Wednesday, January 30

The Sad Businessman By Company

Oneida's record label (Brah) is putting out Company's new record next month. It is entitled Old Baby. What is Company? I hear they are "a songwriting collective and rock band rooted in folk, punk, country, and psychedelic traditions."

Take a listen to the new one: "The Sad Businessman" (mp3)

Or listen to some older material:
"In The Jaws Of The Lion" (mp3)
"Red Army Blues" (mp3)
"Lantern" (mp3)

Myspace page is here.
Jagjaguwar page is here.
Emusic page is here.
Preorder Old Baby here.
More mp3s here and here.

Consider Clicking
- David Byrne covering The Fiery Furnaces?? Fluxblog has it... here.
- Matador signs Jaguar Love. It's about time. More about that here (with mp3) and here (without).
- Marble Valley put a new non-album track ("art pistols") up on its myspace... here.
- AOL's Spinner posts some "House Music" (mp3) by Edmonton's own Cadence Weapon... here. More Cadence Weapon: "Black Hand" (mp3) and "The Gorilla Is For Sand Racing" (mp3)
- The Oranges Band has some new old tracks for download... here.
- No more Rapidshare for reals?? Oh Noes!!
- Have you heard that new Gnarls? Are you ready for the backlash? Can you listen to St. Elsewhere yet without cringing a little bit? Click then listen... here.
- Speaking of backlash... Stereogum talks Vampire Weekend backlash... here. Listen to Vampire Weekend's Daytrotter session... here.
- Damn Hubris! "Pride" (mp3) is the new Contrast Podcast.
- Meant to post some Mofongo a while ago, but I never got around to it. Listen: "Tumbao" (mp3) "Loco" (mp3)


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Sunday, January 27

Hibernation By Blood On The Wall

jangly + screamy = me like

I feel like I should have more to say about Liferz by Blood On The Wall. But I don't. Just listen, ok.

Downloadable: "Hibernation" ( mp3) (source: the social registry)

Myspace page is here.
The Social Registry is here.
Emusic page is here.

Blood On The Wall
source: Kid Swinging

Consider Clicking
- SUCKAPANTS has shots to the Idiotarod 2008... here.
- Has anyone check out the free A Million Billion EP (as seen at sctas dot com)?
- Speaking of free albums, just what is Rhymefest thinking? I know, he really likes Michael Jackson. Perhaps he is going too far... here.
- Know any bands from Newcastle? Just Gimme Indie Rock has a primer... here.
- your head's not right posts about Foals... here.
- Dean And Britta do a song for Yo Gabba Gabba... here. Thanks, A Head Full Of Wishes.
- Hangin' Out In 100b give the 100best treatment to The Ramones... here.
- tsururadio posts a vinyl rip of In My Own Time by Karen Dalton... here.

Blood On The Wall

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Thursday, January 24

The March By Telepathe

Ack... can't stop listening to: "Chromes On It" (p'fork mp3) by Telepathe (pronounced "telepathy")

Because of this fact, I went clicking around and found something else to post by Telepathe. While they are presently on Drowned In Sound Recordings, Telepathe put a little something out on The Social Registry the other year.

This is what I found: "The March" (mp3)

Their new album... Dance Mother (produced by David Sitek) is coming out sometime this year.

RCRDLBL page is here.
DiScover page is here.
Drownloads are here.

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- SUCKA PANTS posts about iphones and upcoming events (example) and The Tallest Man On Earth... here.
- BIGSTEREO posts about them Aussies, The Emergency... here.
- This is pretty neat. Go
- AD looks at two new releases... one from The Radar Bros. and the other is from Dengue Fever... here.
- Hey crafty types... make an ipod cozy in, like, 5 minutes... here.
- Looks like someone's been "Taking Drugs to Make Music to Take Drugs to"... Listen: "Stains" (mp3) by Flying. P'forkcast page is here.
- Did you get those Deerhunter and Atlas Sound demos and outtakes yet?... here.
- The Big Sleep is Ear Farm's Band Of The Week... here.
- And Now It Time For A MASSIVE Sub Pop Update. Did you think "Innocent Bones" (sub pop mp3) by Iron And Wine was gonna be that last mp3 posted by Sub Pop ever? I know I did. I was wrong.

Listen Up:
"No One's Gonna Love You" (sub pop mp3) by Band Of Horses
"Tane Mahuta" (sub pop mp3) by The Ruby Suns
"Idle Hands" (sub pop mp3) by The Gutter Twins
"Torn Blue Foam Couch" (sub pop mp3) by Grand Archives
"Your Reverie" (sub pop mp3) by Kelley Stoltz
"Keep Your Eyes Ahead" (sub pop mp3) by The Helio Sequence
"Plan, Steal, Drive" (sub pop mp3) by Kinski

And don't forget you can get 192khz Mp3s from Sub Pop's Digital Store at $9.90 an album... here. If you don't own Superfuzz Bigmuff + Early Singles or (gasp) Bleach, make with the downloading.


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Tuesday, January 22


It's time for a video by LA noise-loving wunderkins NO AGE.

Watch this with your eyeballs: "Boy Void" (smallish mov)

The Smell

PPM page is here.
Upset The Rhythm page is here.
FatCat page is here.

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- Listen to Lenny's MLK gospel mix... here.
- Six Eyes has a new mix up (finally)... here.
- Lamestain looks at early Screaming Trees (with a nice fat zip at the end)... here.
- Crackers United posts "Art School Girls of Doom" by Panda Riot... here.
- Tullycraft posts some Beat Happening... here.
- New New New Bob Mould @ KEXP... here.
- Pitchfork's Forkcast has two new recordings for your consideration... (1) "Fata Morgana" by El Guincho, and (2) "Protective Nourishment" by Foot Village... here and here, respectively.
- Captain's Dead has The Beatles boot, More Sweet Apples... here.
- BIGSTEREO is excited for the new Kills record... here.


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Monday, January 21

Trust By Autopilot

So, I finally got around to listening to the The Snikative Sessions (circa 2005) by Autopilot of Portland.

Here are some choice tracks:
"Trust" (mp3)
"Pine Box Town" (mp3)
"Instrumental" (mp3)

Watch "Bones" (vimeo)

Myspace page is here.
Stereotype Records page is here.
If you likey the mp3s above, get the rest here.

Consider Clicking
- Keep The Coffee Coming gives you the "Midnight Special" (a la Huddie William Ledbetter a/k/a Lead Belly)... here.
- I never really got into John Vanderslice. Now I have another chance thanks to Daytrotter... here. Listen to a non-Daytrotter session: "White Dove" (mp3)
- Southern Shelter has posted a pretty nice boot of The Black Lips... here.
- Nothin' Sez Somethin' posts about 100 million albums sold by The Ventures... here.
- One more Best Of Oh Seven post... reidmix posts about the Top 12 bands of 2007 according to their charts (guess what, Panda Bear is not #1, he's #2)... here.
- The Of Mirror Eye posts about The Boredoms (who are performing in the round at Terminal 5 on 3/30)... here.
- AM 180 has three items for your consideration... Architecture In Helsinki remixed by U-Tern, Coltrane Motion, and Psychedelic Horseshit... here.

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Sunday, January 20

Never Had Less By Grafton

Q: What's up with Ohio?
A: Ohio, well... rocks. First it was The Black Keys, then Times New Viking, and El Jesus De Magico and Psychedelic Horseshit. And now Grafton.

A little about Grafton (a/k/a Lou Poster, Jason McKiernan, and Chris Burney): they sound like "a knife fight between Mudhoney and Mule officiated by a man with his leg in a beartrap." Rock!

Quick Aside: speaking of bear traps... what the fuck is this?

"Never Had Less" (mp3)
"Run My Mouth" (mp3)
"Rise In Kind" (mp3)
"I've Been Lookin'" (mp3)

Dead Canary Records page is here.
CDR is here.
Emusic page is here.
More mp3s are here.

Consider Clicking
- Thurston "Porn" Moore??
- Soviet Panda has the radioless version of Songs for the Deaf, don't know... I kinda like the radio bits. Anyway check it out... here.
- The Really Like Report: Battle Of The Midwestern Housewives really likes Teenage Bottlerocket... here, and Lost In Your Inbox really likes Delta Spirit... here.
- DISCO-NOT-DISCO posts some High On Fire... here.
- Rock Sellout posts about Rafter... here. Listen: "ZZZPenchant" (mp3)


Oh yeah... here's a crappy ass photo from last night's Blonde Redhead show (what can I say, they sounded much better upstairs).

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Friday, January 18

DROP-OUT By Times New Viking

What to say about Times New Viking?

1. They have a new album coming out, Rip It Off (a concept album about a Band-aid?? Prolly not).
2. I posted about them about one year ago... here.
3. They are from Ohio.
4. Their recordings are LOUD.

New Downloadables from Matador:
"DROP-OUT" (matador mp3)
"(My Head)/R.I.P. Allegory" (matador mp3)

Old Downloadables in a ysi style:
"We Got Rocket" (ysi mp3)
"Natural Resources, I Love Mine" (ysi mp3)
"Teenage Lust!" (ysi mp3)

Matador page is here.
Siltbreeze is here.
CDR is here.
Emusic page is here.
Pre-order Rip It Off... here.

Consider Clicking
- Bklyn Vegan reveals the Week in METAL (including a mp3 from Lair Of The Minotaur)... here.
- Music For Robots posts the new new new piano ballad by Hot Chip... here. One can also download the new song from p'fork... "Made In The Dark" (p'fork mp3)
- Tullycraft stage their own little Rock And Roll Swindle... here.
- Chromeo get the "Money for Nothing" treatment in "Bonafide Lovin'" (mov)
- More Video? Comedy Troupe/Indie Rockers We Are Scientists have a new one. Stream "After Hours"... here. Props to s'gum and YANP.

Times New Viking

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Thursday, January 17

The Muggabears On WOXY

So, The Muggabears stopped by WOXY the other day... here.

Listen to the results: The Muggabears on WOXY (mp3)

Setlist (with some mp3 links to the original songs):
"Guitar Feelings (new/unreleased)" ( mp3 which you may remember from this post)
"The Goth Tarts" (mp3)
"Untitled (new/unreleased)"
"Dead Kid Kicks" (mp3)
"She Bears"

Myspace page is here.
Buy Night Choreography EP here.
Emusic page is here.

A Wee BONUS: "I'm Coming True" ( mp3)

Consider Clicking
- New New New Big Sleep over at p'fork... "Bad Blood" (mp3)
- Mommy, I scared... r-r-remember this? Now there's a studio version: "Wild Thing (Remix)" by Tone Loc remixed by Peaches.
- My inbox had two State Bird mp3s in it... "What's All The Racket In Our Haunted Attic" (mp3) and "The Golden Glowing Mask" (mp3)
- "Smoke Up, Johnny!"... the new Contrast Podcast is all about "Smoking" (mp3).
- Mmmmmm... Yummy Yummy Air. Whaaa?
- Oh No, Oh My! played around at Daytrotter... here.
- I just hope they have a good lawyer.

The Muggabears At WOXY

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Tuesday, January 15

She Dares All Things By Panda Riot

Q: What kind of riot is the cutest riot of them all?
A: Panda Riot. If you like indiepop that is a) swirly, b) shoegazy, c) dreamy, d) Curve-ilicous or e) all of the above... then you should seriously consider listening to these.

"She Dares All Things" ( mp3)
"Like Flowers At Night" ( mp3)
"Book Of Love (Magnetic Fields Cover)" (embedded mp3)

Watch this:
"Olivia On The Downbeat" (youtube vid)

NOTE: You may have seen Panda Riot on Milk Milk Lemonade... Last Year!

Consider Clicking
- Watch "Air War" (mp3) in youtube vid form by Crystal Castles... here.
- WTF?
- Stereogum has some new poppy goodness Somebody Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin... here.

Panda Riot

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Monday, January 14

Debbie (Daytrotter Session) By Architecture In Helsinki

Fresh for 2008! Architecture In Helsinki!!

Architecture In Helsinki

FYI: Four AiH tracks from Places Like This have received the Daytrotter treatment. My fav has got to be "Debbie" (insound mp3 of original version) which gets vocal distortions and what sounds like 8-bit farts to keep things interesting. "Heart It Races" (insound mp3 of original version) comes in a close second with it's focus on percussion and vocals.

Listen To The Daytrotter Session: "Debbie (Daytrotter Session)" ( mp3)

Get the whole damn session... here.

Myspace page is here.
Polyvinyl is here.
Wiki Wiki Wiki here.
Emusic page is here.

Consider Clicking
- The Sound Of Indie has posted an Unrest demo from an undetermined date in the 1980s... here.
- Copyleft! The source code for the original Sim City (now called Micropolis 'cuz of trademark issues) has been release under GPL... here.
- If you missed this interview, I forgive you. But, now you must click here to read Milk Milk Lemonade's post about Polynya.
- 3hive posts some new(ish) Wire... here. UPDATE: "3rd Millennium Girl" (mp3) appears to be a reworking/cleanup of "Three Girl Rhumba" (mp3). You may remember that riff as ripped off by Elastica in "Connection" (mp3). Wire also has a heavy live version available for download: "Three Girl Rhumba (Live)" (live mp3).
- Dead Flowers posts some Foals for you... here.

Architecture In Helsinki

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Sunday, January 13

Air Barriers By Voodoo Economics

When I say "Voodoo Economics" you may (depending on your age) think of this. In the future, that Bushism will fade in significance to if : then :: iminami the free album by... Voodoo Economics. The album is available to anyone with an internet connection... here.

Have a listen then make with the downloading: "Air Barriers" ( mp3)

Consider Clicking
- "Look Ma No [Pants]!"
- IHEARTCOMIX posted the My!Gay!Husband! remix of 1234 by Feist... here.
- There is a massive Brooklyn-themed post on 78s... here.
- The Mainstream Isn't So Bad says hi to the new Say Hi To Your Mom... here.
- Anyone know what is happening with Bottom Of The Hudson?? Listen... "Beehive" (mp3)

Voodoo Economics

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Saturday, January 12

VIDEO: Coffee By Aesop Rock

Ace Norton directs this funny/gross horror-themed Aesop Rock vid for "Coffee" (mp3) featuring John Darnielle.

Watch: "Coffee" (mov)

Def Jux page is here
Emusic page is here.

Consider Clicking
- MTV (yawn) figures out that Brooklyn exists and is filled with bands (shock!) and Stereogum and Brooklyn Vegan take notice... here and here.
- Speaking of Brooklyn, Off The Record takes note of MGMT... here. Listen: "Destrokk" (mp3)
- More Swedes will know about the Crystal Stilts, thanks to this post in Panda magazine.

Aesop Rock

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Friday, January 11

YOUTUBE: Steady As She Goes By Shellac

So, check out this here youtube vid from Shellac.

Watch: Steady As She Goes

1. Video and audio are out of sync (on purpose maybe??), and the audio sounds better than most youtube vids.
2. Not sure who produced this, but there's an intro to something by The Ponys that comes in at the end.
4. Don't look directly into Albini's teeth.

Southern page is here.
Wiki Wiki Wiki here.

Consider Clicking
- "Bubble Pop" (mp3) is the new jam from Del The Funky Homosapien. More about that at GvsB... here.
- Do you need some remedial Misfits 101? Well then... click here. Presented by thepunkguy.
- Copy, Right? has the nerdiest cover of "Got Your Money" ever (it's by Audrey3000), plus sooo much more... here.
- Alright crafty types, here's something you can do with all those irrelevant compact discs you have crammed everywhere (this of course does NOT apply to me).
- Deerhunter side project, Atlas Sound has something new for you at p'fork... here. Listen: "River Card" (mp3)
- Austin doomrockers The Sword have a new cd, Gods Of The Earth. It comes out April 1. More about that including a tracklisting... here. Personally, I can't wait for "Fire Lances Of The Ancient Hyperzephyrians".
- Illegal Art artists, Oh Astro have released the sample source information for Champions of Wonder... OK, now nobody sue them. OK?
The tracklisting with some mp3s:
1. Snow QueenRatatat "Desert Eagle" and Lily Allen "Everything Is Wonderful"
2. "Hello Fuji Boy"Hot Chip "Boy From School," Fujiya & Miyagi "Ankle Injuries," and Lionel Richie "Hello"
3. "Lucy Sees The Moon" – Lucy (their daughter) sings the lyrics to children's song "I See The Moon" and it is filtered through Deanna Durbin "Amapola" and Bing Crosby "If I Had My Way"
4. "Candy Sun Smiles"Busdriver "Sun Shower," Gnarls Barkley "Gone Daddy Gone," and Electronic "Getting Away With It"
05. "Empty Air" – only source is Jim O'Rourke "Good Times"
06. "Xanadu" – Jane Dowe sings the lyrics to "Xanadu" in sync with the original song (originally sung by Olivia Newton John with music by Electric Light Orchestra) filtered through Electronic "Get The Message" (strumming guitar intro) and Xiu Xiu "Bishop, CA". Background contains samples from Pan Tone "Gringo Grinder" and The Killers "Somebody Told Me" (guitar pluck).
07. "Journey To The Center" – Remix of ROC "Journey to the Center of Brixton" (authorized), along with additional drum parts from Stefen Robinson (aka Yea Big).
08. "Itch Box" – Remix of Yea Big "Please Die, and Leave Me Alone" (authorized), which samples vocals from a chain-gang chant from the film Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? Also contains vocal sample from the ROC track, additional drum parts from Stefen Robinson and a synthesized harmonic progression from Tristan Hansen (a student).
09. "Robot Love I Love You" – Ella (their other daughter) sings her own lyric filtered through the Japanese children's song "Inu No Omawarisan" as recorded on the compilation Doikono Douyou.
10. "Quiet Mouth" – only source is Sufjan Stevens "John Wayne Gacy, Jr."
11. "Pet Apples" – only source is The Apples In Stereo "About Your Fame"
- Stereogum declare experimental avantelectronoisers Fuck Buttons a band to watch... here. Watch them... here or here.
- There's a fresh new look at

- UPDATE: Ruby Isle's project pushes forward with "Sax Rhomer #1" (mp3) a cover of the latest in Mt. Goats... here.

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Sunday, January 6

12 Pretty Awesome Mp3s From 2007

So, I realized there were some mp3s that didn't quite make the t11mp3twnfe2007 or the 47 Best Downloadables Of 2007 that helped make 2007 pretty awesome. I share them with you now in no particular order:

"Coffee (Featuring John Darnielle)" (mp3) by Aesop Rock
Comment: "This is what they make you take the medication for." Pretty Awesome.

"D.A.N.C.E. (Tittsworth Remix)" ( mp3) by Justice
Comment: I can't believe I forgot this song, and Tittsworth remix is probably my favorite version of it. Pretty Awesome.

"Heatherwood (Daytrotter Session)" ( mp3) by Deerhunter
Comment: I can't emphasize this enough... Daytrotter is awesome, Pretty Awesome.

"Ex-Guru" (mp3) by Fiery Furnaces
Comment: Sans-Grandma the Furnaces rock out. Pretty Awesome.

"Need Your Needs" (mp3 with a crappy bitrate) by Georgie James
Comments: Probably not what you expected from the breakup of Q And Not U, this track was not included in earlier posts due to a truly shitty bitrate... 64! It's still really good. So listen to it, then buy Places to hear it without that tinny funk. Pretty Awesome.

"Sickos" ( mp3) by Harlem Shakes
Comment: I totally forgot how catchy this song was. I also forgot that it was... Pretty Awesome.

"2080" ( mp3) by Yeasayer
Comment: indie rock + world music = Pretty Awesome.

"To Live And Die In The Airport Lounge" (mp3) My Teenage Stride
Comment: This should take you back to Jan/Feb of 2007. Pretty Awesome.

"Bird Flu" ( mp3) by M.I.A.
Comment: Forget "Paper Planes"... "Bird Flu" is the M.I.A. track that I connected with this past year. Pretty Awesome.

"A Sunday Smile" (mp3) by Beirut
Comment: 2007... Year Of The Take Away Shows! Watch "A Sunday Smile" (take away show). Pretty Awesome.

"The Crystal Cat" ( mp3) by Dan Deacon
Comment: Is it wrong that I wish the dude would just get up on a stage? Still... Pretty Awesome.

"Lovely Weather" (mp3) by The Vandelles
Comment: Some may remember 2007 as the year of the return of the shoegaze, and the Vandelles do it so well. Pretty Awesome.

12 Pretty Awesome Mp3s From 2007

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Saturday, January 5

Armament By A Whisper In The Noise

Want to hear something that is not the same old drums-bass-guitar (not that there's any wrong with that)? Well then... you should turn up some A Whisper In The Noise.

Listen: "Armament" (mp3)

Myspace page is here.
Southern page is here.
Emusic page is here.
Dry Land is here.

Consider Clicking
- Bell covered "Videotape/Eraser (Live)" (mp3) by Radiohead/Thom Yorke on Fair Game.
- Just Gimme Indie Rock has a mix for the weekend... here.
- Ruby Isle's project continues with a mashup of Steve Malkmus and M.I.A.... "The Planes of Baltimore" (mp3)... here.
- New New New Times New Viking... "Drop Out" (mp3)
- New New New Mt. Goats... "Sax Rohmer #1" (mp3)
- Surprise! Amplive meets Warner's lawyers... here.
- How can I not link to Tullycraft's mp3 of yesterday... "All The Records On The Radio Are Shite" by BALLBOY... here.
- The Sharp Ease has a shootoff... Paloma Parfrey has a new band TEMPORARY WAR AND PEACE. More about that... here.
Listen to The Sharpe Ease: "Desert Song" ( mp3)
- Myspace? dirt bird or The Sess
- Missed this the other month... Ricky of Galactic Heroes covering "Come With Me, We'll Win" (mp3) by BOAT
- Time Door has the Compilation Blues... here.
- Here's two more mp3s that are popping up everywhere... "Warning" (mp3) by Wye Oak, and "Right Hand On My Heart" (mp3) by The Whigs (the non-Afghan variety)
- Heartache With Hardwork has Hot Snakes... here.

A Whisper In The Noise

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