!!!
i was mennu work with timber startin this week, but now im doin a Akon "im locked out they wont let me in" im locked out! they wont let me in! Now Im strictly making my album outside the borders!!!! so il see you all one day, for now ill keep reportin from the sidelines
to my people who walk wiv me in the America, dont forget we got the internet! Spread the word! or come get me!!!!!! ill be in my bird flu lab in china! liming and drinkin tiger beer with my pet turtel. I love everyone for the support, now i need it more. ill stay up spread out else where.

Listen to some M.I.A. courtesy of The Daily Growl blog... here.

Myspace page is here.

Gnarls Barkley

The blog radio free internet has posted three Gnarls Barkley tracks...

"The Boogie Monster"
"Necromancing" and
"Just a Thought".

Get 'em here.

Myspace page is here.

The Futureheads

News And Tributes, the new Futureheads album is coming soon... in the mean time the loudersoft weblog has posted "Fallout"... here.

Myspace page is here.


The blog Cable And Tweed has posted some live Destoryer aka Dan Bejar aka that dude with the funny voice from The New Pornographers.

Get the mp3s here.

Monday, May 22

What's New Pussy-Google? Woah-Woah-Woah...

Finally, Google gets some proper lookin' text-based ads up on my site...

Alright... Nirvana, Mudhoney, Wilco, Sonic Youth... I can dig it.

But by the end of the day they look like this...

Bob Dylan... I Understand. But what the hell?

Tom Jones
? The Blues Brothers?

I mean REALLY.

I post mainly about indie rock with just a smack of other genres mixed in. I guess it could be worse... They could have put an ad up for Blues Brothers 2000. And if they do put up an ad for that horrible piece of shit movie, cuz of this post I am going to fucking freak out. I guess that is just the risk I take for venting.

Short Google Now!


I am SOFA-KING-WE-TODD-HEAD... That shit is classic.

And now's there is a remix from DangerDoom.

Dig it at Adult Swim (Thanks Gorilla Vs. Bear).

Blood On The Wall

An awesome track from Awesomer by Blood On The Wall has been posted on the blog Communications Major/English Minor.

Get "Can You Hear Me?"... here.

Myspace page is here.

Blood On The Wall


The blog So Much Silence has posted a demo of "I Turn My Camera On" by Spoon... here.

Myspace is here (with the album version of "I Turn My Camera On" fo' free).

And yes... I saw the Jaguar advert featuring "I Turn My Camera On", I must say that I am a much bigger fan of the PBS/World promo featuring "Back to the Life". Plus, couldn't they have sold out to a... well... camera company?

Sunday, May 21

The Futureheads

Another new Futureheads track has surfaced... "Cope".

Get it here. Thanks Obsure Sound.

Also posted:
"Casanova in Hell" - The Pet Shop Boys,
"떨림증" - Hans Band,
"Race You" - The Figurines
"Cemetery Polka" - Tom Waits (More Tom!),
"Let Ken Green" - Stars of Track and Field,
"Passion of Lovers" - Bauhaus.

By the way, The Futureheads sophmore release, News And Tribute is out May 29th... pre-order at insound and get a shiny shiny limited edition 7"... oooooooooh.

Tom Waits

More covers... This time it's Tom Waits.

The blog When Apes Rule The Earth has a awesome Tom Waits related post... here.

Featured tracks include...
"9th & Hennepin" by Tom Waits,
"I Don't Want To Grow Up" performed by The Ramones,
"Yesterday Is Here" performed by Calla,
"Downtown Train" performed by Everything But The Girl,
"Ol' 55" by Tom Waits and,
"Coney Island Baby" (Unreleased Recording Live In NYC) by Tom Waits & The Kronos Quartet.

The Magic Numbers

You know I loves me my covers. I am particularly fond of The Magic Numbers covering abilities (a cover of Franz Ferdinand's "Take Me Out" here... plus you gots to listen to their cover of Beyonce's "Crazy In Love", here, thanks people of paper).

My Old Kentucky Blog has posted The Magic Numbers' cover of The Smiths', "There Is Light That Never Goes Out".

Check it out here.

But wait there's more... covers of "There Is Light That Never Goes Out" by... Neil Finn & Friends, Joseph Arthur, Erlend Oye, The Lucksmiths, Nada Surf, Loquat, The Divine Comedy, Ocean Blue, Braid, and Schneider TM.

Bob Dylan

How the hell did I miss this one??

Anyway... Mr. Bob Dylan
has himself a show on XM radio...

...and the I Am Fuel, You Are Friends weblog posted a recent show of Bobby's dedicated to drinkin'... "The world of liquid libation, booze, sauce, hooch, white lightin’, firewater, hard stuff, pick-me-up, gin ‘n’ juice, moonshine, canned heat."

Check the playlist:
"Ain't Got The Money to Pay for this Drink" - George Zimmerman & The Thrills
"Wine, Wine, Wine" – The Electric Flag
"Don't Come Home A Drinkin' (With Lovin' On Your Mind)" - Loretta Lynn
"Daddy and the Wine" - Porter Wagoner
"I Drink" - Mary Gauthier
"Sloppy Drunk" - Jimmy Rogers
"I Ain't Drunk" - Lonnie The Cat
"It Ain't Far to the Bar" - Johnny Tyler & His Riders of the Rio Grande
"Rum and Coca-Cola" - Andrew Sisters
"One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer" - John Lee Hooker
"Bad Bad Whiskey" - Amos Milburn
"Who Will Buy the Wine" - Charlie Walker
"Buddy Stay off the Wine" - Betty Hall Jones
"Whiskey, You're the Devil" - Clancy Bros and Tommy Makem

Shit... almost makes me want to subscribe.

Get the show here.

Saturday, May 20


The Bricolage Fantasy weblog has posted the song "The Guy Who Invented Fire" performed by Shellac at the All Tomorrow's Parties festival in


The blog Musicisart has posted a sampling of recent performances of new and old Radiohead tracks. Including...

From Empress Ballroom, Blackpool (May 13, 2006)
"I Want None Of This"
"Go Slowly"

From Civic, Wolverhampton (May 15, 2006)
"15 Step"
"Let Down"
"How To Disappear Completely"

From Hammersmith Apollo, London (May 18, 2006)

Get 'em here.

UPDATE: Musicisart also has a Radiohead mix... here.

Friday, May 19


Even more Minutemen...

The blog An Aquarium Drunkard
has posted "Viet Nam" and "Untitled Song For Latin America"... here.

Guest blogger Will calls for a d. boon-like rocker who will speak "truth to power through rock and roll". Amen Brother!

Older Minutemen posts here, here, and here.


More goodness from Matador...

While Pavement is no more (just look at what happened to their used-to-be official website), Matador has a number of free mp3s plus a stream of the "Stereo" video... here.

The mp3s include:
From Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain: LA's Desert Origins...
“All My Friends” (previously unreleased song),
From Slanted & Enchanted: Luxe & Reduxe...
“Here (Peel Session Summer 1992)”,
“Greenlander” (originally on the Born To Chose compliation),
From Terror Twilight...
“Spit on a Stranger”.

EDITOR'S NOTE: In a post-Pavement/Hockey Night post (here), I totally forgot to mention Steve West's excellent and odd Marble Valley. My apologies.

Photographer: Marcus Roth © 1999

Mission Of Burma

The Boston Phoenix's cleverly titled On The Download blog has posted a new Mission of Burma song, "Donna Sumeria"... here.

They claim that this is an exclusive mp3... a claim I find, well, highly dubious. Cough...cough... marathonpacks had it in April... cough...cough.

Get more Mission Of Burma at their Matador website or on myspace.