Friday, February 29

Balloons By Foals

This here is prettty dang catchy (which you prolly already done heard but fuck it). It's UK whiteboy funk played with math rock precision.

Downloadable: "Balloons" (sub pop mp3) by Foals

Misheard Lyrics = FUN!

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Consider Clicking
- Watch Beck's vid for "Timebomb" (p'fork stream) featuring the crazyass anticonsumerist artwork of Chris Jordan... here.

- Do you know Purkinje Shift?? Maybe you should BOAWS... here. Also, a new monthly mix is up. New Radiant Storm King And Poster Children?? Oh Yeah... here.

- Brooklyn Vegan has a nice roundup of music industry related news and such... here.

- KRS busts out some Panther goodies just for you... Remixes! "On The Lam (Copy Remix)" (mp3) and "Puerto Rican Jukeboxk (Lips And Ribs Remix)" (mp3 with intentional misspelling)

- Tullycraft posts Felt and gives you some Sex Pistols history... here.

Foals make you wanna Jump Jump

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Thursday, February 28

Blue Skies By Die! Die! Die!

Is this song a reaction to "Never Believe" by Ministry (off of The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste)?

Downloadable: "Blue Skies" (mp3) by Die! Die! Die!

Just wondering.

More Die! Die! Die!... here.

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Consider Clicking
- Audio Attention Disorder has a new The Mae Shi song... here.

- The Forkcast posted new new new These New Puritans... here. Listen: "Navigate, Navigate (The Loving Hand Remix)" (mp3)

- Are you going to stream Grizzly Bear on MBE?... here, or just wait for someone to rip it and cut it up.

- Check some new Dirtbombs (and much much more) at yesterday's The Daily Graboid at The Yellow Stereo... here.

Die! Die! Die!

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Wednesday, February 27

Morning Birds By Kirstin Hersh

Kirstin Hersh has a new CASH song (not a Johnny Cash song, did I make that joke last time? oh well), and it rocks.

Download: "Morning Birds" (mp3)

Kristin says: "I especially like the hypnotic repetition in the first part of this track. Each instrument is playing its own loop; only the rhythm guitar and bass are playing together. The resultant cacophony is not as unsettling as you
might think, given that your ear learns a bit more of each part as it goes by."

More CASH songs here.
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Consider Clicking
- The Contrast Podcast is "100" (mp3). The deets are... here.

- The Dodos do do Daytrotter... here.

- Forkcast Flashback! One year ago, Electrelane built up to a climax in "To The East" (p'fork mp3)... here.

- Barack love: Barack Obama Is Your New Bicycle

- Clinton (not) love: Hillary Clinton Is Your New Bicycle

Kirstin Hersh

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Tuesday, February 26

Makeshift Fallout Sifter By Rob Markoff


So, I totally missed the indiefolk sounds of Rob Markoff (former Nerve Generator) at Pete's Candy Store the other night. Next time. Next time.

Downloadable: "Makeshift Fallout Sifter" ( mp3)

Streamable: "Now That You're Breathing" (youtube)

Nerve Generator "very 90's" BONUS: "Favorite Friend" (mp3)

Consider Clicking
- On Daytrotter For The Eyes, watch The Hood Internet tweak knobs and push buttons live... here. While I am not a huge mashup fan, I do get a kick out of their combination of Crystal Castles with (yes) Nice & Smooth... here (zshare).

- It's Tuesday. That means new releases. There's a bunch of streams and mp3s at Large Hearted Boy... here. Muzzle Of Bees recommends two releases (Beach House and Ghostland Observatory)... here. Pop Tarts Suck Toasted recommends NONE (but does post some tracks by Blood On The Wall and Deerhunter, among others)... here.

- The Smudge posts a couple tracks from the new free Smithsonian Folkways compilation on Emusic ... here.

- DFA 1979! Live! CBC 3! DIE (Deaf Indie Elepants)!... here. You remember Death From Above 1979 right? "Dead Womb" (mp3)

Rob Markoff

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Sunday, February 24

Down To Rest By O'Death

Mining part 4

Seriously, if you are going to SXSW, you should know that O'Death are not to missed live. They take folkpunk and turn it up to "11" (sorry for the Spinal Tap ref, it just seemed like the right thing to do).

Downloadable (which you may have heard before): "Down To Rest" (mp3)

Streamable: "Down To Rest" (youtube)

Related GT Links: "All The World" and "t11mp3twnfe2007"

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Consider Clicking
- We Are Scientists did their new single on Jools. The Music Slut has the youtubage... here.

- Pogo-A-Go-Go posts about the excessive mucus in the head that seems to be going around featuring Les Savy Fav, Mudhoney, Depeche Mode, and uhhh Taxi Taxi... here.


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Saturday, February 23

S.A.F. Records

So, Aptos, CA-based S.A.F. Records has a bunch more mp3s than the couple I recently posted by Die! Die! Die!. Check it:

"You Can't Do That To an Axe" (mp3) by The Mae Shi

"Flying Saucer" (mp3) by Dmonstrations

"Candy Dinner" (mp3) by Yip-Yip

"80 Dollars" (mp3) by Mikaela's Fiend

"The Tower [or: War]" (mp3) by TWIN

Myspace page is here.
Online Store is here.
More mp3s are here.

Consider Clicking
- FILE UNDER Geek: video previews of Android, Google's open source phone OS... here and here.

- You gots to check out the "Office Riot" at Said The Gramophone... here. There's also a Vampire Weekend remix by Black Dominoes and something by one Andy Swan.

- Speaking of remixes... More Health remixes at GvsB... here. Even more Health remixes... here.

s.a.f. records

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Friday, February 22

Steven Fucking Spielberg By Bearsuit

Mining Part 3

And now... Bearsuit, Straight Outta Norwich (UK)!!

Enjoy the (orchestral) indie pop with just a dab of dissonance.

Downloadable: "Steven Fucking Spielberg" (mp3)

"More Soul Than Wigan Casino" (youtube)
"Steven Fucking Spielberg" (youtube)

Myspace page is here.
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Consider Clicking
- Brooklyn Vegan has post about Plants And Animals... here.

- Hey Amigo... I told you not to sing those Narcocorridos. Find out why... here.

- There Stands The Glass posts the classical sounds of Erik Satie in mp3 format... here.


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Thursday, February 21

Cracks In The Lifeline By These Are Powers

Mining Part 2

Next up is them "ghostpunkers" (read postpunk), These Are Powers featuring ex-members of Knife Skills and Liars. Dig it.

Downloadable: "Cracks In The Lifeline" (mp3)

Myspace page is here.
HOSS records is here.
Emusic page is here.

Consider Clicking
- Anyone gonna pick up that About A Son DVD? Ecard is here. How's about the soundtrack? It has some great tracks on it (it's sooooo much better than the Juno soundtrack). For example: "Put Some Sugar On It" (mp3) by Half Japanese. Warning: that Benjamin Gibbard cover of "Indian Summer" is fucking horrible. Just awful. Beat Happening make it sound easy. It is not.

- Pattern Is Movement have a new one entitled, All Together. It comes out May 6th. Take a listen: "Right Away" (mp3)

- The Clash. Soundboard Recording. Akron, OH. Captain's Dead... here.

- Hey Hey... two sixeyes mixes in two days... here and here.

- So I was totally wrong about Spoon not touring. Here are the latest dates:

Wed April 2nd Kansas City, MO *#
Fri April 4th Chicago, IL *#
Fri April 5th Cincinnati, OH *#
Sun April 6th Detroit, MI @ *#
Mon April 7th Pittsburgh, PA @ *#
Wed April 9th New York, NY
Thu April 10th Philadelphia, PA *
Sat April 12th Norfolk, VA *#
Mon April 14th Atlanta, GA *#
Wed April 16th Fort Lauderdale, FL *#
Fri April 18th Nashville, TN
Sat April 19th Indianapolis, IN *#
* = w/ The Walkmen
# = w/ White Rabbits

These Are Powers

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Wednesday, February 20

Van v Art by Necropolis

Mining Part 1

OK here we go... First up, Necropolis of Ohio. Prepare your ears.

Downloadable: "Van v Art" (mp3)

CDR is here.
Emusic page is here.

If you likey, then also check out GT favs... El Jesus De Magico: "LGNO" (mp3)

Consider Clicking
- Comfort Radio has a couple tracks from the new Mono In VCF... here.

- 14kt God by Panther is out. Get it: physical copy is here, non DRM mp3s are here and here. Listen: "Violence, Diamonds" (mp3)

- BIGSTEREO posts about the new Danish retro surf electro blues of Snake And Jet's Amazing Bullit Band... here.

- Noisy LA duo, No Age remix noisy Toronto duo (minus the ever changing rhythm section), Holy Fuck over at p'fork... here. Listen: "Lovely Allen (No Age Remix)" (p'fork mp3). Here is the unremixed original: "Lovey Allen" (mp3)


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Tuesday, February 19

The Evens Ahimsa House Bootleg

Mining Archive Dot Org, Part 1

I know I said I would start mining, but this comes first damnit! The Evens have made it on to here. The concert is a about a year old (February 25, 2007) and was a benefit for Ahimsa House in Brisbane, Australia. Occasionally the guitar drops out a bit, but that's just "the joy of the bootleg". Thanks to the taper (audiowhore). Enjoy.

Track Listing:
"Shelter Two"
"If It's Water"
"Dinner With The President"
"Cache Is Empty"
"You Won't Feel a Thing"
"Crude Bomb"
"Cut From The Cloth"
"Mt Pleasant Isn't" (mp3)
"No Money"
"All These Governors" (mp3)
"All You Find You Keep"
"Everybody Knows" (mp3)

Download the whole show... "The Evens Ahimsa House Bootleg" (zip)

Unofficial myspace page is here.
Dischord page is here.
Emusic page is here.
Purchase Evens records... here and here.

Consider Clicking
- Hypeful has a weird cover you should check out... Lightspeed Champion americana-tinged version of "Thriller" (youtube)... here. Props to YANP for pointing it out.

- NEVVER has a The Bats mp3 for you... here. Also check out Die Big, it's NEVVER set on random.

- WTF!!!

- WTF (Part 2)!!

- Yeasayer Video Action... here and here and here.

- PTW is having a "listening party" (full album stream, track by track analysis) for HLLLYH by The Mae Shi... here.

- Gorilla Vs. Bear BFFs Salem... here.

- Sub Poppers' Blitzen Trapper trot by Daytrotter... here. Check out "Woof & Warp of the Quiet Giant's Hem". Quoteth: "It’s a blend of prog and noize that serves as the point of no return[.]"

- If for some reason you don't have "Dead Sound" (adult swim mp3) by The Raveonettes, you can download it from Amazon for free... here. If you likely, you may also want "Aly Walk With Me" (mp3) and maybe even "Dead Sound (Peter Homstrom And Jeremy Sherrer Remix)" (mp3). There is also a remote chance that will like this cover by Digital Leather... "Dead Sound (Raveonettes Cover)" (mp3). You can buy Lust Lust Lust... here.

The Evens

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Sunday, February 17

VIDEO: Who Could Win A Rabbit? By Animal Collective

2004 Flashback!

This one still gets me... [hairs on back of neck standing up].

"Who Could Win A Rabbit?" (mov) by Animal Collective

Domino page is here.
Fat Cat page is here.
Paw Tracks is here.
Wiki Wiki Wiki here.

Consider Clicking
- The Indie Dancefloor has a mix for you entitled that sounds like a pony (note: it's all zshared and ysi'ed)... here.

- "Quiet... I'm transmitting rage" [snicker, snicker]: "Stoner Boner (Live)" ( mp3) by The Giraffes. Get the whole concert... here.

Who Could Win A Rabbit?

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Saturday, February 16

LIVE: Paper Tiger By Spoon

Spoon (or is it Sp00n now?) has a new bonus just for you. Check it.

Downloadable: "Paper Tiger (Live)" (mp3)

Random Speculation: The band doesn't have a lot of shows scheduled... so new album in the works when they get back from Europa, huh??

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Consider Clicking
- Los Black Lips played live on The Tom Green Show (now on the interweb)... here. Download it: "Black Lips On Tom Green" (mov)

- Lambprey also loves Dub Trio!... here.

- Nerd Litter posts mp3s by Burial, The Kills, and Wale... here.

- Flashback!!! Watch "Pneuma" ( mp3) by 50 Foot Wave... here.

Spoon Bonus

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Friday, February 15

Hang Them All By Tapes 'n Tapes

Provided this here wee blog is not your only source for music on the internets, you probably have already downloaded the following song by the blogtastic Tapes 'n Tapes (here or here or here or here or here or maybe somewhere else). BUT if not then make with the downloading.

"Hang Them All" (mp3)
"Hang Them All" (zipped flac for audio snobs)

Myspace page is here.
Emusic page is here.

Consider Clicking
- thepunkguy posts some live Metallica from the In Justice tour. Download it at your peril... here.

- Shooting At Unarmed Men has a ?new? vid for YES! TINNITUS! track "Girl's Music"... here. AND the "new" SAUM album Triptych will finally come out on 3/31/08. Ugh. Finally.

- Raven Sings The Blues posts some new material from Drone/Doom-heads Boris... here.

- This is just weird.

- NPR's All Songs Considered has a new DJ... Thom Yorke... here.

- Anti-Pacman? Yep. You play the ghosts... here.

- GvsB has a selection of SXSW mp3s for your perusal... here. We here at GT will be mining the SXSW site for some choice/interesting cuts, so keep an eye out. Previously mined bands include:
The Crack Pipes,
Die! Die! Die!,
The Manhattan Love Suicides,
Night Of Pleasure,
These Arms Are Snakes, and
The Willowz... among others.

Tapes 'n Tapes

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Thursday, February 14

Gilt Complex (Aucostic) By Sons And Daughters

So, have you picked up This Gift?? That's the new Sons And Daughters CD, and it's filled with some high energy Scottish goodness.

Here are two awesome Vic Galloway Sessions from BBC Scotland which have been made available via the Sons And Daughter's myspace.

"Gilt Complex (Acoustic)" ( mp3)
"Chains (Acoustic)" ( mp3)

Here's two new(ish) vids made available on The Youtube.

"Gilt Complex" (youtube)
"Darling" (youtube)

Myspace page is here
Domino Records Co. page is here.
Brooklyn tour date info is here.

Consider Clicking
- Catching up on my Fair Game I found out The Vandelles stopped by and played a couple songs. Here is the whole show. Here are the two individual tracks:
"Die For It Cowboy (Live on Fair Game)" (mp3)
"Lovely Weather (Live on Fair Game)" (mp3)

- The Atlas Sound sings the blues for Raven Sings The Blues... here.

- No Be Your Own Pet mp3s yet... just a stream... "The Kelly Affair" (streaming mov)

- Stream something else... watch a Kills vid: "URA Fever" (youtube)

- Listen to Japanese-American multi-instrumentalist Miwa Gemini... "Pieces" (mp3) off of This Is How I Found You

- TIMEDOOR has the (John Peel) Compilation Blues again... here.

- More MIA "Paper Planes" remixes.... here and here.

- Blood On The Wall totally want to quit their day jobs. More about that over at Stereogum... here.

Sons And Daughters

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Tuesday, February 12

Taste By Magik Markers

File Under Stuff I Should Have Posted Last Year

It's The Magik Markers! While they have released many many hardcore/nowave-inspired CD-Rs over the years, these tracks come from their only release to come out on CD and LP, Boss.

"Taste" ( mp3)
"Body Rot" ( mp3)

Myspace page is here.
Not Not Fun is here.
Apostasy Recordings is here.
Wiki Wiki Wiki here.
Emusic page is here.

Consider Clicking
- There's a new(old) mp3 of The Muggabears over at RCRDLBL... here.

- S'gum has posted the results of team9 remixing Arcade Fire... here.

- New Live Unknown Oranges Band Mp3!! "Ride The Nuclear Wave" Live At Sound Of Indie!... here.

- High Places are on Emusic Selects, sounds better than Chicken Selects... here.

- Remember A Passing Feeling? Does this jog yer memory? "Red Gold" ( mp3)? Anyway, We Might Not Sleep At All This Year is getting a re-release today. Here is another taste: "Broken Bones" ( mp3). Buy it here.

- musicisart has a mix entitled the past is gone... here.

- The matablog has the deets on Mission Of Burma: The Definitive Editions I, II and III... here. Plus mp3s: "Max Ernst" (matador mp3) + "Weatherbox (Live)" (matador mp3)

Magik Markers

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Monday, February 11

Sideways Here We Come By Die! Die! Die!

I remember posting about Die! Die! Die! during last year's SXSW mining expedition (ooooh can't wait for this year's). I have to admit that their new effort, Promises, Promises is really growing on me. They have been much blogged about of late, but fuck it I'm posting 'em.

"Sideways Here We Come" (mp3)
"A.T.T.I.T.U.D." (mp3)
"Whitehorses" (mp3)

Slightly Older:
"Auckland Is Burning" (mp3)
"Year Nine, Yeah!" (mp3)

Myspace page is here.
SAF Records page is here.
Speak N Spell Records is here.
Emusic page is here.

Consider Clicking
- SUCKA PANTS posts a track by Japanther side project Plastik Caskit... here.

- The 1900s (not The 1990s) hit Daytrotter... here.

- Captain's Dead posts about (1) Dead Confederate, (2) The Doers, and (3) some classic rock band, maybe you've heard of them, The Beatles... here.

- XXJFG posts some weirdness by Boris and Salem... here.

Die! Die! Die!

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Sunday, February 10

Puerto Rican Jukebox By Panther

Ack... can't stop listening to that new Panther track. Dig that indie funk.

Downloadable: "Puerto Rican Jukebox" (mp3)

The new album, 14kt God, drops on February 19th.

BONUS mp3s:
"Violence, Diamonds" (mp3)
"You Don't Want Your Nails Done" (mp3)
"How Well Can You Swim?" (mp3)

BONUS vid:
"How Well Can You Swim? (E*Rock's Glass Dove Remix)" (html embed)

Myspace page is here.
Kill Rock Stars is here.
Fryk Beat is here.
Rhinestone Neckbrace is here.
Emusic page is here.
Pre-Order 14kt God... here.

Consider Clicking
- Brooklyn/Lawrence rockers, Blood On The Wall edited the Single Files over at Paper Thin Wall the other day:

- Courtney suggested "Encouragement" (mp3) by Brad's other band Bandit Teeth... here.

- Brad suggested "Gang War" by Coat Party... here.

- Miggy suggested "Smoke Reality" by The Naysayer (opposite of Yeasayer?)... here

- Touring BOTW drummer, Zach suggested "I'll Be Your Whore" by Boo And Boo Too... here.


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Saturday, February 9

VIDEO: Good Song By Blur

So I never got around to purchasing that Worried Noodles comp CD put together by D. Shirgley. But, I did find out that Shirgley helped make this video for "Good Song" by Blur in collaboration with Shynola. Creepy and cute. Check it.

Watch: "Good Song" (mov)

Quick Aside: Shynola are the cats who created the awesome "Move Your Feet" video by Junior Senior. That squirrel still kicks ass.

Consider Clicking
- The Queens Of The Stone Age want "U" to "Make It" with your sweetie this Valentine's Day. They offer this as what I assume is a public service and not a promotional effort.

- Elf Power are back! YANP has a new track "Spiral Stairs... here. Is it about this guy? hmm?

- Japanoisemakers Acid Eater are featured at Raven Sings The Blues... here.

- p'fork posted a new track from ghostpunkers These Are Powers... here.
Listen to the new one: "Chipping Ice" (forkcast mp3)
Listen to an old one: "Little Sisters Of Beijing" (mp3)

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Friday, February 8

Excuse Me Dog By Low Scores

So Low Scores has cobbled together another free album. This one is entitled, Battling The Grid. The album consists of 47 tracks ranging in length from 0:24 to 3:15. It is described as "live/fuckaround stuff" and "all the stuff i would not be able to get sample clearances on/stuff that never really came together completely." Don't let that self-effacing language stop you. Listen.

Download a couple tracks:
"Excuse Me Dog" ( mp3)
"Blasting Caps" ( mp3)

Download all 47 tracks: Battling The Grid (zip)

Myspace page is here. page is here

Consider Clicking
- Shall I assume that you have already checked out The Black Lips/Deerhunter sideproject, Ghetto Cross?... here.

- Are you going to do the Evil Mad Scientist project "for fun, non-profit, and world domination" using Keri Smith's Guerilla Art Kit?... here. Look at some photos of the GAK... here.

- New Spinto Band album deets (a few at least, no date or label yet)... here.

- thepunkguy likes The Accordion... here.

- R.I.P. Jared McGuinness of PRINT. Listen: "Minus Runway Legs" (mp3) Look: New York Sleepy

- Kill Rock Stars has a blog. I think it's a bout their pets or something... here.

- Captain's Dead posts about Lambchop and Centro-matic... here. ALSO... Broadcaster House (a captain's dead joint) has a boot of Of Montreal... here. Listen to a track from their 6th long player Satanic Panic In The Attic: "Disconnect the Dots" (mp3)

- Seder and Maron go at each other (in a non-glitchfree environment)... here. I wish they would just put out a damn audio podcast already. Is that so much to ask?

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Monday, February 4

88th Precinct by Team Robespierre

If you've made it out to a Todd P show of late, perhaps you've had a chance to see synthpunks Team Robespierre.

Get ready for some HI-N-R-G!

1 Downloadable, 1 Streamable:
"88th Precinct" ( mp3)
"88th Precinct" (youtube)

The Team Robespierre blog is here.
Emusic page is here.
Impose Records myspace page is here.
Chrome Peeler page is here.
There's another track plus lots of pics over at SUCKA PANTS... here.

Consider Clicking
- Muzak For Cybernetics has posted a track by drone/noise band to watch, Fuck Buttons... here.

- Angular Recording Corporation artists, The Fucks have free Pop Package... here.

- The Thermals drop by Daytrotter and do a Wipers cover!... here.

- I Rock Cleveland posts a song by Hell's Information to test out the new yahoo media player... here.

Team Robespierre

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Friday, February 1

Negative Thinking By TheDeathSet

No post tomorrow... So DOUBLE posts today! Yae! Get ready for The(motherfucking)DeathSet!!

Ain't the first, prolly not the last to post these:
"Negative Thinking" (mp3)
"Negative Thinking" (youtube)

Myspace page is here.
Morphius Records page is here.

Consider Clicking
- Check out Stereolab side project Monade: "Regarde" (mp3)

- Listen to "Paper Float" (mp3) from the upcoming Small-Time Machines by Cassettes Won't Listen.

The Death Set

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VIDEO: Diamonds By Low Scores

Just noticed that Low Scores posted this vid of "Diamonds". It is part of his new collab with Stenographer. Oh, and the video was put together by Ein.

Check it: video link is here.
youtube links are here and here.

Download a little recent Low Scores: "Black Tape" (mp3)

Download a lot of older Low Scores:
"Bumble And The Bees (Instrumental Album)" (zip)
"10,000 Cities (Remix Album)" (zip) page is here (with many a free mp3).

Consider Clicking
- Muzak For Cybernetics has posted a few new mp3s from The Mae Shi. "Run" to get them.. here.

- New "'gumdropped" Devotchka is over at GvsB... here.

- The Early Day Miners dig up somrthing good for Daytrotter.... here. Non-Daytrotter Session: "All Harm" (mp3)

- New trends in band names at EAR FARM... here.

- Tullycraft post a mellow version of "Pillar Of Salt" (mp3) by The Thermals... here.

- Captain's Dead has a decent Arcade Fire in NY boot... here.

- All I can say is Holy Fuck! This smacks of hoax, but I have not heard anything to the contrary yet. Does Rachel Ray really like "Lovely Allen" (mp3) by postrockers Holy Fuck? Maybe, if she drinks a few "Root Beer Bombs" (foodtv recipe).

- File under Free Not Free. Clinic is giving away a zip with two new tracks ("Free Not Free" and "Thor") in exchange for an email address... here. Props to GvsB for pointing this out. Also, watch the video for "Free Not Free" (mov)

low scores

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