Wednesday, January 31

Jungle Taitei By Boredoms

Salon's Audiofile has posted a track by Japan's best known noisy weirdos (yes, Boredoms)... here.

Download (via vicerecords dot com deep-link): "Jungle Taitei" (mp3)

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Not-related-at-all BONUS from Amp Camp: "Even Though (Non-album Track)" (mp3) by Sloan

boredoms by andy hill

Selah's Children By Madlib The Beat Konducta

You may have already heard (via stereogum or one of these fine sites), Stones Throw has put up Chrome Children, Vol. 2... here.

Sample it: "Selah's Children" by Madlib the Beat Konducta (mp3)

Get the zip: "Chrome Children, Vol. 2" (zip)

Chrome Children, Vol. 2

1. Madlib the Beat Konducta - Chrome Dreams
2. MED - Rhymes with an L (produced by Dabrye)***
3. Roc C - Living for the City (produced by Oh No)*
4. Chocolate Star - Stay with Me (produced by Gary Davis)
5. Percee P - Reverse Part Two (produced by Koushik)** ***
6. Oh No - Gitback (produced by Decypher)
7. Guilty Simpson - Money Motivated Movements (produced by Four Tet)***
8. Madlib the Beat Konducta - Selah's Children
9. Baron Zen - Theme (Danny Breaks Remix)
10. Aloe Blacc - Happy Now? (produced by Four Tet)
11. J.Rocc - Bubbha's Dance MP3***
12. Gary Wilson - Soul Traveling
13. Clifford Nyren - Keep Running Away (Egon's Edit) MP3
14. The Jazzistics - Marcus, Martin and Malcolm (produced by Yesterdays New Quintet)
15. James Pants - Murder
16. Arabian Prince - Strange Life

Tracks are self-produced unless indicated
* Contains a sample of “Living In The City” performed by The Melton Brothers featuring Alfie Moss, courtesy of Melton Brothers Music
** Contains a sample of “ Yaz Gazeteci Yaz “ and “Ince Ince “ performed by Selda, courtesy B-Music:
*** Cuts by J.Rocc

If reuniting proto-punks is more your idea of fun (hint, hint)... head over to MOKB for some NEW Stooges... here.

the new stooges, same as the old stooges, well almost

Tuesday, January 30

Cooperation By Hockey Night

We all want a little...

Download: "Cooperation" (mp3)

...especially when it's Hockey Night that's doin' the cooperating.

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Monday, January 29

Speakers Push The Air By Pretty Girls Make Graves

Damn! Pretty Girls Make Graves are splitting up.

From their myspace blog...
"Sunday, January 28, 2007


We are sorry to announce that our upcoming tour in May will be our last. Nick quit the band and the rest of us feel like it wouldn't be right to continue on with out him. The 5 of us feel very lucky to have met and worked with some truly amazing people over the years. Thank you all so much.

Listen: "Speakers Push The Air" (mp3) (source: lookout)

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Pretty Girls Make Graves as robots

Double Vision By The Ponys

It is totally time for some The Ponys.

Check it.

Download: "Double Vision" (mp3)

For the whole album (Turn The Lights Out) you gots to wait until March 20th.

UPDATE: The blog NEVVER has posted the mp3 of "Everyday Weapon" by The Ponys... here.

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The Ponys

Hock It By The Blow (YACHT Remix)

FYI: The Poor Aim: Love Songs EP by The Blow is gonna be released on CD with 6 remixes by YACHT, Lucky Dragons, Strategy, Khaela Maricich (of The Blow), and White Rainbow.

Download: "Hock It (YACHT Remix)" (mp3)

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YACHT's emusic page is here.

Non-Podcast BONUS Donnie Darko Reference: "Sometimes I Doubt Your Commitment To Sparkle Motion" (mp3)

Jona Bechtolt of YACHT and The Blow

Sunday, January 28

No Way Out By Love Of Diagrams

This here is Love Of Diagrams:

Love Of Diagrams

UPDATED... Listen: "No Way Out" (mp3) (source: matador)

Watch: "No Way Out" (mov)

Elsewhere in the blog-o-sphere: Idolator has posted "Pace Or The Patience" for your downloading pleasure... here.

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BONUS: "In the Red" (mp3) (source: shootthevariable)

OOOOOooooohh... More Pictures.

Love Of Diagrams

Love Of Diagrams

Love Of Diagrams

David Pakman On Future Tense

David Pakman of eMusic rocks. He was recently featured on the Future Tense podcast.

Listen: "Pakman on Future Tense (Long Version)" (mp3)

Podcast is here.


Vampire Beats By The Mae Shi

Q: What The Fuck?
A: The Mae Shi.


Download: "Vampire Beats" (mp3) (alt source: insound)

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BONUS: "Born For A Short Time" (mp3)

UPDATE: New Mae Shi is up at PFork... here.

The Mae Shi

Mother's Daughter By Tunng


Folk + Some Interesting Samples = Tunng

Listen: "Mother's Daughter" (mp3)

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Non-podcast BONUS:
"Tale From Black" (mp3)
"Pool Beneath The Pond" (mp3)
"Woodcat" (mp3)
"Woodcat" (mov)
"It's Because We've Got Hair" (mov)
"Jenny Again" (mov)


Saturday, January 27

Oh Mandy By The Spinto Band

Q: You remember The Spinto Band?
A: Of course, we all do. But just in case, listen to... "Oh Mandy" (mp3)

This is a picture of The Spinto Band.
The Spinto Band

They were on KTRU's Music For Listeners for the Third Soda/Tea Taste Test (with selections from a live set at Emo's in Austin, TX).

Listen: "The Spinto Band On Music For Listeners (1/20/07)" (m3u)

The Spinto Band

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The Spinto Blog... WhereWillOurVanBreak a/k/a Shark Dance is here.
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BONUS: The Spinto band on WVUD Roots Show hosted by Scott Birney (Friday January 19, 2007) in three discrete chunks.

Chunk 1 - "Direct2Helmet (live)" / "Cats Pajamas (live)" / "Can't Take My Eyes off of You (live)" / "Crack The Whip (recorded)" (m4a)

Chunk 2- "Oh Mandy (live)" / Airport (recorded)" / "Brown Boxes (live)" / "Spy vs. Spy (live)" (m4a)

Chunk 3- "Mouse Talk ()" / "Late (live)" / "Did I Tell You (live)" / "Misogyny is Cool (recorded)" (m4a)

The Spinto Band

Get It By RJD2

Hey lookie.... new beats from RJD2.

Podcast Download: "Get It" (mp3)
Non-Podcast Download: "Beyond The Beyond" (mp3)

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Friday, January 26

Triggers And Trash Heaps By Centro-matic

Mucho thanks to Captain's Dead for turning me to the Wilco-esque stylings of Centro-matic.

Download: "Triggers And Trash Heaps" (mp3)

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Non-Podcast BONUS:
"Calling Thermatico" (mp3)
"Flashes And Cables" (mp3)
"Argonne Limit Co." (mp3)


A New Name By !!! (a/k/a chk chk chk)

A new !!! (a/k/a chk chk chk) mp3 is up at Amp Camp.

You Dig??

Download: "A New Name" (mp3)

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!!! (a/k/a chk chk chk)

Wednesday, January 24

Harvest (Within You) By Clinic

Ooh Ooh Ooh... Time for some goodies from Domino Recording Co.


from Clinic
"Harvest (Within You)" (mp3)
"Jigsaw Man" (mp3)
Quick Review: Sounds like Clinic. Duh.

from Psapp
"Tricycle" (mp3)
Quick Review: Aucostics + Weird Noises + A Pretty Voice.

from James Yorkston
"Summer Song" (mp3)
Quick Review: Mellowness.

from Junior Boys
"In The Morning (Alex Smoke Remix)" (mp3)
Quick Review: Beats + Earnest Singing

UPDATE: Another new Clinic song is available from Amp Camp.

Download: "Family" (mp3)

Domino Recording Co.

Tuesday, January 23

Chesapeake By Portastatic

The kick-ass blog TIMEDOOR has posted some Portastatic live on NPR's World Cafe (from WXPN)... here.

Tracks posted:
Live on World Cafe on NPR
"Sour Shores" / "Noisy Night" / "Sweetness And Light" / "Angels Of Sleep"

And relating to a discussion of Mac's use of the word, "Fucker!"
"You Blanks"


Here is a little Portastatic just for you...

Download: "Chesapeake" (mp3)

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Sunday, January 21

Let's Make Love And Listen To DFA (Spank Rock Remix) By CSS

Spank Rock remixing CSS...

Download: "Let's Make Love And Listen To DFA (Spank Rock Remix)" (mp3)


And Mochipet remixing Spank Rock...

Download: Three alternate versions of "Far Left" (zip)

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Non-Podcast BONUS: "Rick Rubin" by Spank Rock (mp3) (source: bigdada)

spank rock

Rip Off (T Rex Cover) By Dim Stars

Why The Hell Isn't This In Print??

Rock Math: Dim Stars = Thurston Moore + Steve Shelley + Don Fleming + Richard... Fucking... Hell

"Rip Off (T Rex Cover)" (mp3) (NOTE: Jad Fair plays the sax on this song... oh yeah!)

I mean Come ON Caroline sell/license Dim Stars to Ecstatic Peace for a damn REISSUE!

Get it used... here.

Dim Stars

Saturday, January 20

We Got Rocket By Times New Viking

The blog I Rock Cleveland has posted here about Times New Viking.

Times New Viking

"We Got Rocket" (mp3 no more)
"Natural Resources, I Love Mine" (mp3 no more)

I hear that that they are...
louder than master of puppets??

Myspace page is here.
Matador page is here (the ancillary pages are not up yet though).

Also, I like this art from their website...

Boy with Gun

Friday, January 19

Enanz By Bulk Buttons

One Year Ago Today, Part 8

Q: What were you doing this time last year?
A: Listening to Bulk Buttons.

newish Download: "Enanz" (mp3)

another newish Download: "Bumble And The Bees" (zip)

oldish Download: "10,000 Cities" (zip)

Bulk Buttons official interwebpage is here.
Myspace page is here.

Bulk Buttons

Thursday, January 18

Die By Bratmobile

Listen to Bratmobile cover the Misfits... Where?

Or Not: "Die" (mp3)


Wednesday, January 17

The Sons Of Cain By Ted Leo + The Pharmacists

There is a new Ted Leo + The Pharmacists mp3 making the rounds (here too). It comes off Living With The Living, which is due on March 20th.

Ted Leo + The Pharmacists

Downloadable: "The Sons Of Cain" ( mp3)

Dig it!

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BONUS MP3: "Army Bound" (mp3)

BONUS LINK... New Calla (Props to I Rock Cleveland)... here.

Ted Leo + The Pharmacists

Monday, January 15

YOUTUBE: Cuts Across The Land (Acoustic) By The Duke Spirit

The Duke Spirit are rebuilding their website. In the meantime, enjoy this here youtube vid.

Watch: Cuts Across The Land (Acoustic)

Myspace page is here.

The Duke Spirit

Sunday, January 14

Bounce That By Girl Talk

While I'm not the first to point this out... the grey lady of online indie music journalism has posted an exclusive mp3 of Girl Talk remixing Grizzly's Bear's "Knife"... here.

Download: "Bounce That" (mp3)

Illegal Art page is here.

Non-podcast BONUS: "Hold Up" (mp3)

Girl Talk

Wet & Rusting By Menomena

The kick-ass blog 3hive has posted some Menomena... here.

Tracks posted: "Wet & Rusting"/"E is Stable"

Listen: "Wet & Rusting" (mp3)

Full album streamin' ecard... here.

the HOTLY OFFICIAL MENOMENA internet Place is here.
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FILMguerrero page is here.
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Saturday, January 13

Black Mirror By Arcade Fire

Just a quick Arcade Fire recap Q & A...

Q: The new Arcade Fire song hosted at arcade fire dot com??
A: The blog Gorilla Vs. Bear has it... here.

Me too... Me too... "Black Mirror" (mp3)

Q: You want "Black Mirror" and another new song ("Black Wave/Bad Vibrations")?
A: Head over to Let's Pretend We're Bunny Rabbits... here.

Q: Seen the infomercial?
A: Head over to Product Shop NYC... here (or on the Neon Bible website... here).

Q: An oldie, but a goodie?
A: Head over to 5 Acts fo "Headlights Look Like Diamonds"... here.

Q: Heard about the "mistaken" track leak?
A: Read about it at stereogum... here.

Q: (I suppose, if you are reading this...) You've heard the Springsteeny "Intervention", No?
A: If not, head over to The DIY Rockstar... here.

Q: Where does the Arcade Fire want you send a bit of yer cash money?
A: Partners In Health... here.

Q: You want to see a track list for the new album?
A: Head over to *sixeyes... here.

Q: You want video? Of suspect origin/quality?
A: You got it.

Watch... Black Wave/Bad Vibrations

Q: Heard "Ocean Of Noise"??
A: Head over to *sixeyes... like now.

Q: Jeez, you want a comprehensive Arcade Fire youtube roundup?
A: Muzzle Of Bees.

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neon bibles

Darts Of Pleasure By Franz Ferdinand

2004 FLASHBACK!!! featuring the musical stylings of Franz Ferdinand.

Download: "Darts Of Pleasure" (mp3) (source: insound)
Stream: "Darts Of Pleasure (Home Demo)" (flash)

Listen to Alex Kapranos talk about eating fried insects and bull testicles on the Splendid Table... here. His new book, Sound Bites, is here.

fried insects yummy
(image source... here)

BONUS: "Splendid Table for 1/13/07" (mp3) (at 27:00)

Myspace page is here.
Domino page is here.

Franz Ferdinand

Circle Square Triangle By Test Icicles

One Year Ago Today, Part 7

Q: What were you doing this time last year?
A: Listening to Test Icicles.

Download: "Circle Square Triangle" (mp3) (source: insound)

Test Icicles

Testicicle (v)
def: To test an icicle. Primitive men used to test icicles to ensure their sturdiness prior to using them as a stabbing weapon.
Props to and Domino Records

Non-Podcast BONUS:
"Circle Square Triangle" (mov)
"Circle Square Triangle (Live)" (mov)

Domino page is here.

Post-Test Icicles...
Lightspeed Champion is here.
RAT ATT AGG is here.

Test Icicles

MYSPACE: The Good The Bad And The Queen

More Videos? The Good The Bad And The Queen have got a whole bunch of live videos up at myspace.

Watch: The Good, The Bad & The Queen

Watch: Kingdom of Doom

Watch: 80's Life

Watch: Herculean

Shocker In Gloomtown (GBV Cover) By Tom 7

Get some GBV covers by Tom 7... here.

Download: "Shocker In Gloomtown" (mp3)

More Tom 7 here and here.

Guided By Voices links:
Official page is here.
Myspace page is here.
Robert Pollard is here.
Matador page is here.
Wiki Wiki Wiki here.
Emusic page is here.

Tom 7

VIDEO: Shitty Future By The Bronx

Q: Shitty Future?
A: The Bronx!

Download: "Shitty Future" (mov)

Thanks Videostatic.

Myspace page is here.

The Bronx

Friday, January 12

The Ungrateful Dead By Hella

Holy Hella! This here is today's Amp Camp Mp3 Of The Day (somefin is up with their linkage thingy), straight from the source, Hella.

Download: "The Ungrateful Dead" (mp3)


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Massive Hella BONUS:
"Biblical Violence" (mp3)
"Madonna" (mp3)
"Song From Uncle" (mp3)
"We Was Just Boys" (mp3)
"Women Of The 90's" (mp3)
"The Mother Could Be You" (mp3)
"Cafeteria Bananas" (mp3)
"Post-Ivy League Depression" (mp3)
"Rich Kid" (mp3)
"Falam Dynasty" (mp3)
"Republic Of Rough And Ready" (mp3)


Letter From Mr. Smith By The Exeter Popes

Fuck. Felt like shit. No Exeter Popes listening party for me. Sucks... cuz I happen to know the new EP is an excellent slice of jangly indie rock.

Download: "Letter From Mr. Smith" ( mp3)

Myspace page is here.
White Shoe Records are here.

The Exeter Popes

Who Taught You To Live Like That? By Sloan

So I have been listening to this here Sloan song since last July.

Q: Is it finally time that I actually posted it here?
A: Yes.

Download: "Who Taught You To Live Like That?" (mp3)

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Birds By Le Rug

The blog Milk Milk Lemonade has got Le Rug... here (tracks posted: "Amp"/"Gloss"/"Telephone") and here (track posted: "Birds").

I also got some Le Rug: "Birds" (mp3)

Le Rug

Thursday, January 11

Neverevereverdid (YACHT Remix) By Architecture In Helsinki

Beep Beep... I have really been enjoying the YACHT remixes of Architecture In Helsinki.

Download: "Neverevereverdid (YACHT Remix)" (mp3) by Architecture In Helsinki


YACHT's emusic page is here.
Architecture In Helsinki's myspace page is here.
Architecture In Helsinki Wiki Wiki Wiki here.
Architecture In Helsinki's emusic page is here.

Non-Podcast BONUS:
"Do The Whirlwind (YACHT Remix)" (mp3) by Architecture In Helsinki
"Do The Whirlwind (Metronomy Remix)" (mp3) by Architecture In Helsinki
"I Love A Computer" (mp3) by YACHT