Friday, November 30

Pinkies By The Big Sleep

If you have not heard the new new new track from The Big Sleep over at I Rock Cleveland as of yet, perhaps you listen to it now. Why not?

Downloadable: "Pinkies" (mp3)

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Consider Clicking
- The Music Slut dug up a youtube vid of Matt & Kim playing "Yea Yeah" (mp3) only it's unamplified... here.
- There's two mixes for you to check out today in the land of the blogs. One is at Instrumental Analysis... here, and the other is at Built On A Weak Spot... here.
- Get some Toots at NEVVER... here.
- Copyright Haterz Rejoice! Negativland have a big reissue coming out, A BIG 10-8 PLACE. Here is a taste: "Theme From A Big 10-8 Place" (mp3) and "Four Fingers" (mp3)

The Big Sleep

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Killers By Psychic Ills

Brooklyn's Psychic Ills create a blend of spacerock, nowave and postrock. And I'm not even gonna mention Kevin Shields. Enjoy!

"Killers" (mp3)
"4am" (mp3)
"January Rain" (mp3)
"Another Day" (zip of mp4)

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Consider Clicking
- THIS is ridiculous.
- The Sound Of Indie has posted a demo of "Adidas My Ass" by Air Miami... here.
- Sharon Jones And The Dap-Kings LIVE!!! (on NPR) now appearing at Cable & Tweed... here.
- Taken By Trees (with former Concretes vocalist, Victoria Bergsman) are over at Quick, Before It Melts... here.
- An Aquarium Drunkard has posted two tracks from The Shaky Hands new tour EP... here.
- The Rawking Refuses To Stop says THIS is greatest video of all time... here.
- P'fork has two new mp3s for your consideration, Kevin Drew covering "Age Of Consent" (mp3) by New Order live on Fair Game... here (more KD on FG over at The Smudge), and Bubblegum Lemonade playing "Tyler" (mp3)... here.
- MOKB has posted a new track from The Dodos... here. Here is an slightly older Dodos track: "The Ball" (mp3)
- Download "World As A Waiting Room" by White Demin at RCRDLBL... here.
- Off The Radar knows that dubsteppers Burial are hot shit (thanks maybe to Radiohead? huh?)... here.

Psychic Ills

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Wednesday, November 28

Lovely Weather By The Vandelles

This popped in the ol' inbox the other day. It's The Vandelles. The are filled with surfy JAMC goodness.

"Lovely Weather" (mp3)
"Swell To Heaven" (mp3)

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Consider Clicking a/k/a The Big Also
- Low Scores remixes Rick Ro$$. Listen: "Hustlin' (Low Scores Remix)" (mp3)
- High Places hit p'fork with free mp3... here. Download it: "New Grace" (mp3)
- Muzak For Cybernetics posts about that new Pixies tribute... here.
- Where's my Martini?
- EARFARM has three (mp3s) for free. What are they? Click... here.
- Quick Question: Are you in the mood for some "epic" psychrock? Look no further. Black Mountain - "Tyrants" (mp3)
- Spacemen 3 demo craziness at An Aquarium Drunkard... here.
- Have you heard about this thing that Ruby Isle are doing? Well, the next installment is here. Listen: "Aly, Walk With Me (Raveonettes Cover)" (mp3)
- XXJFg commemorates Black Dice, Flipper and others... here.

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Monday, November 26

Untitled (Daytrotter Session) By The Cave Singers


GT faves The Cave Singers featured on GT fave Daytrotter with a new (still untitled) track.

Listen: "Untitled (Daytrotter Session)" ( mp3)

Download the whole damn session: here

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Consider Clicking
- new new new Cadence Weapon over at p'fork. Downloadable: "In Search Of The Youth Crew" (mp3). More... here.
- The Raveonettes are also getting mucho hypo with this... Downloadable: "Aly Walk With Me" (mp3). Understandable, I guess.
(source: flickr)

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Thursday, November 22

Remove Starbucks And Disney By Stop Shopping Gospel Choir

Tomorrow is Buy Nothing Day.

Buy Nothing Day

So, what should you do while you are not buying stuff tomorrow?

(a) Credit card cut up... "Volunteers stand in a shopping mall with a pair of scissors and a sign offering a simple service: to put an end to extortionate interest rates and mounting debt with one considerate cut."

(b) Whirl–mart... "This activity has the advantage of being most likely to piss off security personnel. You and nine of your closest friends silently drive your shopping carts around in a long, inexplicable conga line without ever actually buying anything."

(c) More ideas... here.


(d) Get down with Reverend Billy And The Stop Shopping Gospel Choir.

"Remove Starbucks And Disney" (mp3)
"Stop Shopping" (mp3)
"Reverend Billy Interview On WNYC" (mp3) (source: The Brian Lehrer Show)
"Credit Card Exorcism On WNYC" (youtube)

And if you are gonna buy something, why not buy a book about anti-consumerism?

Reverend Billy

Consider Clicking
- This week on the Contrast Podcast... 1986! Listen: "1986" (mp3)
- "Low Bay Of Sky" (mp3) by Richard Youngs
- Another new new new GoF mp3... here.
- Stream some new The Kills over at Stereogum... here.
- I'm just glad someone over at Idolator still likes Big Black... here.
- Happy (non-heritage) Turkey (with little genetic diversity):

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Tuesday, November 20

New Direction By The YMD

The YMD (formerly known as Yah Mos Def) are gonna release Excuse Me, This Is Yah Mos Def early next year. Now, this MAY be changed to Excuse Me, This Is The YMD, but I'm just guessing.

Listen: "New Direction" ( mp3)

Hey, anyone sampling Bikini Kill and Minor Threat have got my vote, and with a song title like "Jive Like Jehu," one can only hope for a feedbacky sampling of Drive Like Jehu. You know, something like this... "Caress" (yousendit).

My Pal God is here.
More about that album release and the name change... here.

Consider Clicking
- Badical Beats reports on new blog based record label, RCRD LBL... here. What's it got? Hows about some Grizzly Bear.
- Have you listened to the Deerhunter's Daytrotter session, yet? Here's a taste: "Cavalry Scars" ( mp3). Get the whole damn thing... here.
- Bushwick Is Beautiful has a new mix entitled, Getting Lost in the Rhythm... here (not Mac Firefox friendly, boo!).
- OFF THE RECORD posts some Skylarkin (not Skylarking)... here.


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Friday, November 16

Mr. T Cereal By dd/mm/yyyy

Q: Mr. T Cereal?? Really?
A: Yes. dd/mm/yyyy makes Mr. T Cereal now.

So listen already (why not?): "Mr. T Cereal" ( mp3) (source: myspace) from the album Are They Masks?

NOTE: While I do have vague recollections of Mr. T cereal, but I heard about "Mr. T Cereal" (the song not the cereal) on the Oh My Rockness podcast... here.

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Consider Clicking
- Charge your ipod with an onion and some gatorade. Huh?
- The internet blog musicisart gets those recent Radiohead happenings all jammed up into one place. Dig 'em (not a cereal reference)... here.
- new new new Sons & Daughters is up at FLUXBLOG... here. FYI: The new album, This Gift drops in January 2008.
- Click Here... Then (a) laugh, (b) cry, (c) look confused, (d) all of the above.


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Wednesday, November 14

VIDEO: Polio By Pterodactyl

Q: Where is that bicycle wheel going?

Polio By Pterodactyl

A: Only Pterodactyl knows (and maybe a few people from Brooklyn).

Watch: "Polio" (mov)
Listen: "Polio" (mp3)

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Jagjaguwar page is here.
Brah Records are here.
Cardboard Records are here.

Consider Clicking
- New Duke Spirit!!! "Lassoo" (mp3)
- S'gum has Mogwai covering the Pixies and it sounds very very noisy... here.
- What happens when a bunch of music bloggers all press random at the same time? find out... here, or just listen to... "Contrast Podcast 85 - Random Shuffle" (mp3)
- Should you get Miro?... here.
- Niggy Tardust = Nine Inch Williams or Saul Inch Nails? Get it fer free or $5... here.
- 1990's flashback! Juno! BOAWS!... here.
- I Like Japanese Hardcore covering Cub and Go Sailor. Gotta be Copy, Right?... here.
- thepunkguy essential albums series looks at McLusky's The Difference Between Me And You Is That I’m Not On Fire... here.
- Budos Band remixed? Check it out on Spinner... here, or listen to "'T.I.B.W.F.' (Hank Shocklee Remix)" (aol mp3)


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Tuesday, November 13

Vomiting Mirrors By Clockcleaner

I feel like I posted "Vomiting Mirrors" (mp3) by Clockcleaner sometime this summer (that's 'cuz I did). But, I don't think I posted these here tracks from clockcleaner dot net.

Download and Turn Volume Up:
"In The Shit" (mp3)
"Missing Dick" (mp3)
"Hands Are For Folding" (mp3)

Myspace page is here.
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Consider Clicking
- Stereogum has that new Radiohead track. Get it here, or here... "Unravel (Pocket Mix)" (mp3)
- Instrumental Analysis help introduce Austinites The Black to the Northeast... here.
- Comfort Radio has some crazyass Patton-esque pop covers from Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra... here.
- No Age's "Dead Plane" is up at 20 Jazz Funk Greats... here.
- The Seedy Seeds were in the Lounge at WOXY... here. Listen to it here... "The Seedy Seeds on WOXY" (mp3)


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Monday, November 12

Lovely Allen By Holy Fuck

Holy Fuck! that's filled with postrocky goodness!

Downloadable: "Lovely Allen" (mp3)

Myspace page is here.
Beggars Group page is here.
Young Turks are here.

Consider Clicking
- 3hive has one post about former Helium-ite, Mary Timony (here) and another post about The Teenagers and their obsession with Scarlett Johansson (here).
- 20 Jazz Funk Greats posts the psychedelic horseshit of Psychedelic Horseshit (I kid, I kid)... here.
- The Sound Of Indie has posted a boot of Celebration live in LA... here.

Holy Fuck

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Sunday, November 11

Through the Backyards By Au Revoir Simone

Came across this a while ago and totally forgot about. Sorry Au Revoir Simone, I shoulda posted this waaay back in... uhhh... October. For the uninitiated: three women, three keyboards, great indie pop.

"Through The Backyards" (mp3)

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Moshi Moshi page is here.
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Consider Clicking
- TIMEDOOR puts the spotlight on Polvo... here.
- I'm pretty sure Búscate Un Novio recommends PRE... here.
- Bushwick Is Beautiful's Sunday Mix featuring the likes of Talking Heads, Radiohead, Feist, and Burial is available in all its' yousendit glory... here.

au revoir simone

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Friday, November 9

(My Head)/R.I.P. Allegory By Times New Viking

So Matador dropped a two track mp3 from the new new new Times New Viking... here.

Dig it: "(My Head)/R.I.P. Allegory" (matador mp3)

This is what the new album, Rip It Off will look like:
Times New Viking

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Consider Clicking
- I Rock Cleveland has the new Times New Viking mp3... here (hey wait a sec).
- Music blogs are killing music? Yeah right.
- The internet blog hangin' out in 100b has posted some "Titanic Vandalism"... here. It's from The Go! Team.

Here are some blurry (Damn you Ballantine!) photos from the Motico show last night at Goodbye Blue Monday. Unfortunately, they have not re-worked "The Smartest Tree in the Forest" (mp3) for the new no-bass format. Oh well. Oh yeah, the photos:
Motico at GBM
Motico at GBM
Motico at GBM

Also check out dirtybookart dot com
dirty book art dot com

Also check out DUNE in the GBM bathroom

More GBM bathroom art
Bathroom at GBM

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Thursday, November 8

World Heart By Abe Vigoda

WARNING: The music in the post below may be annoying to your S.O. (significant other). Please use it wisely. Anywho, here's two new new new Abe Vigoda mp3s.

Download, Download:
"World Heart" ( mp3)
"Animal Ghosts" ( mp3)
(source: myspace)

BONUS?: There are two more freebies in myspaceland.

Abe's life blog is here.
Post Present Medium page is (sort of) here, maybe.
Not Not Fun is here.
Purchase the "World Heart" 7" at Zum... here.

Consider Clicking
- I Rock Cleveland puts Psychedelic Horseshit, Shooting Spires, and Holy Fuck through the ol' Rock-o-Meter (in an All Noise Edition)... here.
- Raven Sings The Blues also looks at Shooting Spires' new effort... here.
- I looked at Shooting Spires... here. Alas, I don't have the new album... yet.
- Captain's Dead found a kickass Minutemen recording... here.
- 3hive continues to post Dischord bands. This time it's Jawbox... here.
- I don't need to post this.

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Wednesday, November 7

The Forms On WOXY

So, The Forms were in The Lounge the other day.

"The Forms on WOXY" (mp3)

The Deets:
"Knowledge In Hand" (threespheres mp3)
"Red Gun"
- interview -
"Bones" (threespheres mp3)

WOXY notes: "The band also performed a cover of Nirvana's "All Apologies" in the Lounge which we cannot include in this podcast. We're hoping to live our entire lives without any communication from Courtney Love!"

I gots to say that makes A LOT of sense, and it makes me kinda regret this post.

Myspace page is here.
Three Spheres are here.
Flickr page is here.

Consider Clicking
- You know I loves me some Public Broadcasting. Well, CMJ reports there is a new NPR music site. Check it out here. PRI, I love you, too. Especially for this.
- Matablog says LoD has a neat merchandising idea... here. Design-Your-Own Tees. Like a Choose Your Own Adventure, only it's a shirt... here.
- The Sound Of Indie has posted a live version of The Feelies' playing "Paint It Black"... here.
- SUCKAPANTS has... ummm... uhh... Dude-Doo, and Saul Williams doing U2... here.

The Forms On WOXY

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Tuesday, November 6

The Life Here By Yea Big + Kid Static

'Member this post??

Well... now the good folks at Fanatic have put up two more songs by the Chi-town hip-hop action unit known as Yea Big + Kid Static.

Listen with your ears:
"The Life Here" (mp3)
"The Basement/Enfant Terrible" (mp3)

Stream some 1's and 0's from the internets directly into your eyes:
"The Life Here" (youtube)

Yea Big is here
Kid Static is here
Jib Door is here.
More mp3s here.

Consider Clicking
- The Libertines have a best of coming out. While this might not be absolutely necessary, it does mean... FREE MP3! "Time For Heroes" (mp3)
- Have you seen this vid from Bat Rider?? Me like!
- 3hive acknowledges the existence of Dischord and posts about The Evens... here.
- Grizzly Bear's new one that was once streamable is now downloadable from YANP... here. I am talking of "Blackcurrant Jam".
- Sexton Blake doin' covers over at Copy, Right?... here.
- Archie Bronson Outfit-heads must find out more about The Pyramids... here.
- Another double batch of goodness from The Smudge Of Ashen Fluff. Statehood is made up of former Dismemberment Plan alums... here... AND the new pianodriven PJ on KCRW... here.

Yea Big + Kid Static

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Sunday, November 4

One Man Tag Crew By Dub Trio

So, Dub Trio play a big mishmash of rock, punk, metal, and of course the dub (a la King Tubby). They don't sing and apparently they are "not going to start singing," but they are not adverse to working with people who sing.

"One Man Tag Crew" ( mp3) (source: insound)

BONUS with vocals:
"Not Alone" (yousendit mp3) by Dub Trio with Mike Patton/Peeping Tom

Bonus without vocals:
"A whole Dub Trio show at Piano's on 5/23/2006 (without track names, grrrr)" (zip)
More info and downloads... here.

Myspace page is here.
ROIR USA is here.

Consider Clicking
- Captain's Dead has a The Frames / Tiger! Tiger! / Pixies themed post... here.
- Pogo-A-Go-Go posts The Cure and Ozzy, Together At Last!!! and Help She Can't Swim... here.
- Inlet's Sebastian Krueger plays banjo and has connections to Sufjan, My Brighest Diamond, and Feist. The sixeyes MP3 blog has links to mp3s and a free EP... here.
- Raindog's Rants has a QOTSA cover of your favorite incest song, "White Wedding"... here.
- Swan Fungus posts about "one-legged Lithuanian lesbians" and other stuff. Then it gets HEAVY... here.
- The internet blog you shall know our discography has posted A Dime Map of the Reef 7" EP by The Silver Jews... here.

Dub Trio

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Thursday, November 1

Crank That (Soulja Boy)(Low Scores Remix) By Soulja Boy

Gots to admit... Don't know the original. I imagine it samples "Superman" (youtube vid) by R.E.M., am I right? Prolly not. This song is by the receiver of extremely poor reviews, Soulja Boy. Here's "Crank That" as remixed by Low Scores.

"Crank That (Soulja Boy)(Low Scores Remix)" (mp3)

Consider Clicking: Video Edition

The Pyramid by Love Of Diagrams

Comfy In Nautica by Panda Bear

Evil Son by Willowz

Me trudge to Kitting Factory? Yep.
Enon & Love Of Diagrams

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