Wednesday, November 29

Jock-O-Rama By Dead Kennedys

Q: You want to listen to a track from Frankenchrist right now??

Just look at that cover art...

A: You gots two choices... Listen to this week's contrast podcast... here ("Chicken Farm" is at 24:40). OR you can.... Download: "Jock-O-Rama" (mp3)

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Dead Kennedys

LIVE: Interface Session By TV On The Radio

I finally got around to listening to the TV on the Radio's "stripped-down" performance on The Interface.

Definitely worth a listen: "TV on the Radio's Interface Session" (mp3)

Keep an ear out for... "Province" (qt stream).

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TV On The Radio

Superball By Helium

Wow, over at Bushwick Is Beautiful I had a major 90's flashback listening to "Skeleton" by Helium... here.

Here's some more: "Superball" (mp3)

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This here is Mary Timony

LIVE: I Fought Piranhas By White Stripes

Orchestral White Stripes??

Ahhh fuck... why not?

Dreams Of Horses has it here.

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BONUS: "I Fought Piranhas (Live)" (mp3 courtesy of white stripes dot net)

White Stripes

Tuesday, November 28

The Bar Is Too Low To Fail By BOAT

BOAT has posted a new (ok, not so new) mp3 for your listening pleasure (or not)... here.

Download: "The Bar Is Too Low To Fail" (mp3) from Songs That You Might Not Like

Dig it!

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Split Needles (Alt. Version) By The Shins

A new mp3 by The Shins has popped up at Amp Camp... here.

Download: "Split Needles (Alt. Version)" (mp3)

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The Shins

Monday, November 27

Fairytale In The Supermarket By The Raincoats

My favorite new German blog, WHITE NOISE Offen für Musik jeder Art, has posted a massive NME mix tape... here.

NME/Rough Trade Mix C81

Look at that tack listing:
Scritti Politti - "Sweetest Girl"
The Beat - "Twist & Crawl Dub"
Pere Ubu - "Misery Goats"
Wah! Heat - "7000 Names Of Wah!"
Orange Juice - "Blue Boy"
Cabaret Voltaire - "Raising the Count"
Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft - "Kebab Träume (Live)"
Furious Pig - "Bare Pork"
The Specials - "Raquel"
Buzzcocks - "I Look Alone"
Essential Logic - "Fanfare In the Garden"
Robert Wyatt - "Born Again Cretin"
The Raincoats - "Shouting Out Loud"
Josef K - "Endless Soul"
Blue Orchids - "Low Profile"
Virgin Prunes - "Red Nettle"
Aztec Camera - "We Could Send Letters"
Red Crayola - "Milkmaid"
Linx - "Don't Get In My Way"
The Massed Carnaby St John Cooper - "The Day My Pad Went Mad"
James Blood Ulmer - "Jazz Is the Teacher, Funk Is the Preacher"
Ian Dury - "Close To Home"
Gist - "Greener Grass"
Subway Sect - "Parallel Lines"

Damn... that got me thinking about The Raincoats (I haven't listen to them in, like, forever).

Download: "Fairytale In The Supermarket" (myspace mp3)

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The Raincoats

Get Your Crayons Out By Preston School Of Industry

The Runout Groove blog (one of favorite places to find Peel Sessions) has posted four mp3s from Preston School Of Industry, and yes, they're a Peel Session... here.

Tracks posted:
"Somethings Happen Always"
"10 Grains"

Download: "Get Your Crayons Out" (mp3)

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Preston School Of Industry

Watch Song By Shellac

Holy Crap! QBiM (clever shorthand for quick before it melts) pulled out all the stops for the 100th post milestone... with a producer-themed post that rocks... here.

Tracks posted:
Steve Albini, Producer
PJ Harvey "Rid Of Me"
Cinerama "Health & Efficiency"
The Breeders "Hellbound"

QUICK Albini ASIDE: According to wikipedia, Shellac will be releasing a new album, entitled Excellent Italian Greyhound in early 2007.

Potential tracks:
"The End of Radio"
"Steady as She Goes"
"Be Prepared"
"Hang On"

Download: "Watch Song" (mp3) (Download problems?? click here.)

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Track listing con't:

DFA, Production
LCD Soundsystem "Disco Infiltrator"
The Rapture "Sister/Savior"

Brian Eno, Producer
James "Sometimes"
David Bowie "The Heart's Filthy Lesson"
Talking Heads "Once In A Lifetime"

Paul Epworth (aka Phones), Producer
Annie "Heartbeat [Phones Maximo Remix]"
Bloc Party "This Modern Love"
DFA 1979 "Romantic Rights [Phones Lovers Remix]"
The Futureheads "Carnival Kids"

Matthew Friedberger, Producer
Fiery Furnaces "Blueberry Boat"

Nigel Godrich, Producer
Radiohead "Talk Show Host"
Travis "Writing To Reach You"
Beck "The Golden Age"
Paul McCartney "Fine Line"

Martin Hannett, Producer
Joy Division "Love Will Tear Us Apart"

Tony Hoffer, Producer
Belle & Sebastian "Act Of The Apostle"
Stars "Ageless Beauty"
The Fratellis "For The Girl"

Daniel Lanois, Producer
Daniel Lanois "The Maker"

John Leckie, Producer
Radiohead "Street Spirit (Fade Out)"
The Stone Roses "I Am The Resurrection"
Kula Shaker "Hey Dude"

Kevin Shields, Producer
My Bloody Valentine "Come In Alone"

David Andrew Sitek, Producer
TV on the Radio "Staring at the Sun"
TV on the Radio "I Was a Lover"

Phil Spector, Producer
The Beatles "The Long and Winding Road"
George Harrison "My Sweet Lord"

Stephen Street, Producer
The Smiths "The Death Of A Disco Dancer"
Morrissey "The Last Of The Famous International Playboys"
Blur "For Tomorrow"

Kanye West, Producer
Jay-Z "Takeover"
Kanye West "Two Words"


The Producers

Black Mission Goggles By Man Man

HATE SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL has posted one video plus one mp3 by Man Man... here.

"Banana Ghost" (the quicktime video)
"Van Helsing Boombox" (the mp3)

Download: "Black Mission Goggles" (mp3)

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Man Man

Sunday, November 26

Here's Your Future By The Thermals

Doh. I totally forgot to post the latest freebie from Sub Pop and The Thermals. It's from their Handmaid's Tale-inspired concept album, The Body, The Blood, The Machine.

The Thermals???

Doh-load: "Here's Your Future" (mp3)

The Thermals

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The Thermals

Basic Cable By Aesop Rock

The blog Feed Me Good Tunes has posted a sampling of Aesop Rock... here.

Tracks posted:
"1,000 Deaths"
"9-5 ers Anthem"
"Big Bang"
"Attention Span (Featuring Vast Aire)"
"Commencement at the Obedience Academy"
"One Brick (Featuring Illogic)"

Watch: Fast Cars

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BONUS: "Basic Cable" (mp3)

Sleepy Aesop Rock

Saturday, November 25

Mr. Tough By Yo La Tengo

Hey, it's time for... Amp Camp's Mp3 Of Yesterday (and Today).

Download: "Mr. Tough" (mp3) by Yo La Tengo's latest effort I Am Not Afraid Of You And I Will Beat Your Ass.

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Yo La Goes To The Beach

Shift (Paris Acoustic Sessions) By Grizzly Bear

Stereogum ha s posted a link to the Paris Acoustic Sessions by what may be Stephen Colbert's least favorite band, Grizzly Bear (he really really doesn't like bears)... here.

Here's one: "Shift (Paris Acoustic Sessions)" (mp3)

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Grizzly Bear like Gay Seed

Birthday Dethday By Dethklok

The blog Pop Tarts Suck Toasted has posted a massive birthday-themed mix... here.

Tracks posted:
The Beatles - "Birthday"
Bright Eyes - "Happy Birthday to Me"
Barney - "Happy Birthday to PJ"
New Kids on the Block - "Happy Birthday to You"
The Ramones - "Happy Birthday Mr. Burns"
Bart Simpson (feat. Michael Jackson) - "Happy Birthday Lisa"
Weird Al Yankovich - "Happy Birthday"
The Vandals - "Its My Birthday So Fuck You"
NOFX - "New Happy Birthday Song"
Stevie Wonder - "Happy Birthday"
Frank Sinatra - "Happy Birthday to You"
Conway Twitty - "Happy Birthday Darling"
Patsy Cline - "Happy Birthday, Baby"
Sufjan Stevens - "Happy Birthday"
The Sugarcubes - "Birthday"
Atom and His Package - "Happy Birthday Ralph"

I have but one Birthday song to add: "Birthday Dethday" by Dethklok

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Friday, November 24

Rock Star By Kathleen Hanna

Q: Want some more spoken word?
A: How's about a little Kathleen Hanna?

Here's the Hanna track off the first ever Kill Rock Stars release... KRS101
Rock Star / Mean (wordcore v. 1)

Download: "Rock Star" (mp3... WARNING: a weeeee bit annoying)

More about Kill Rock Stars at the latest Our Last Quarterstance post... here.

KRS factsheet is here.
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Kathleen Hanna

Haymarket Riot By Howard Zinn

Today is Buy Nothing Day. So no music today. Here's Howard Zinn dropping some historical knowledge.

Download: "Haymarket Riot" (mp3)

Buy Nothing Day

Thursday, November 23

$99.99 By Channels

Have yourself a D.C. post-hardcore Thanksgiving with Channels.

Specially priced today at: "$99.99" (mp3)

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Thunderhorse By Dethklok

Oh baby, I loves me some Adult Swim.

adult swim kitty

In particular, I have really been enjoying this season of Metalocalypse.

Here's a taste: "Thunderhorse" (mp3)


Young Prayer Untitled Track One By Panda Bear

Fluxblog has posted an excerpt of "Carrots" by Panda Bear aka Noah Lennox aka one of the dudes from the Animal Collective... here.

Panda Bear

A Rambling/Weird BONUS: "Young Prayer Untitled Track One" (mp3)

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Panda Bear

Wednesday, November 22

Phantom Limb By The Shins

New New New... Lots and lots of new...

1. New Shins... Download: "Phantom Limb" (mp3)

Phantom Limb

Reported by:
Show Me Music
Hero Hill
Planeta Pop
I Guess I'm Floating
Glorious Noise

2. New Bloc Party... (ughhh) Stream "Prayer" here.

Reported by:
Sandwich Club
Ski Brooklyn

3. New Beirut... Download "Carousels" from thepunkguy... here.

4. Ok... not so new, but Awesome! also from thepunkguy, some kick-ass vinyl... here.

Tracks posted:
"Allistair Chestnut" by NO 2
"Oh the Guilt" and "Here She Comes Now (Velvet Underground Cover)" by Nirvana
"Mrs. Housewatcher" by O Spirits

The Shins

Tuesday, November 21

LIVE: The Money Will Roll Right In (Fang Cover) By Nirvana

I knew the irony-drenched Mudhoney cover of Fang's "The Money Will Roll Right In", but I had not heard Nirvana's take on it until yesterday.

Here it is: "The Money Will Roll Right In (Fang Cover) (Live)" (mp3)

nirvana in suits

Dart For My Sweetheart By Archie Bronson Outfit

The blog You Ain't No Picasso has posted Archie Bronson Outfit covering "Funnel of Love" by Wanda Jackson... here.

Also posted is the widely available: "Dart For My Sweetheart" (mp3)

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Archie Bronson Outfit

Monday, November 20

Wild Horses By Oneida

Q: How's about a little Oneida for a Monday morning?

Download: "Wild Horses" (mp3 is not a Rolling Stones cover)

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The blog Sweet Oblivion has posted a boot of Nirvana playing the Reading Festival in 1992 (using the annoying savefile dot com)... here.


Track listing:
"Sound testing"
"Krist's introduction & The Rose"
"Drain You"
"In Bloom"
"Come As You Are"
"About A Girl"
"Lounge Act"
"More Than A Feeling (tease)"
"Smells Like Teen Spirit"
"On A Plain"
"Negative Creep"
"Been A Son"
"All Apologies"
"crowd noise"
"jam & banter"
"Stay Away"
"Spank Thru"
"Love Buzz"
"The Money Will Roll Right In"
"Territorial Pissings"
"noise - Star-Spangled Banner (tease)"

Subpop page is here.


Sunday, November 19

Know Your Onion! By The Shins

Kick-ass mp3 blog, *sixeyes has posted the ...EDIT... new Shins track "Australia" from their ...END EDIT... recent KEXP session... here.

Also posted is some Sunny Day Sets Fire (Not a Sunny Day Real Estate / Boy Sets Fire mash-up).

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Retro-BONUS: "Know Your Onion!" (mp3)

UPDATE: The Smudge Of Ashen Fluff has the whole damn session... here.

The Shins

Saturday, November 18

Decora (Yo La Tengo Cover) By Spoon

OK, here's something good by Spoon...

Download: "Decora (Yo La Tengo Cover)" (mp3)


BUT Oh Crap! I figured it out.

The very beginning of "The Book I Write" by Spoon sounds like... eek... the "I'm Lovin' It" jingle from McDonalds. Is it true? Or are my ears playing tricks on me?

Q: Am I gonna get my $10 for mentioning McDonalds?
A: No.

PLEASE NOTE: i'm lovin it is an anagram for ailing vomit.

Stream: "The Book I Write" (mov)

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Dry Clothes By Annuals

Ear Farm has posted two tracks by (and a bunch of live photos of) indie-poppers, Annuals... here.

"Bleary Eyed"

Here is another: "Dry Clothes" (mp3)

Ace Fu page is here.


Friday, November 17

12:51 By The Strokes

Listening to Albert Hammond Jr.'s solo work (see this post) made me realize that I ain't been listening to The Strokes that much. And what they do, they do well... you gots to give 'em that.

Speaking of Mr. Hammond Jr., the blog Wolf Notes has posted two mp3s off said solo album, entitled Yours To Keep... here.

Tracks posted:
"Blue Skies"
"Hard To Live (In The City)"

Rough Trade page is here.
Wiki Wiki Wiki here.

BONUS: "12:51" (mp3) by The Strokes

Mr. Hammond Jr.

Franconia Road By Mommy And Daddy

One Year Ago Today, Part 1

Welcome to One Year Ago Today, a series of posts meant to podcast some of the material posted here before this blog had a podcast. Enjoy.

Q: What was you doing this time last year?
A: Listening to "Pretty Loser" by Mommy And Daddy (which is now streamable on their myspace page).

Unfortunately, "Pretty Loser" is no longer available on the Kanine Records website, so you should totally listen to something else by Mommy And Daddy instead.

Download: "Franconia Road" (mp3 courtesy of BetterPropaganda)

Watch: Franconia Road

Official site is down.
Kanine Records page is here.
Emusic page is here.

Mommy And Daddy

Drivin' South By Jimi Hendrix

Hey man, is that rbally?? Well TURN it UP.

Yae, He's back. the blog rbally has posted a Jimi Hendrix boot from the 1970 NY Pop Festival... here.

Tracks posted:
"Stone Free"
"Message To Love"
"Lover Man"
"All Along the Watchtower"
"Foxy Lady"
"Ezy Rider"
"Star Spangled Banner"
"Purple Haze"
"Voodoo Child (Slight Return)"

Here's a little something that would not have know about but for rbally, the Diamonds In The Dust bootleg version of...

Download: "Drivin' South" (mp3)
Please Note: This mp3 was available for a limited time.

WARNING: The bass is turned all the fuck way up on this.

Jimi Hendrix

Thursday, November 16

Boomerang By The Black Lips

Quickly, answer this... Have you been lookin' for some kick-ass garage-type rock that well... ROCKS?? If so, then you needs to listen to The Black Lips.

The Black Lips

Download: "Boomerang" (mp3)
Please Note: This mp3 was available for a limited time only.

Enjoy the vaguely psychedlic punk-i-ness.

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The Black Lips

Shattered By The Exploding Hearts

Today's AmpCamp MP3 of the Day is filled with post-punk-pop goodness from... The (now defunct 'cuz 3 of the 4 members died in a car crash) Exploding Hearts.

Download: "Shattered" (mp3 is not a Rolling Stones cover)

The Exploding Hearts

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Non-Podcast BONUS: "(Making) Teenage Faces" (mp3)

The Exploding Hearts

Dirty Dirty By ODB (Bulk Buttons Remix)

"I don't know how you all see it, but when it comes to the children, Wu-Tang is for the children. We teach the children."
-O.D.B. 1968-2004

Bulk Buttons recently did some remixes of Ol' Dirty Bastard aka Russell Tyrone Jones of the Wu-Tang Clan.

Here's my favorite: "Dirty Dirty By ODB (Bulk Buttons Remix)" (mp3 to be used to teach the children). Get 'em all here (zip).

The Definitive Ol' Dirty Bastard Story is here.

Ol' Dirty Bastard

Wednesday, November 15

Speedball By John Zorn's Naked City

Less Than A Minute, Part 29

So it ends... 31 songs in 25 (or so) minutes. I hope you enjoyed it. It's been loud and slightly obnoxious. Personally, I can't think of a better way to go out than with a genre-bending piece by John Zorn's Naked City.

Download: "Speedball" (mp3)

Mr. Zorn's label is Tzadik.
Mr. Zorn is the artistic director here.
More about all things Zorn here.

John Zorn's Naked City

Snake Oil By Kristin Hersh

The blog bradley's almanac has posted two mp3s by Kristin Hersh (plus some mp3s by The Shins, Silkworm, Wheat, The Cure, and Jordan Jeffares of Snowden)... here.

Tracks posted:
"Under The Gun (Live On KEXP)"
"Delicate Cutters (Live Acoustic On The Powell's Bookcast)

Oh yeah, the new Kristin's new CD Learn To Sing Like A Star is gonna be put out by 4AD (and by Yep Roc here in the U.S. of A.). The first single... "In Shock" will be release early next year.

Kristin Hersh's new album

Download something from The Grotto: "Snake Oil" (mp3)

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Kristin Hersh

Coco On The Corner By Takka Takka

Let's talk Takka Takka...

Takka Takka

They toured with the blogtastic Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and the semi-twee Architechure In Helsinki. I say: "good for them", but what effects my life (a little) more directly is that someone in my household keeps playing this song:

Download: "Coco On The Corner" (mp3)

Takka Takka

Myspace page is here.

Non-Podcast BONUS: Takka Takka were recently on the back-from-the-dead WOXY Lounge Acts.

Download: "Takka Takka on WOXY" (mp3)

Takka Takka

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