Wednesday, October 31

LIVE: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (AC/DC Cover) By Local H

It's Halloween. So, why not post a boot of Local H doing AC/DC covers back in 1999?

"Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (AC/DC Cover)" (mp3)
"The Whole Shebang" (zip)

More live Local H covers... from this show:
"Last Caress (Misfits Cover)" (mp3)
"Bloodstains (Agent Orange Cover)" (mp3)
"Toxic (uggh... Britney Cover)" (mp3)

Official site is here.
Myspace page is here.

BONUS cuz it's Halloween:
"Return Of The Fly" (yousendit mp3) by The Misfits
"Return Of The Fly (Misfits Cover)" (yousendit mp3) by Farside

Consider Clicking
- New Georgie James' "Need Your Needs" video... here.
- new new new Mae Shi vid for "Run To Your Grave" (mp3) is over at Stereogum... here.
- Two good ones from The Smudge... Caribou on MBE (here), and Tunng on Fair Game (here).
- The Dictators on The Runout Groove forgotten classic series... here.
- Oh yeah, and the Annuals ain't indie no more... here.

Look... black cats:
Local H

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Sunday, October 28

The Minutemen Youtube MEGApost

It's the Minutemen Megapost!!

Much thanks to this guy. Dig 'em.

"Retreat/Anxious Mo-Fo"


"King Of The Hill"

"Jesus And Tequila"

"Corona (Acoustic 1985)"

"Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love"

Mike Watt's hootpage here.
Corn Dogs dot org is here.
Myspace fan page is here.
More Mike Watt is here.
Emusic page is here.

Consider Clicking
- Muzzle Of Bees? Black Dice? "Kokomo"??? ... here.
- Nothin' Sez Somethin' sez... Halo Of Flies!!! here.

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Saturday, October 27

Everyone Knows Everyone By The Helio Sequence

Q: Know what I'm in the mood for right now?
A: The Helio Sequence

Downloadables made available by the good folks at Sub Pop:
"Everyone Knows Everyone" (mp3)
"Blood Bleeds" (mp3)

Myspace page is here.
Love And Distance site is here.

Consider Clicking
- Stereogum talks to Health in Quit Your Dayjob... here.
- PTST's band of week is Gowns... here. Listen: "White Like Heaven (Demo)" (mp3)
- The Cave Singers have a toetapping video for "Dancing On Our Graves" which just happen to contain people who just love Jesus (and snakes). Check it.
- Yesterday's brew at ADD is pretty tasty. Tastes like Enon... here.
- If you liked Oh Astro, you'll just love the Illegal Art Sampler for 2007... here.
- Mac Testifies!!! More at TIMEDOOR... here.
- The internet blog Sucka Pants posts Klaxons doing their best BLACKstreet (NuRave meets New Jack Swing??)... here.
- Feral Children invade KEXP... here.
- Daytrotter has an encore performance from Brooklyn interestingcore purveyors, The Dirty Projectors... here.
- Red Blondehead has some treats for you here.

Q: Did you know The Helio Sequence frequently picnic together?

The Helio Sequence

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Wednesday, October 24

Christianity Is Stupid (Negativland Cover) By The 180-Gs

A wee treat from you friends at Fanatic. It is something to be played: (1) loud, (2) in a public place, and (3) preferably in a Red state.

Downloadable: "Christianity Is Stupid" (mp3) by Negativland as sung by The 180-Gs

Personally, I prefer the original (yousendit mp3), but I must say this is the best acappella, since, well... this.

Plus, I assume you have seen this. Fucking Brilliant.

Negativland myspace page is here.
Emusic pages here and here.

Consider Clicking
- 3hive demands you listen to Demander... here.
- Three from s'gum. This is cuckoo (Or is it?). This is fun/trippy. This is new Battles.
- Liars has a free studio session EP... here (and give Mute yr personal info) or here (bklynvegan).

The 180-Gs

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Tuesday, October 23

LIVE: Antiphon By Charles Atlas

Gonna see Tunng later at Union Hall. Yeah, I'll be the guy headbanging and screaming FOLKTRONICA!!!. Got to decide whether to see Red Hook's own Charles Wyatt and Jared Matt Greenberg d/b/a Charles Atlas who will be opening.

"Antiphon (Live)" (mp3)
"Elysium (Remix)" (mp3) remixed by Park Avenue Music

Myspace page is here.

Tunng BONUS: "Pool Beneath The Pond" (mp3)

Consider Clicking
- Office indie pop rocks are available at Muzak For Cybernetics... here.
- This week Fingertips finds the fuzzy goodness of The Raveonettes, "Dead Sound" (mp3), among other mp3s... here.

Charles Atlas

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Monday, October 22

Too Cute To Puke By Mika Miko

Crap Crap... I both dillied and dallied last night (and waited for the G Train for like, I don't know... forever?) and I missed Mika Miko at Sound Fix. Grrrrrrrr. Some (but not a lot of) deets here.

"Too Cute To Puke" ( mp3)

.tk page is here.
Deleted Art page is here.
Kill Rock Stars page is here.
ppm page is here.

Mika Miko Live At Sound Fix
photo source: CMJ

Finally Punk also played.

"Australia (Live)" ( mp3)
"Boyfriend Application (Live)" ( mp3)
"Primary Colors (Live)" ( mp3)
"What The Fuck, Missle" (sxsw 2007 mp3)
"Ein Zwei Polizei" (mp4) (source: punkcast)

Finally Punk

As did Soiled Mattress And The Springs.

"Track 06" (mp3 with baaad tags)

Soiled Mattress And The Springs

Consider Clicking
- Vampire Weekend hit Daytrotter with two unreleased tracks (not they've released all that much, but unreleased is unreleased, for better or worse)... here.
- New Old Neil is over at Aquarium Drunkard... here.
- It's a Latin Funk Brownout at Covert Curiosity... here.

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Sunday, October 21

The Afternoon Turns Pink By Black Moth Super Rainbow

If you didn't get into it here or here or here or here, don't you think it's time you started digging Black Moth Super Rainbow?

"The Afternoon Turns Pink" (mp3)
"Boat Friends" (mp3)
"Drippy Eye" ( mp3) (source:
More Black Moth Super Rainbow mp3s... here.

And here's some mp3s from Black Moth Super Rainbower POWER PILL FIST:
"Chuckanut Drive" (mp3)
"Sagadraga" (mp3)
"Mashed Potato Legs" (mp3)
More POWER PILL FIST mp3s... here.

Myspace page is here.
Graveface page is here.
Emusic page is here.
Fanatic Promotion is here.

Consider Clicking
- Low Scores has put those EPs from this summer back up... here. Get 'em all... here. Right now, he's working with Stenographer... here.
- UPDATED: Diplo remixes "Veni Vidi Vici" (p'fork mp3) by The Black Lips... here.
- MBV lovers (Japancakes), over at 3hive... here.
- Missed this... Ima Fucking Gymnist on 20 Jazz Funk Greats... here.
- The Yellow Stereo looks at Pale Young Gentlemen... here.

Black Moth Super Rainbow

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Thursday, October 18

Heaven Stems (Pink Skull Remix) By Health

Bleep Blorp ORP ORP! Time for a Health Remix.

Downloadable: "Heaven Stems (Pink Skull Remix)" ( mp3) (source: myspace)

Myspace page is here.
LOVEPUMP Records is here.
More Remixes... here.
Pink Skull is here.

Consider Clicking
- Jimmy Legs of Motico goes off on CMJ... here. Personally, I eschew CMJ. AND what is up with this sandal... um... scandal... that I missed last month? huh?
- More new mp3s from The Octopus Project... "Bees Bein' Strugglin" (mp3) and "An Evening With Rthrtha" (mp3)
- More Celebration remixes at MISSING TOOF... here.
- Black Kids take over The Yellow Stereo... here.
- Le Loup live at KEXP is now available at The Smudge... here.
- Le Tigre is wearing SUCKAPANTS... here.
- Enjoy some All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors over at BOAWS... here.


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Wednesday, October 17

Hello Fuji Boy By Oh Astro

Ack! still figuring out hosting issues.

Anyway, here's a little treat from yr friends at Fanatic....

Downloadable: "Hello Fuji Boy" By Oh Astro

Never thought I would type this phrase: Best Lionel Ritchie Sample Ever.

Myspace page is here.
Illegal Art is here.
Emusic page is here.

More Consider Clicking next post.

Oh Astro


Monday, October 15

The Catch By Forget Cassettes

Did you like that Forget Cassettes Lounge Act the other month there? Me too.

"The Catch" (mp3)
"Quiero Quieres" (mp3)
"Instruments Of Action" (mp3)
"Ms. Rhythm And Blues" (mp3)

Official site is here.
Myspace page is here.
Theory 8 is here.

Consider Clicking
- s k a t t e r b r a i n has a Tullycraft post... here.
- OFFICE, Man Man, and Earlimart are featured on The Yellow Stereo... here.
- It's neobritpop goodness over at the internet blog mfr. with Soft... here.
- motel de moka has a new mix entitled, The Echoes... here.
- My favorite new band name... Freedom Haters!

Forget Cassettes

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Sunday, October 14

Secret City By Abe Vigoda

Holy shit. That's a long ass Abe Vigoda song (at least by Abe Vigoda standards).

Download: "Secret City" ( mp3) (source: myspace)

Abe's life blog is here.
Post Present Medium page is here.
Not Not Fun is here.

Consider Clicking
- Ear Farm posts some Forms... here.
- I have got to agree with Kim... here. The world don't need anymore "Bam Thwok" (itunes).
- Idolator posts two mp3s this month? 'Member when they actually posted mp3s? I know I do. More from the Skull Disco label... here.
- Worst Interview, Ever?... here.
- Q: Acoustic Sonic Youth? A: Aquarium Drunkard... here.

Abe Vigoda

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Thursday, October 11

Need Your Needs By Georgie James

Georgie James is Laura Burhenn (of Laura Burhenn fame) and John Davis (of Q And Not U, uh... fame). They're crafting some straight up indie pop. It is not Q And Not U-ish at all. That's not a bad thing, per se. You dig?

"Need Your Needs" (mp3)
"Cake Parade" (mp3)

Myspace page is here.
Saddle Creek is here.

Big Ups to miss s!

Consider Clicking
- MISSING TOOF has a remix of Crystal Castles done by Futurecop! which has a bloorpy glitch groovy once you get past that intro (ack)... here.
- The Annuals and Manchester Orchestra cover each other on the f'cast... here.
Listen... to Manchester Orchestra doing "Brother (Annuals Cover)" (mp3)
- Check out ham1 at captain's dead... here.
Listen: "Tree Of Birds" (mp3)
- Insound and CMJ have put out a free sampler with Jesu, Health, Georgie James (see above), The Octopus Project, We Are Wolves, and so much more.... here. (Thanks to MOKB).

<br />Georgie James

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Wednesday, October 10

Converging In The Quiet By Crystal Stilts

Whaaa? An In Rainbows-free post? 'nuff of that elsewhere.
Remember this post? If not, you gots to listen to some Crystal Stilts.

crystal stilts

Downloadables (source: myspace):
"Converging In The Quiet" ( mp3)
"Crippled Croon" ( mp3)
"The Sinking" ( mp3)

Thanks to Chris for the Crystal Stilts tip.

Consider Clicking
- Check out a tribute to one of the last good R.E.M. albums... here.
- New Grizzly Bear is up at s'gum (it features Beirut and The Dirty Projectors)... here.
- "Short Songs!" (mp3) Check out the latest Contrast Podcast... here.
- Spinner's mp3 of the day is "1209 Seminary" (mp3) by The Ponys... here.

The EP comes out soon according to the ol' myspace page.

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Monday, October 8

Fri/End By Thurston Moore

Wow, Thurston Moore is my favorite new singer-songwriter.

Downloadable: "Fri/End" ( mp3) (source: insound)

Myspace page is (sorta) here.
Sonic Youth is here.
Thurston's dotsonic's page (Protest Records) is here.
Emusic page is here.

Protest Records' Sonic Youth freebie BONUS: "Youth Against Fascism" (mp3)

Consider Clicking
- Motico is back. New gigs soon. More info at Jimmylegs... here.
Listen: "Short Term Effects" (mp3)
- NEVVER posts some Blue Cheer... here.
- Wish that 90's slowcore had a wee more umph? Check out Narrows over at BOAWS... here.
Listen: "Need For Progress" (mp3)

Thurston Moore

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Sunday, October 7

Just As The Day Was Dawning By Big Business

OK, it's time for some Big Business.

Downloadable: "Just As The Day Was Dawning" (mp3) (source: pitchfork)
Streamable: "O.G. (Live)" (youtube vid)

Myspace page is here.
Hydrahead is here.

Here are some pics from last nights Melvins/Big Business show at Luna Lounge (A Purge Of Dissidents also played, but I missed them):

Blurry Big Business
Big Business

More Big Business
Big Business

Drums, I think
Big Business

Another Fucked Photo Of Big Business Drumming
Big Business

Big Business

Some Olde Timey Big Business
Big Business

Melvins With Big Business In Arty Black & White

Synchronized Drumming Action, Melvins Style

Dark Lord Of The Melvins... Buzzo

"A Civilized Worm" (mp3)
"Goin' Blind (Kiss Cover)" (mp3)

Consider Clicking
- There's a Henry Darger-themed post at Shake Your Fist... here. There's even a song by Fucked Up, that seems preeeety apt to me.
Darger @
source: hammer gallery
- Beirut on KEXP? *sixeyes has more... here.
- Some AiH remixes and whatnot are over at Bridging The Atlantic... here.

A Candid Photo Of Big Business
Big Business

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Saturday, October 6

The Pyramid By Love Of Diagrams

Kickass Australian postpunk outfit, Love Of Diagrams have a new(ish) mp3 on their music page at casa de la Matador. Take a listen.

Downloadable: "The Pyramid" (mp3)

Love Of Diagrams

They are on tour with the good folks of Enon. And Enon sound like this:

Downloadable: "Natural Disasters" (mp3) (if this link gives you a hard time click here)

More tour dates and what-not... here. Much thanks to the Matablog of the internets.

Myspace page is here.
Matador page is here.
Unstable Ape is here.
The Passport Label page is here.
Wiki Wiki Wiki here.
Emusic page is here.

Consider Clicking
- OFF THE RECORD has posted three tracks from the cymbal-free postpunksurf NYCers Crystal Stilts... here.
- The f'cast has an acoustic version of "Delivery" by Babyshambles just for you... here. Listen: "Delivery (Acoustic Version)" (mp3)
- The internet blog CYSTSFTS? delves into the world of metallic tinged hardcore punk in a post about Fight Pretty... here.

A Lyric Diagram For A Different Song
Love Of Diagrams

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Friday, October 5

Takes Slowly Over By Cut Off Your Hands

In less than a week, you can get yerself The Shaky Hands EP. It contains Aotearoaen postpunky goodness from Cut Off Your Hands, the band that had to change their name because of another band in heavy rotation around here... The Shaky Hands (of ORE). More deets about the name change... here.

Here's a preview (i.e. our favorite track from The Shaky Hands EP): "Takes Slowly Over" (mp3)
"Takes Slowly Over" ( mp3)

And just in case you didn't get it during GT's extensive (ha!) SXSW 2007 coverage (here): "You And I" (mp3)

And just in case you are more visually oriented: "You And I" (youtube vid)

Old myspace page is here.
IAMSOUND page is here.
IAMSOUND preorder page is here.

Cut Off Your Hands

Consider Clicking
- Preview the new new new album from The Octopus Project at Everyone Could Be Light Green... here. The songs sound something like this: "Truck" (mp3)
- Do you like "it" cute? They you might like Ice Cream Socialists from Athens, GA. Read a Cable And Tweed post... here.
- The $220,000 playlist? It sucks. Thanks Idolator... here.
- Hey Hey... Monolith 2007 recap (avec mp3s and youtube vids! also, photos) over at WOXY's The Futurist... here.
- The RSTB Singles Club strikes again! This time it's Jesu (pronounced, let me get this right... YAE! SUE!???)... here. Listen to a Williams Street freebie: "Silver (Original Beats)" (mp3)

Cut Off Your Hands

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Thursday, October 4

Easy Chairs By Suckers

Here are some photos from last Saturday's Muggabears/Suckers sorta sweaty show at Soundfix:

The Suckers Were Quite Kick Ass
The Suckers At Soundfix

The Muggabears
Muggabears At Soundfix
Muggabears At Soundfix

A Blurry Sweaty Travis
Muggabears At Soundfix

Suckers Downloadable: "Easy Chairs" ( mp3) (source: myspace)

Pre-NYC Muggabears a/k/a The Muggabears a/k/a The Oklahoma Muggabears Downloadable: "No No Waspy Wasp" (yousendit mp3)

Consider Clicking:
- Via Audio also played that night (but I got there too late, oh well), more about them + mp3s at i rock i roll... here. Older Via Audio: "Developing Active People" (mp3)
- YANP's wish came true. Check out a non-live version of "If You Take Away the Make-Up" by Tullycraft... here.
- Props to Oh My Rockness for pointing out Shocking Pinks... here. Listen: "This Aching Deal" (mp3)
- Just Gimme Indie Rock goes METAL with High On Fire... here. Watch some HoF: "Hung, Drawn, and Quartered" (youtube vid)
- new new new White Demin at The White Demin Fan Club... no wait, I mean... GvsB (just kidding, GvsB is awesome)... here.
- A Daytrotter comp on emusic? Check it out... here.
- Did Bungie buy itself back from Mr. Bill? More about that here.


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