Sunday, December 31

Teenage FBI By Guided By Voices

The Runout Groove blog has posted some Peel Sessions featuring Guided By Voices... here.

guided by voices

Track listing:
"Striped White Jets"
"Atom Eyes"
"Cut-Out Witch"
"Man Called Aerodynamics"
"Bright Paper Werewolves"
"Lord Of Overstock"
"Wondering Boy Poet"

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BONUS: "Teenage FBI" (mp3)

Guided By Voices 1996


Rock Music Daily has posted a smattering of Beck... here.

Tracks posted:
"Mixed Bizness (live on SNL)"
"Sexx Laws (live on SNL)"
"MTV Makes Me Wanna Smoke Crack"

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Beck And Chair

When You Go Out By Sebastien Grainger

That MSTRKRFT post the other day got me thinkin'... "What's the other dude from DFA 1979 doing?". Well, that dude, Mr. Sebastien Grainger, is working on a solo record.

Take a listen (it's kinda heavy and kinda poppy/dancey): "When You Go Out" (mp3)

Quick Aside: Here's Sebastien on Myspace mp3s..."MYSPACE MP3 COMPRESSION = SHIT i didn't realise that myspace compressed the downloadable versions of songs down to 96kbps! that's some narly shit!"

Non-Podcast BONUS: "The Rhythm Method (Instrumental)" (mp3)

Sebastien Grainger

Touch Me I'm Sick (Mudhoney Cover) By Sonic Youth

One Year Ago Today, Part 5

Q: What were you doing this time last year?
A: Listening to Sonic Youth cover Mudhoney.

Download: "Touch Me I'm Sick (Mudhoney Cover)" (mp3) (mirror)

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Non-Podcast BONUS: Lee Ranaldo/Christian Marclay...
"Song 1" (mp3)
"Song 2" (mp3)
"Song 3" (mp3)

the sonic youth drawn

Saturday, December 30

Life Preservers By The Sharp Ease

Experience The Lighter Side Of The Sharp Ease.

Listen: "Life Preservers" (mp3)

Watch: Life Preservers

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The Sharp Ease

Nadine By Frank Black

Frank Black Flashback!

Download: "Nadine" (mp3)

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Frank Black

Friday, December 29

Brown Boxes By Spinto Band

One Year Ago Today, Part 4

Q: What were you doing this time last year?
A: Listening to Spinto Band.

Get yerself some Spinto: "Brown Boxes" (mp3)

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Non-Podcast BONUS:
"Oh Mandy" (mp3)
"Crack The Whip" (mp3)

spinto band

Red Gold By A Passing Feeling

"Hey Hey Ho"... I've got A Passing Feeling.

Download: "Red Gold' (mp3)

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Non-Podcast BONUS:
"Book Of Matches" (mp3)
"Probably" (mp3)

A Passing Feeling

Thursday, December 28

Plan Of The Man By The M's

I was digging around on Daytrotter and I came across a session by The M's

Read the article... here.

The M's

Download the Daytrotter Session... here.

First song: "Future Women"
Second song: "Never Do This Again"
Third song: "Plan Of The Man"

Download the album version of: "Plan Of The Man" (mp3)

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The M's

Wednesday, December 27


Q: Do you have a Milkshake Spit Fetish??
A: You need some "Easy Love"!

Download: "Easy Love" (mov)

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Easy Love

Tuesday, December 26

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath By Black Sabbath

Hey, it's time for... Amp Camp's Mp3 Of Yesterday (and Today).

Download: "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" (mp3) by Black Sabbath

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

Lightning Bolt/TV On The Radio

Fun Time OK has got a couple presents just for you... here.

Lightning Bolt's 2004 Peel Session:
"2 Morro Morro Land"
"On Fire"
"Dracula Mountain"
"Dead Cowboy"
"30,000 Monkeys"

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Lightning Bolt

AND TV on the Radio's OK Calculator:
"Say You Do"
"Pulse Of Pete"
"Buffalo Girls"
"Ending Of A Show"
"Hurt You"
"Netti Fritti"
"Yr God"
"On A Train"
"Sheba Baby"
"Y King"
"Aim To Please"
"Bicycles are Red Hot"
"Los Mataban"
"Doing My Duty"

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TV On The Radio

Sunday, December 24

Winter's Wolves by The Sword (Plus... The Year In Hotlinks)

Q: Why a top 33?
A: I don't know. Stop bugging me.

Here's the Top 33 Free MP3s of 2006 a/k/a The Year In Hotlinks:

Let's start with Number 1.

Listen: "Winter's Wolves" (mp3) by The Sword
Comment: Song Of The Year!

Watch: Winter's Wolves

Here's the rest in reverse order...

33. "Laser Life" (insound mp3) by The Blood Brothers
Comment: Loud and screamy. Just the way I likes it.

32. "Here's Your Future" (mp3) by The Thermals
Comment: Could I leave a song from a dystopian concept album off my end-o-the-year list? No. No, I could not.

31. "Alala" by CSS
Comment: Stuck in my head. GET OUT OF MY HEAD... Wait don't go.

30. "Coco On The Corner" (mp3) by Takka Takka
Comment: This one's for Sara.

29. "Skip To The End" (mp3) by The Futureheads
Comment: One of the few good tracks off their kinda bloated second album.

28. "Painter in Your Pocket" (insound mp3) by Destroyer
Comment: Bejar, bejar, be jar

27. "Also Ran" (mp3) by French Kicks
Comment: Almost went with "So Far We Are", but I think I made the right choice.

26. "Psychic Lightning (Daytrotter Session)" by Hockey Night
Comment: Rock. Rock. Rock. Rock. A little weird. Rock.

25. "Civilized Worm" (mp3) by The Melvins
Comment: Noisy Bastards!

24. "Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle" (mp3) by Dethklok
Comment: Best Fake Metal Band EVER. Brendon Small is a friggin' genius.

23. "Pile Of Gold" (mp3) by The Blow
Comment: This should be Top 40.

22. "We Do Not Fuck Around" (mp3) by Viva Voce
Comment: The track name says it all.

21. " Korn Dogz" (mp3) by Danger Doom
Comment: DJ Dangermouse + MF Doom + Adult Swim = this

20. "Jenny I'm Sneaking Out" (mp3) by The Oranges Band
Comment: Can't wait for the new album.

19. "Your Ghost" (myspace mp3) by 50 Foot Wave
Comment: Better than her original version.
2nd Comment: Shit. The myspace link no work. Listen here (for a limited time).

18. "Plates" (mp3) by Proton Proton
Comment: Oh sure, not technically release in 2005. Fuck You. It's on my list.

17. "Remain Instant" (mp3) by The Sharp Ease
Comment: Full of awesomey-goodness.

16. "The Nocturnal House" (mp3) by Pretty Girls Make Graves
Comment: Less punk-ish than their early stuff. but just as good.

15. "On A Neck, On A Spit" (mp3) by Grizzly Bear
Comment: Here's a brain-sticker for ya.

14. "Incinerate" (mp3) by Sonic Youth
Comment: They still got it.

13. "Mount Wroclai (Idle Days) (mp3) by Beirut
Comment: My current hypothesis is that Zack and company are possessed by gypsy demons.

12. "2wice" (mp3) by Mission Of Burma
Comment: Still got it!

11. "Verbs Before Nouns" (mp3) (fileden mirror) by Matt And Kim
Comment: One of the best jams coming out of Brooklyn.

10. "The Greatest" (mp3) by Cat Power
Comment: This album was Winter 2005-06.

9. "Blah Blah Blah" (mp3) by Say Hi To Your Mom
Comment: I had this song stuck in my head like for almost half the year.

8. "Wolf Like Me" (insound mp3) by TV On The Radio
Comment: One of the better tracks on the new album.

7. "Cowbell" (mp3) by tapes 'n tapes
Comment: Hype or No Hype? Who cares. This song rocks.

6. "Good Weekend" (insound mp3) by Art Brut
Comment: "I've seen her naked TWICE."

5. "Up With People" (mp3) by Oneida
Comment: I have mentioned the awesome-ness of this song in the past. Those statements hold TRUE.

4. "No Money" (mp3) by The Evens
Comment: Their sophmore effort is quite satisfying. Kinda of like a democratic victory? (Download Problems? go here.)

3. "Last Cans Of Paint" (mp3) by BOAT
Comment: I'm not picking up the telephone.

2. "Dart For My Sweetheart" (mp3) by Archie Bronson Outfit
Comment: Awesome.

Saturday, December 23

Major Solution By Proton Proton

There's a new Loud Music Dispatch (written by me) featuring Proton Proton over at Our Last Quarterstance... here.

Download: "Major Solution" (mp3)

See Proton Proton live:
01/19/2007 at Northsix, Brooklyn at The Second Annual Benefit Show for Common Ground
01/26/2007 at Irving Place, New York opening for Deerhoof (plus Busdriver).

Myspace page is here.
New Deerhoof... here.

Proton Proton

Thursday, December 21

YOUTUBE: forever/one reporter's opinion by mike watt + the missingmen

mike watt + the missingmen are on youtube.

Watch: forever/one reporter's opinion (in sweden, dec 2006)

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mike watt

The Engine Driver By The Decemberists

The blog Kwaya Na Kisser has posted the audio (and links to the video) of the Rock And Awe: The Countdown To Guitarmageddon... here.


Tracks posted:
"Chris Funk for the Decemberists"
"Stephen, Crank It Up Stephen Colbert (feat. Nobel Laureate Henry Kissinger)"
"Frampton for Colbert Nation"
"Judgment Anthony DeCurtis, Jim Anderson, Eliot Spitzer, Henry Kissinger and Stephen Colbert"
"The Colbert Nation Theme"

I'm no massive The Decemberists-lover, but anyone who has the "CO-JONES" to challenge Colbert is OK in my book.

Download: "The Engine Driver" (mp3)

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The Decemberists

The 11th Hour By Ted Leo + The Pharmacists

The blog *sixeyes has posted some info on the new Ted Leo+ The Pharmacists album... here.

Tracks sorta posted:
"Army Bound"
"Some Beginner's Mind"

Download something old: "The 11th Hour" (mp3)

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Ted Leo

Wednesday, December 20

LIVE: Not A Problem By The Black Lips

The blog Gorilla Vs. Bear has posted "Not A Problem" by the kick-ass garage rawkers, The Black Lips... here.

The song is from the band's first album for Vice, Los Valentes del Mundo Nuevo. And, oh yeah, it was recorded live in Tijuana by rock-meister John Reis. Read more... here.

I'm posting it too: "Not A Problem (Live)" (mp3)

Watch: Fad

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Non-Podcast BONUS: "I've Got A Knife" (mp3)

The Black Lips

Fraud In The 80's By Mates Of State

Mates Of State's drums and organ are featured on this week on Daytrotter... here.

Tracks Posted:
"Beautiful Dreamer"
"So Many Ways"
"Like U Crazy"
"These Days"

The free mp3s are here.

Mates Of State

Download: "Fraud In The 80's" (mp3)
Watch: "Fraud In The 80's" (mov)

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Mates Of State ARE Cute

Tuesday, December 19

White Christmas By Corporal Blossom

Christmas Edition:

Bah Humbug. I no like Christmas. But some of you might.

I heard a Corporal Blossom track on Off The Wall.

Old + New = OK: "White Christmas" (mp3) from A Mutated Christmas

(Photo Source)

OR you could check out the Christmas-themed Contrast Podcasts (here or here)

Track submitted by me:
Flaming Lips - Christmas At The Zoo"


What's up with the James Brown Amp Camp Mp3 Of The Day off of Christmas Collection: 20th Century Masters?? It changed from "Santa Claus Go Straight To The Ghetto" (mp3 still available at post time) to "Hey America" (mp3).

PLUS... Today's Amp Camp Mp3 Of The Day is "Happy Birthday Jesus (A Child's Prayer) - Little Cindy, Santa Claus is a Black Man" off the album, A John Waters Christmas.

UPDATE (12/21/06)... Today's Amp Camp Mp3 Of The Day is "Homo Christmas" (mp3) by Pansy Division.

santa loves you (booze)
(Photo Source)

Monday, December 18

The Clock (Surgeon Remix) By Thom Yorke

The blog nialler9 has posted a couple rips from the very first From the Basement featuring Thom Yorke... here.

Tracks posted:
"Down is the New Up"

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BONUS: "The Clock (Surgeon Remix)" (mp3)

Thom YorkeThom Yorke

YOUTUBE: Radio Free Europe By R.E.M.

Watch: Radio Free Europe by R.E.M. taped off of VH1 Classic.

Also, rbally has posted the R.E.M. That Beat in Time boot from 1981... here.

Track posted:
"Hey! Hey! Nadine"
"Burning Down"
"Dangerous Times"
"There She Goes Again"
"(Don't Go Back to) Rockville"
"Body Count"
"Just a Touch"
"Sitting Still"
"Permanent Vacation"
"Get on Their Way"
"Shaking Through"
"Pretty Persuasion"
"That Beat"
"Radio Free Europe"
"Carnival of Sorts (Box Cars)"
"Gardening at Night"
"White Tornado"

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Sunday, December 17

Pellet Pistol (In Studio At KDHX) By The Kamikaze Hearts

Captain's Dead has an interesting choice for album of the year... Oneida Road featuring the indie/country/folk of The Kamikaze Hearts. Read more here.

Tracks posted:
"No One Called You A Failure (In Studio At KDHX)"
"Half Of Me (In Studio At KDHX)"
"Deer Hunter"

Album Of The Year?

The Kamikaze Hearts, Oneida Road Cover

Download: "Pellet Pistol (In Studio At KDHX)" (mp3)

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The Kamikaze Hearts

The New (Not So New) Arcade Fire Song

A Blog Soup has a, well... MASSIVE analysis of the "new-ness" of the the "new" Arcade Fire song... here.

Tracks posted:
"Intervention (live @ KCRW)"
"Intervention (BBC Radio)"
"Intervention (highest quality, no dj)"

Instrumental Analysis also has some interesting comments about the "new" track... here.

Track posted:
"Intervention (BBC Radio)"

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Arcade Fire

I Held It; For An Instant, I Knew What It Was...And Then It Was Vanished. By STNNNG

If you liked the STNNNG post from the other day, then you'll just love...

Download: "I Held It; For An Instant, I Knew What It Was...And Then It Was Vanished." (mp3)


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Non-Podcast BONUS: "Continental Dog" (mp3)

STNNNG are "Crazy 4 Life", Yo!


Saturday, December 16

My First Time Vol. 3 (Demo) By Spoon

One Year Ago Today, Part 3

Q: What were you doing this time last year?
A: Listening to Spoon.

Download: "My First Time Vol. 3 (Demo)" (mp3)

Watchcam pics:

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spoon live march 2003

Friday, December 15

We Ate Until We Ate It All By Paradise Island

Jenny Hoyston is a member of Erase Errata. Her solo gig is Paradise Island (but NOT this one, mmm-kay).

Mellow out with the slightly soothing sounds of Paradise Island...

Download: "We Ate Until We Ate It All" (mp3)

Paradise Island

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Non-Podcast BONUS: "Sunrise A Spectacle" (mp3)

Paradise Island

Hybrid Animal By STNNNG

Not Sting... STNNNG


I've been meaning to post this for like... well... a while, OK.

STNNNG asks: "What's worse than a zombie?"

Their answer: "Hybrid Animal" (mp3)

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Thursday, December 14

Tax Dollar By Erase Errata

This here is an Erase Errata MEGA-post.

Erase Errata

Download: "Tax Dollar" (mp3)

Non-Podcast Downloadables:
"Tax Dollar" (mov)
"High Society" (mp3)
"Tongue Tied" (mp3)
"California Viewing" (mp3)
"One Minute/Marathon" (mp3)
"Marathon (Adult Remix)" (mp3)

Dig it!

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Erase Errata

Tuesday, December 12

My Sword Hand's Anger By Apostle Of Hustle

New from our friends up north (READ: Arts&Crafts)... Apostle Of Hustle.

It's something us Shatner-Stealing Mexico Touchers can all enjoy, EH?

Download: "My Sword Hand's Anger" (mp3)

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Apostle Of Hustle

We're Number 5!

We're Number 5! (and in no particular order).

The Count Counts Three NOT FIVE

Monday, December 11

Beers In Heaven By Space Needle

New New Old Old!

New... Bloc Party track at Hero Hill... here.

New (maybe old)... Karen O demos at the blog Dreams Of Horses... here.

Old... rbally has a re-post of R.E.M. on WLIR... here.

Old... Download: "Beers In Heaven" (mp3) by Space Needle (NOTE: Slightly crappy rip).

Space Needle's myspace page is here.

Space Needle

Sunday, December 10

Evil Son By The Willowz

I've said it before... The Willowz ROCK.

BUT now they have a mellower free mp3 from their upcoming album which is coming out on Dimmak Records. Do they really think Rock is dead?? I guess we'll find out when Chautauqua comes out.

Download: "Evil Son" (mp3)

Watch a Willowz video that rawks: Ulcer Soul

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The Willowz

Saturday, December 9

LIVE: Do It! By Death From Above 1979

Heads Up by Death From Above 1979 is being reissued. Check it on insound or Amp Camp.

Download: "Do It (Live)" (mp3)

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BONUS: "Dead Womb" (insound mp3)

Death From Above 1979

Watch This House By The Natural History

There is a post all about indie pop over at Covert Curiosity... here.

Indie Pop tracks posted:
By El Perro Del Mar
"I Can’t Talk About It"
"God Knows"

By Oh No! Oh My!
"I Have No Sister"
"I Love You All The Time"

By Camera Obscura
"Lloyd, I’m Ready To Be Heartbroken"
"Come Back Margaret"

By The Boy Least Likely To
"Be Gentle with Me"
"Apple Wagon"

Holiday/Winter-themed tracks posted:
Apples in Stereo "Holiday Mood"
Elf Power "The Winter is Coming"

Here's my contribution... which is (1) slightly more rockin' and (2) slightly older. It's a track you may or may not know by the Tepper brothers' band... The Natural History.

Download: "Watch This House" (mp3)

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The Natural History

Friday, December 8


Have I mentioned?

I like the song, but not the video. It's creepy, but not in a good way. (Is that what they were going for?).

Watch: Alala

I had a similar reaction to this video.

Ready OK By Matt And Kim

Arrrrgh... I can't believe I missed the fact that Matt And Kim had an Amp Camp Mp3 of The Day.

Download: "Ready, OK?" (mp3)

UPDATE: Link fixed!!

Matt And Kim

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Non-Podcast BONUS: "Silver Tiles" (mp3) (fileden mirror)

Matt And Kim