Monday, February 26

Cryptograms By Deerhunter

Mining Part 9

Download: "Cryptograms" (mp3) by Deerhunter

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Sunday, February 25

Nobody By Willowz

Mining Part 8

Download: "Nobody" (mp3) by Willowz

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Saturday, February 24

Year Nine, Yeah! By Die! Die! Die!

Mining Part 7

New Zealand Rocks!

Download: "Year Nine, Yeah!" (mp3) by Die! Die! Die!

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Die! Die! Die!

You And I By Cut Off Your Hands

Mining Part 6

New Zealand Rocks!

Download: "You And I" (mp3) by Cut Off Your Hands

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Cut Off Your Hands<br />

Monday, February 19

23 By Blonde Redhead

Q: Have I posted the new Blonde Redhead yet?
A: No. Sorry.

Download: "23" (mp3)

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Blonde Redhead

Q & A By The Crack Pipes

Mining Part 1

Download: "Q & A" (mp3) by The Crack Pipes

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Non-Podcast BONUS: "Reflections In A Bad Light" (mp3)

The Crack Pipes

Sunday, February 18

A Rent Boy Goes Down By Apostle Of Hustle

Hey, it's time for... and Amp Camp's Apostle Of Hustle Mp3 Of The Day (from a few days ago)

Download the Paul Simon-y track: "A Rent Boy Goes Down" (mp3)

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Apostle Of Hustle

I Am John By Loney, Dear

Melancholy Swede, Emil Svanängen is Loney, Dear.

Download: "I Am John" (mp3)

Get a shitload of more Loney, Dear... here.

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Loney, Dear

Saturday, February 17

The Oscillator's Hum By Frog Eyes

Frog Eyes, Frog Eyes... kinda like Wolf Parade, only better?? Only Spencer Krug knows for sure.

Download Something Not New: "The Oscillator's Hum" (mp3) from The Folded Palm

More Frog Eyes, Muzak For Cybernetics has posted the smash single (ok, not really), "Stockades" from the new album Tears Of The Valedictorian... here.

Even More Frog Eyes, The blog T S U R U R A D I O has posted four new tracks... here.

Tracks posted: "Reform The Countryside" / "Idle Songs" / "Evil Energy, The Ill Twin Of..." / "...Eagle Energy"

Absolutely Kosher page is here.
Daytrotter free songs are here.

BONUS Linkage:
- Mac Users... check out Peel... here (Thanks Stereogum!).
- Illegal Art Dot Org has posted STAY FREE'S ILLEGAL ART COMPILATION CD... here.
- The Sumdge Of Ashen Fluff has posted Grizzly Bear's recent set for KEXP... here.

Frog Eyes

Friday, February 16

John Brown By Papercuts

Props to Audiofile for pointing out the new Papercuts... here.

Download: "John Brown" (mp3)

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Thursday, February 15

LIVE VIDEO: Boomerang By The Black Lips

Live Lips... Black Live... Lips Black... Live Black Lips!

Download: "Boomerang" (mov)
Download: "Boomerang" (zipped m4v)

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The Black Lips

Wednesday, February 14

Crack The Whip By The Spinto Band

This Valentine's Day download an oldie but a goodie for your sweetheart: "Crack The Whip" (mp3) by The Spinto Band

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The Spinto Blog... WhereWillOurVanBreak a/k/a Shark Dance is here.
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Non-Spinto BONUS Linkage: The Music Slut has posted an awesome track by CSS... here (it's "Fuckoff Is Not The Only Thing You Have To Show").

Listen: "Let's Make Love and Listen To Death From Above" (mp3)

I almost peed myself when I saw this (created by Jeff Fusco and Sara Green)...
Spinto Band With Attitude

Tuesday, February 13

To Live And Die In The Airport Lounge By My Teenage Stride

ORIGINAL POST (1/23/07): It's been awhile since I heard anything from My Teenage Stride. But then, I saw them in this week's fingertips.

Check out the rather jangly: "To Live And Die In The Airport Lounge" (mp3)

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Non-Podcast BONUS:
"They Are Alone In Their Principles" (mov)
"They Are Alone In Their Principles" (m4v)
"Terror Bends" (mp3)
"Happy Mondays" (mp3)
"It's Fair That You Should Follow Me" (mp3)

UPDATE (2/13/07): Idolator has posted two new tracks, "Reversal" and "Chock's Rally"... here.

My Teenage Stride

Take Me As I Am By Tralala

Q: Want to hear some of Brooklyn's best punky-pop/poppy-punk?
A: Tralala.

Download: "Take Me As I Am" (mp3) (source: insound)

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Sunday, February 11

No No Waspy Wasp By The Muggabears

Q: Longing for some NYC-based Sonic Youth-y art-rock goodness?
A: Then you gots to check out The Muggabears.

Head over to Milk Milk Lemonade for the new track "Goth Tarts" (here) or older track "I'm Coming True" (here).

Download: "No No Waspy Wasp" (mp3)

Myspace page is here.
Myspace blog is here.

Non-Podcast BONUS:
"Married To The Moon" (mp3)
"Kissing" (mp3)

BONUS Linkage: Head over to 20 Jazz Funk Greats for some fresh Pynchon funk... here.

Tracks posted:
"Give it to Me (Instrumental)" by Timbaland
"Fresh (Instrumental)" by The Pack
"Hammer of Thor" by Riton

The Muggabears

Question Of The Day: 2/11/07

Question Of The Day

Am I the only person who wants to hear Kele Okereke sing a song about Clamato?


Friday, February 9

YOUTUBE: Batman By Naked City

I 'member... you 'member? huh? Vol. 2

Watch: Batman by Naked City

John Zorn's label is Tzadik.
John Zorn is the artistic director here.
All things Zorn here.

Wednesday, February 7

Comfy In Nautica By Panda Bear

It's time for a little... Rock Math!

(Panda Bear + some beats and samples) * Pet Sounds = "Comfy In Nautica" (mp3)

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QUESTION: Why am I providing a link to... this??

Unrelated BONUS: Radiohead Trivia... Jonny Greenwood likes the reggae music... A LOT!

Panda Bear

Tuesday, February 6

Heimdalsgate Like A Promethean Curse By Of Montreal

Q: Hey, what can't you get out of your head?
A: Chemicals.

Download: "Heimdalsgate Like A Promethean Curse" (mp3) (alt. source: insound)

Polyvinyl page is here.
Elephant 6 page is here.
Stream Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?... here.
Much much more Of Montreal mp3s... here.

Non-podcast BONUS: "Disconnect the Dots" (mp3)

Of Montreal Promo Shot

Rafaga! By Apostle Of Hustle

Hey, it's time for... Amp Camp's Mp3 Of the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's AND Today (ok, yesterday)!!

Download: "Rafaga!" (mp3) from Arts & Crafters... Apostle Of Hustle

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Apostle Of Hustle

Monday, February 5

YOUTUBE: Bird Flu By M.I.A.

Just in case you haven't seen it yet...

Watch: Bird Flu

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Find out if piracy funds terrorism... here (thanks coke machine glow).

Sunday, February 4

Van Helsing Boombox By Man Man

Download: "Van Helsing Boombox" (mp3) by Man Man

Do you like Man Man, but wish they had more of a bluegrass/country vibe??

Then get yerself some O'Death over at thepunkguy dot com... here.


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Man Man:
Man Man

Saturday, February 3

YOUTUBE: Here Comes Your Man By Pixies

I 'member... you 'member? huh? Vol. 1

Watch: Here Comes Your Man by Pixies

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Friday, February 2

Angel Of The Odd By Dead Child

Download: "Angel Of The Odd" By (the very indie metal) Dead Child

Dead Child is: Dahm (vocals), Todd Cook (bass... formerly of Shipping News), David Christian Pajo (guitar... of Slint), Michael McMahan (guitar), and Tony Bailey (drums)

Myspace pape is here.

BONUS Linkage:
- The blog I Rock Cleveland has some awesome noise rock from The Muggabears and Times New Viking... here.
- Audiofile has posted some new Antibalas... here.

Dead Child

YOUTUBE: World Heart By Abe Vigoda

Quickly now...

Watch: World Heart

This is a homemade video by Kate Hall with music performed by ABE VIGODA.

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